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  1. ..... Garmin told me to replace the unit, I'm moving onto my third colorado 300......... It seems to me that most of you who own the Colorado 300 are the one's having all the trouble. My suggestion is to replace it with a Colorado 400t. I've haven't heard about any problems with them so far. Only my 2cents worth. Anyone have change?
  2. By that tme, chances are that there will be a new version of City Select available. That's what happened to me. It was easier to just buy a fresh copy and get 2 more unlocks, than to try to figure out how to "upgrade" and buy extra unlocks. On that note, after you have purchased one full version, is there a price break for upgrades or are you stuck paying full price each time a new version comes out. Unfortunitly up-grades cost a mere $75 and to my understanding more un-lock codes cost $75 each. That is what I had to pay in order to use the up-graded version of City Select even though I had the first program for only 3 months. It's their way of making the fat guy richer and keeping you from just giving a copy away to whomever.
  3. Jeremy, I love the new bookmark page, but one thing that I had noticed is that when I save several caches in my bookmark it will only allow me to download them as *.loc files? Why as a premium member couldn't we be allowed to download them as a *.gpx file as when doing a pocket query?
  4. Skydiving! The way I see it is you are on a direct route STRAIGHT DOWN. X marks the splat, or Spot.
  5. I was just woundering if anyone can tell me what this is suppose to be or do?
  6. I was thinking about getting this to use on my PDA but I don't know if it has all the maps or do I have to keep downloading extras for different areas of interest like you do for Mappopolis at $X's per map. Is anyone using this and can you tell me if it is any good or should I look elsewhere?
  7. Well I guess you answered your own question? Have you tried GPXview? I think it works better than Gpxsonar and seems to be faster as well. Just my 2cents.
  8. If anyone is interested, I was visiting the local Wally Mart the other day, and while waiting for my wife to finish shopping I strooled over to the sports section and lo and behold they have in their display case a battery charger with four NiMH batteries made by Garmin. Now the salesman wasn't around so I could see them but, (Garmin) there in the market to compete with the rest. Despite what their literature says about using rechargable batteries.
  9. I am happy to say this is now underway. (I have a copy of GPSBabel that actually speaks to the Garmin 60 c/s) Obviously there needs to be a lot of testing done on this (and I am still knee deep in 4.1 feedback at the moment). However, all going well USB support should pop up in 4.2 I also am happy to know that this is underway. I'm so happy that I regestered my copy of 4.02 just a few minutes ago, and look forward to the new release. I hope to acquire the latest version soon, 4.1. Keep up the great work and give my apologies to your wife for you having to put in so many long hours, because we all love your work.
  10. Great that someone is working on this. But how do I or one use this code? Or is it a programer thing?
  11. OK! I got it! City Select is all the data that is read by Map Source, ok. Sometimes you have to bang your head against the wall before you realize just how much you don't know. What would I do with out GREAT people like you. Thanks all.
  12. I have version 5 of City Select and also downloaded from the garmin site the 6.3 upgrade. What the heck is the difference if any?
  13. I was totally amazed at how bright the screen looked and how easy it is to see in bright sunlight. In fact the brighter the sun the better the screen. The backlight is also quite good. Although not as good as in the sun but very readable at night. Not to forget but all the buttons do light up when the backlight is on, not very bright but in the dark in your car you should have no problem seeing them.
  14. You don't think that mine would be too hard to carve?
  15. Take my word for it, it doesn't work and it makes you look silly!
  16. Just one step closer to big brother sticking its big fat nose in to everything and everywhere you go. Next we will all have to get a tatoo on our foreheads or hand before we could buy or sell anything.
  17. We just generally just toss them as far as we can every time we find one. I think it is disgusting to open a cache and find an old used golf ball, as well as used broken toys. We just purge the cache and place new items in them and wright in the log what was thrown out. We don't care if a kid or kids are caching with their parents or not, if you can't leave new items in exchange then DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING AT ALL! TNLNSL.
  18. Has anyone ever thought that it might be an OPOSSUM?
  19. I just up-dated my version of GASK to Ver 4.01 and tried the export to mapsource and had no problem with it working. I converted about 96 waypoints in GASK to the mapsorce *.mps and when I selected open under file in mapsource it gave me the window to select either MPS or GDB so I clicked on MPS because that is what GASK saves the files under and mapsource loaded it without any problems.
  20. As with the real thing, there is always room for mods. After all "It's a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn't Understand!"
  21. :D I think I got it working.
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