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Hi, let's play a game called balance. Please offer a postive comment in this thread. Keep it related to geoCaching, and please don't make a joke of it. We have had enough sarcasm for one weekend. :mad:


Anyway, I think that GC.com is a wonderful product. The design that went into it has obviously been well thought out, and the feature-set is built in response to the users, which is so rarely done it seems.

I also really enjoy the hides done by Dan-oh in Escondido, he has very clever camo jobs. They are challenging, but the approaches are not so hard. (hey, I am married to a climber, approach is what we say.)

I adore the pictures of dogs that people put, and the Leprechauns Hamster is the cutest (although, I do think that hamsters have a tendency to be over-defensive)


Also, I just really enjoy this activity (sport?) because I can participate in so many different ways, by contributing opinions here in the forums, releasing TBs and geoCoins, finding puzzle caches, and hiking out to remote places for a treasure/prize/reward at the end (yeah, I know health should be a motivator, but after a 3 mile hike, I prefer a perk of some sort).


So, what do you like? Please keep things positive, there are plenty of other threads for griping in. Oh, and if you think it is corny, sorry. :D:huh:




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Cornyness(sp?) is good. :mad:


Of late, I really like the forums here, aside from public airing of dirty laundry. I like abject silliness, I like thoughtful threads by experienced cachers, and I like getting the occasional, rare chance to help someone else out. I like the website, the people who put it together, and the way it is maintained, from approvers to mods to TPTB.


Seriously... this is a great place.


On these long 3rd shift nights, all of you really make the time fly by.

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I enjoy this site and caching in general. I like the people I meet/chat with and then there are the avatars that are always fun to see such as New England n00b's which always gives me a chuckle. I like the sig lines. :D:D


And how can you not like this ... "Happy Caching and Stuff" thanks Geo Ho :mad::huh:

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I enjoy being able to listen to and share with others about a hobby that my family and I enjoy. I love how my daughters eyes light up when we tell her we are going to go hunt treasures (caches). I enjoy hwo this hobby helps my wife and I be closer, because she gets the walks she loves to go on, and I get to do something with a goal. I enjoy how this hobby is so well tailored to people with different experinces, backgrounds and interests and personal lives.


I for one am thankful that GC has put together such a good site and allows us to be guests here, but yet still listens to us and our suggestions and even impliments some of them. How they work to please people when they can, knowing they will offend some because they didnt get things the way they wanted. I know that I am very appreciative of all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and all the hours the volunteers put in day in and day out. THANK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU both the admins and ALL the approvers Thank you for understanding how we often overlook and take for granted, or dont understand all the things you do to help us with a hobby we all enjoy. And yet you still look past our impatience at times adn do the best jobs you can around you own personal lives.


I also am very grateful to the many people I have met here and the friendships that are developing. Although we might not meet face to face, your friendships are just as important as those here in my own city.


And Norbu, thank you for the breathe of fresh air this thread has created.



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I truly appreciate the efforts of Jeremy in keeping this site free to those who don't wish to pay-to-play. I found it at a rather inopportune moment in my life, a period I'd just as soon forget, and it was the motivation I needed to get back on track. Had it required a fee to play, I never would have started.


I also appreciate the work done by those behind the scenes to keep this operation flowing relatively smoothly. It's a daunting task to do so!


And lastly, I appreciate the friends I've made ( a lot of them are regulars in AS), and the compassion and comfort they've given me when I needed it. Not to mention making me laugh so hard as to spew a variety of beverages, a few vegetables, and an assortment of small micro-organisms from my nose on occasion!

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I have had lots of fun geocaching since I found out about it. :mad:


I appreciate the helpful members who have helped me get started, and supported me since, both on these forums and via email. :D


I like getting out and visiting places I either haven't been to before, or haven't been to in a while. :D


I enjoy the curious mix of tech-weenie and outdoors-i-ness that geocaching offers me. :D


I get a hoot reading the squabbles of people with too much time on their hands (who at least aren't hurting anyone by yelling online). :D


I love having the opportunity to meet other geocachers during events, or once-removed by visiting the same cache an hour or a day after they do. :huh:


Thanks geocaching.com, and alll of the people who make it a great place! :D



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I like Norbu :mad:

hehehe, thanks, I like you too!


I also think geoCaching is sooo great because of the mix of outdoors and techie stuff. makes the Let's Pretend game easier (You know, lets pretend we are looking for the DiLithium crystals, or the hidden hideout on Planet X, etc)


hehehee, now that was a weird one, I must be sleepy still.

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I also really enjoy the hides done by Dan-oh in Escondido, he has very clever camo jobs. They are challenging, but the approaches are not so hard.

I really enjoy Dan-oh hides too. Oh, that's me?! :mad:


Sometimes when I think I spend too much time working on a hide, either in my garage or trying to find the 'perfect' spot, I go back and re-read some of the logs. Man, they keep me coming back. Log entries are great for us hiders.


I've been making a point to email new cachers, especially on their first find. I'm sure a note of encouragement helps as does steering them to the good, first timer caches. No sense sending them into the 4 star caching abyss...yet.

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Norbu, thank you for the positive thread.


Even with the problems, they are minor when compared with the positive, good things caching has done for us. Positives: It gets my husband out from his computer and gets us both some exorcise! It is a sport my 17-year-old will participate in with his parents. He likes to tease me about 'having to go' but has admitted he actually likes it! I love getting ideas on clever hides and planning the next one. I enjoy leaving the caches in better shape than when I find them and seeing who takes the trinkets we leave. Yes, there are many, many positives!

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Ahhhhhh, I have to I just have to say something more. I like that when people bicker online, they can't throw anything. ;)


Ok, Ok, that was a bit edgy, so how about,

I like that geoCaching is a game, an activity that I can do in the manner I choose, with the rules I choose, whether anyone else likes it or not! :P



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That Imajika is a complete caching babe...oh, I am complimenting myself...nevermind.


Co Admin: A great approver and he always approves my caches FAST!


I loved our CITO event and had a great time meeting so many nice, funny people!


I like looking at online logs and seeing all the nice people that take the time to find a Team Yatta cache!


I have thoroughly enjoyed showing my friends geocaching and getting them just as hooked as I am!

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I like that when people have questions, someone has answers, how everyone seems to help each other. I like that, for the most part, there is really very little flaming in these forums. I like the community in this sport/activity/game/hobby. I like how geocaching gives as much as it receives. ;)

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****Waving to Norbu****


Still love the breathe of fresh air this thread has been.


I like that alot of people, upon reflection have seen some mistakes they have made and were mature enough about it to say so. The fact that they can do that, and we can learn from it as a community gives us a chance to grow.


***wavin back to norbu*** passin over a case of soda in thanks for the thread.



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oh, oh, soda pop? yummy. I prefer pepsi, ice cold. ;) thanks!


I also am impressed that the majority of folx seem to have some good sense. There may be something to that whole thing about geoCachers being more intelligent, I think I read that somewhere.


I thought of something else I like...Those groovy southPark avatars. :P


*waving back*

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That Imajika is a complete caching babe...oh, I am complimenting myself...nevermind.


Co Admin: A great approver and he always approves my caches FAST!


I loved our CITO event and had a great time meeting so many nice, funny people!


I like looking at online logs and seeing all the nice people that take the time to find a Team Yatta cache!


I have thoroughly enjoyed showing my friends geocaching and getting them just as hooked as I am!

I'm sorry, but in order for me to believe this, I need a photo... ;)


/internet joke. sorry :P


Many good points in other posts here. For which I am thankful! Pass the mashed potatoes & cranberry sauce, please. :D

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I like this post. I've been in and out of a few in the past few days where I felt I may need to send a couple people to their respective corners! Much love, though. Much love. We all need to vent once in a while, but we also need to balance it out, so here goes:


I like geocaching. I'm very new at this, but you guys have all been great. (You answered more than a couple of my stupid questions!


I like the idea that geocaching has given me a bunch of new places in my state to visit. Being that I live in Rhode Island, I'm not sure what that says about me.


I especially like the idea that I can finally justify the fact that I own a GPS (Rhode Island, remember!)


Well, that's all I've got for right now, so much love to all, and HAPPY GEOCACHING!!!!!!!! ;)


Btlgrl :0

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I like 98% of the people I've met geocaching and in the forums

I like Lock and Lock containers

I like the Radiohead

I like that I've been caching for a year as of Wednesday and I don't feel like a noobie anymore

I like helping people

I like when people ask me for help

I like hiding caches as much as I like finding them

I like when my wife comes caching with me, she's cool to hang out with

I like candy

I like kayaking

I like that I've made real friends because of geocaching

I like this smiley ---> ;)

I like thongs

I like Carabiners with LED lights on them

I like Coke better than Pepsi

I like Jeeps

I like the cache "Wheretogo?Vertigo!"

I like Magellan

I like Cliff bars

I like Jay-Z

I like this topic

I like geocaching....

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OK, After my earlier comment I think I need to say a bit more.


This activity has taken the world by storm. From it's early beginings to where it is today is amazing. This could only happen when there are a group of people with a passion. We may not all see things the same way, and we may bicker amongest ourselves from time to time, but we all have this passion for geocaching. I don't look at the bickering and etc as neccessarily bad, it's just growing pains. Our future as geocachers is being shaped by the dissention. At this time the future seems to be looking good. The passion for the activity is alive and well. The evolution process in moving forward. This is a good thing.


May we all have the insite to sit back at times and look at how much fun this has been and dream of the fun to come.


Thanks to all.



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I like Geocaching. It is a very fun sport, and I can't hunt big game year round, but I can go Geocaching every day if I choose to.


I like the people I have met in the forums, online, out geocaching and at the events. The only two people I don't like I have never met, but that's because I've hunted their caches and they all suck.


I like placing caches. Some people call my micros devious, but that is because I copied most of them from Team 360. My best caches are in really wild areas I have hunted. And I've found a couple of other nice places to hunt while finding caches too. (What can I say, I've got a one-track mind.)


Last off, I really like the GC.com web site. When I navigate around it, I appreciate a little of what goes into it, because I know a little about creating web sites too. This site is extraordinary. GC.com is my home page on my browser.


Oh, I forgot, I like our area's approver, Hemlock, too.


What's not to like about this sport? Let the forum whiners run off like water on a duck's back, theres lots of good stuff in the forums to read.

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(New England n00b Posted on Jun 29 2004, 01:15 AM)

I like the new animated frog smilies...!     

Hey, I like those too!! :bad:


I also love that caching gives me a reason to get out from in front of the computer during my lunchtime. Fresh air, natural light, and a cache... what more could a girl want?

Oh unless it's raining, then I like to check out the drama on the forums. :bad:


Also, now that my little one is getting into it more I love that it gives us quality time together in the great outdoors, away from the TV, housework, etc...


** edit because I'm a goob!! I just can't seem to get that darn quote right! how the heck do you show WHO you are quoting?

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I like geocaching because it makes us turn off the TV and get our butts outside. I like geocaching because in order to find caches, you have to turn off the TV and get your butt outside. I like this site because I can sit my butt down, eat Cheez-Its, drink anything with sugar in it and be lazy.


Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

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OMG OP!!!! I still need to try some of those, someone PM or email me some suggestions. I love that I can talk to people from all over, and have something kinda cool and different to do when we go on Holiday in Scotland.

:D and yeah, I love these new ani frogs.

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...  I like this site because I can sit my butt down, eat Cheez-Its, drink anything with sugar in it and be lazy.


Hey, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Very well said; as I type this, I am on my second serving of a lime snowcone my daughter made. Yummy.


I like it when I find a cache others can't find. (On the other hand, there are many more I can't find that others find.)


I like it when Ginger's face lights up when she sees me approaching her with the dog leash. (Ginger is our golden retriever.)


I like it when my 6 year old shrieks in excitement when she beats her 8yr old sister in finding a cache.

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Ah, and of course...


I like monkeys.


The pet store was selling them for 5¢ each. I thought that was odd since they were normally a couple thousand dollars each. I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.


I bought 200.


I like monkeys.


I took my 200 monkeys home.


I have a big car.


I let one of them drive. His name was Sigmund.


He was retarded. In fact, none of them were really bright. They kept punching themselves in their genitals.


I laughed.


Then they punched my genitals.


I stopped laughing.


I herded them into my apartment.


They didn't adapt very well to their new environment.


They would screech, hurl themselves off of the couch at high speeds and slam into the wall.


Although humorous at first, the spectacle lost its novelty halfway into its third hour.


Two hours later I found out why all the monkeys were so inexpensive: they all died.


No apparent reason.


They all just sort of dropped dead.


Kinda odd like when you buy a goldfish and it dies five hours later.


dadgum cheap monkeys.


I didn't know what to do. There were 200 dead monkeys lying all over my apartment. On the bed, in the dresser, hanging from my bookcase.


It looked like I had 200 throw rugs.


I tried to flush one down the toilet.


It didn't work. It got stuck.


Then I had one dead, wet monkey and 199 dead, dry monkeys.


I tried pretending that they were just stuffed animals.


That worked for a while.


That is until they began to decompose.


Then it started to smell real bad.


I had to pee but there was a dead monkey in the toilet and I didn't want to call the plumber.


I was embarrassed.


I tried to slow down the decomposition by freezing them.


Unfortunately, there was only enough room for two monkeys at a time, so I had to change them every 30 seconds.


I also had to eat all the food in the freezer so it didn't all go bad.


I tried burning them.


Little did I know my bed was flammable.


I had to extinguish the fire.


Then I had one dead, wet monkey in my toilet, two dead, frozen monkeys in my freezer, and 197 dead, charred monkeys in a pile on my bed.


The odor wasn't improving.


I became agitated at my inability to dispose of my monkeys or use the bathroom.


I severely beat one of my monkeys.


I felt better.


I tried throwing them way but the garbage man said that the city wasn't allowed to dispose of charred primates.


I told him that I had a wet one.


He couldn't take that one either.


I didn't bother asking about the frozen ones.


I finally arrived at a solution.


I gave them out as Christmas gifts.


My friends didn't know quite what to say.


They pretended that they like them but I could tell they were lying.




So I punched them in the genitals.


I like monkeys.


I guess I'll have to put them in a cache.

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