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  1. Well atleast I've got evidence to support my argument. You seem to have your own opinion. You're not in some wittle bar in TX drinking it up with your buddies, BSing about stuff. You know?
  2. I'm afraid some of you are missing the point. When a receiver is overloaded to a point where it causes damage, that damage is permanent. We're not talking about occasional interference.
  3. Does anyone use a GPS receiver at home or at work in the same room where they have a wireless broadband router? I've got a high power router sitting on a desk in the basement. Some articles online point out that any high power transmitter in the 500-2500MHz range can overload a GPS receiver and cause it to become desensitized. So I've been cautious about turning my receiver when the router is on and transmitting. While the GPS receiver is only receiving signals in the 1500MHz range it can still pick up harmonics from other frequencies. This may in fact render your GPSr "deaf". From Motorola "Strong transmitters (500-2500MHz) in the beam of the GPS antenna may cause overload in the GPS receiver causing reduced dynamic range (receiver desensitization) in the GPS frequencies. This also inhibits the GPS receiver's reception to the weaker satellites (satellites at low angles to the horizon)."
  4. I was out driving today. When I powered up my 76CS it took longer than usual to acquire satellites. In fact, after 90 seconds I was still looking at 4 low bars on the screen. Cloud cover here in north Jersey was pretty thick today. Has anyone else experience the same with their GPS? Or has my unit gone AWOL?
  5. I'm not worried. Now that you mention it I've done the same as you have with my other gym bags. I'm just used to babying this one (Don't know why).
  6. What's a good way to contain mold or mildew then? I could machine wash the backpack or I could clean the few spots with some rubbing alcohol. I don't want whatever these spots are to spread through the backpack or clothes I might put in it though.
  7. What fabrics are mothproof? Can moth eat into denier? What about other fabrics like Dupont Cordura? I took out a backpack I had in storage and it's got some white spots on it. I'm trying to find out if they are moth related.
  8. Is this software limited to Nextel phones only? It wouldn't work with a Motorola Smartphone would it?
  9. And here I thought this was a family friendly forum. lol
  10. I'm interested in purchasing some Maxpedition gear. Is everything you carry on the website, and are the prices listed the final prices? I'm interested in a Black Condor, black H-1 (Didn't see this on website - don't know if you carry it), black M-1, black M-2, black 5" sheath (Didn't see this one either) and a black CP-M.
  11. I see powerlines affecting my GPS reception all the time. There's a road here in town with high voltage power lines along the eastbound lanes and non along the westbound lanes. When I travel east I get 3 to 4 low satellite signals. When travel west I get anywhere between 3/4 to full bars from 6-10 satellites. (Both with a high gain patch antenna mounted on the roof of the car)
  12. Sure, as long as you've got wings. But seriously, you might want to try the "search" feature on this website. Here's how I do it: Upon boarding the aircraft if the captain or one of the senior officers is at the door I usually ask if it's ok to use my personal GPSr at cruise altitude.
  13. It shouldn't interfere as long as it's made of non metallic material. With radio receivers whether it’s GPS, two-way radios, scanners etc. It's always a good idea to place it (or the antenna - if an external one is connected) far away from your body or at least higher up above shoulder level.
  14. I need to get a dash mounting bracket for a 76C. Does anyone know if this mount can screw onto a Pro-Fit mount like this?
  15. You CAN use a cellphone. It depends on how much you're willing to spend. There are cellphones out there that can perform just as well as a GPSr would for daily urban mapping. For this set up you'll need three things: 1. The motorola Mpx220 is a windows based Motorola Smartphone available at Best Buy. It's a GSM phone and you'll need to activate it with either Cingular or AT&T. It has roughly the same screen size as the etrex vista color. 2. The phone will need some kind of GPS mapping software available here here here and here. 3. The Mpx220 (or any other windows based smartphone you decide to get should have) has Bluetooth. This way you can wirelessly connect the phone to a bluetooth capable GPS receiver. The smallest one I've found is this. For more info you can go here.
  16. The last thing we need is a bunch of Germans mapping out London. Not again!
  17. I know what you mean. Yeah my schedule is so packed I can't wait 3 seconds for the slider to go away.
  18. External Antenna? This topic has been hashed and then rehasheeshed. You might want to search.
  19. When I took my GPSr up to Canada I couldn't get any WAAS. So it WAASn't.
  20. Must you remind us? I'm still in denial I know I know must stay on topic must stay on topic
  21. Depending on were you live you could either mow lawns or shovel snow. I've done some pet sitting during my high school years. It's fun and relatively less demanding than most other jobs. Cats were my favorite. Dogs I had to take for walks, not cool. lol
  22. The "IF" poem is a rather nice one; it's one of my favorites. But, with that amount of advertisement flyers I'd consider it CITO.
  23. I find this thread interesting (in a good sense) because I was looking into getting Garmin's Topo maps. Looking at their demo page for topo maps though I noticed that one of the trails in a state park was the same on the topo map as it is on city select v6; the map shows where the trail starts and then it cuts off about 50 feet into the trail. So......why bother? Am I missing something? I eventually went and bought paper maps for those parks.
  24. Won't happen again I pwomise Not gonna daw
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