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I think its wonderful how there is such a community of people here that care and show kindness to each other and go out of their way to help others. Especially those with outstanding creative talents that I myself lack. Thank you Go left, Dino and so many others I cant begin to name them all, (my apologies to those I left out) that help with the avatars and help bring a little something personal and identifying while we enjoy talking with friends.


Thanks again



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A most wonderful idea for a thread. :D


GeoCaching is cool and so are the people doing it! :P


I've been spending a lot of time lately arguing in the forums in support of keeping this game open and free of what I percieve as unecessary rules or perceived rules. :D


But, I am constantly amazed and impressed with how kind people here are. We come from very different backgrounds with different expectations and get steamed up about some of our differences, but in most cases, we also come back and appolgise and continue to share a deep appreciation of this silly, purposless activity so many of us love. :D


Maybe it's a bit like a family that struggles with different wants and needs, but fundamentally all share the same love and apprciation for, in this case, geocaching. :P

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The weather is beautiful today, the fall colores are beginning to surface, and the breeze smells so good. I have plenty of work to do OUTSIDE today, so I can enjoy the weather to the fullest. My parents arrived safely last night for a visit from NC, and tonight we are going to sit around the campfire B.S.-ing.

I don't have to work overtime this weekend, The converation in the forums lately has been pleasant, this thread was a great read, and I MIGHT get to find a cache this weekend.


Wow. Not sure if I can handle so much positive energy !

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