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Golf Balls

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I have noticed that golf balls are a common place in caches. I also have observed that many people are put off by this. I was thinking what could be done about this. I know it would be imposable to ban them from caches. So I reasoned that if they are going to be in caches anyway they could be "modified" to spice em up a little bit. So I made a guide to make ordinary golf balls extraordinarily interesting golf balls.. Here are a few of my ideas. If you have any other ideas please post them here.


1. Paint them in a color that will make them blend in with there surroundings.


2. Drill a hole in to them to make them interesting caches. WARNING THIS IS TO ONLY BE DONE TO RANGE BALLS AS THEY DON'T A CENTER THAT WILL EXPLODE OR HURT YOU. Please be EXTREMELY careful when doing this. Use safety glasses and gloves. Or you could just glue a film canister to the bottom and place it in the ground.


3. Glue random things to them like dirt or leaves.

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One of my first finds was a golf ball with an actual DARPA logo on it - thought it was pretty appropriate for a sport that uses the global positioning system that they developed for us. That was in 2001. I have yet to see another golf ball that's even remotely as interesting as that.

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Nice new in the wrapper golf balls are fine. Sunday I saw a logo 3pack with tees and ball marker from some church. I wished I had brought something tradeworthy from the car, but it was really hot and I was lazy. <_<

It's the so scuffed up I won't play it anymore, or found in the woods on the way to the cache balls that generate the venom. No different that a broken mctoy vs. a nice new one.

I wouldn't glue leaves to a ball unless I was making IT the cache container. :blink:

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Another interesting possibility:

Figure out just how many indents (and where they are) a golfball has.

Get two colors of paint, blue and green.

Write a program to convert a low-res digital map of the world to a series of dots corresponding to the golfball's indents.

Paint the ball accordingly. :huh:

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;) We just generally just toss them as far as we can every time we find one. I think it is disgusting to open a cache and find an old used golf ball, as well as used broken toys. We just purge the cache and place new items in them and wright in the log what was thrown out. We don't care if a kid or kids are caching with their parents or not, if you can't leave new items in exchange then DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING AT ALL! TNLNSL. :huh:
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My question is, where do these balls come from? I've been on many hiking trails that were no where near a golf course and find a golf ball. I personally pick them up because they come in handy when I have to make a hard shot over water and don't want to chance a good ball being lost. Yes, I suck at golf. :mellow:


My son-in-law and I hit about 300 junk golf balls from my front yard across the road into some dense woods, I know one day someone will clear that land and scratch their heads wondering where all those balls came from. B)


El Diablo

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Haha, trippy is my boy, I'll have to let him know he's being talked about. :smile:


His thing is "saving geocaching, one golf ball at a time"


Cracks me up.

i was caching in the linden area with Hysteria and i found one of his golf balls in a cash. grabbed it so fast my brother didn't have time to see it. it is now proudly displayed on my desk as one of my fave sig items.

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