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  1. 11) If you help your buddy place a cache, it’s a find. What if you help your husband place a cache?? huh? I mean, gee, he placed two this weekend. I did log the bugs he put in them, but I was also along on the finds for them. He just grabbed them first *pout* So, now can I go back and log his caches, or is that ONLY if I am trying to "break a record"??? sigh. Once again, I am glad that I don't care about stats, or competing in this activity.
  2. hmmmm....those are very old links, I am starting to suspect that page names have been updated in the intervening years. Hhehehehehhee. anyhow. gave me something to think about for a few minutes. thanks jen
  3. Hi, just FYI, and I feel a bit silly, because I am sure you are aware and probably it is Very low on the priority list. However, as a fellow developer, I just couldn't let it float away and stick its tongue out at me while it did so. anyhow, clicking a link to a cache log that has been deleted gives you a brief error message, like so; error '80020009' /seek/cachelog_details.asp, line 107 here is a dead log link that will give this error. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cachelog_de...=82974&L=507215 thanks! jen
  4. signing the container is lame, unless the cache is specifically designed that way. I don't give a hoot about records, or numbers, or any such, although I find it annoying that someone would try to engineer a situation to pull such a thing, but whatever. If they want to spend their time that way, whatever. But signing the container? lame. just lame. I would find it annoying at best if I ran across that behavior where I live.
  5. I like it! hehehehee. But then I am a geek, and it amuses me. Hehehehee. I had to deal with trying to explain to business units at my work the difference between rounding a decimal and truncating it, etc. isn't .net a blast? jen
  6. Patting your own back is allowed and encouraged on this thread. Two hundred is worth crowing about and so cock-a-doodle-doo to you! (Rhymes with "Woohoo.") Now ... post some darned photos of yourself for cryin' out loud. Not to worry, we'll be nice to your photos. Ask anybody. Pictures? Of me? Hahhhahahahahaa.....Well, there is a little tiny one on my profile page, color shifted a bit. Ummmm....there is one on my yahoo profile. thegolanv is my name there. I don't photograph well, regardless of the kindness of viewers though thanks for the crowing from the group though, that was very fun. jen
  7. hooray for me, I have 200 (I only posted this myself because I know my husband won't, and neither will anyone else) That isn't counting the 12 in 2001 under my original username of golanv though.
  8. hooray for common sense and decency!
  9. really, nothing requires trade, but some people insist, and some see it as some kind of profound moral issue. I trade when I can. Other times if I see a cool doodad that would make a nifty TB, I grab it and do Just that with it. Make a TB. Just wait until someone tries to tell you that you don't contribute at all because you haven't placed any caches. That is so fun.
  10. like ATMs, it makes me wonder how we ever functioned without it....
  11. just ignore it, even here there are some grumps. Just let it go, let it roll. Some people are elitist and think they have a right to judge and lay in to people. You didn't do anything wrong at all.
  12. Oh my, I thought that was just me that used paper, pencil and fingertips... so cool. Glad to see some other people do it that way too! (oh sure, I have the GSK thing, but I don't usually use it.) jen
  13. That's ok, karma still believes in you....well, the non-duality that encompasses you anyhow. as for the disparaging remarks about "PotHeads," give it a rest. Not everyone who has a view on something is a drug user. Also, you might be very surprised by the number of professionals and such that you come into contact on a daily basis who partake in a bit of the green from time to time, if not often. They are some of the staunchest supporters of Norml. sort of reminds me of the people who assume all geocachers are pimply-faced, gangly tech nerds that never grew out of their teens. Oh, and actually, there are some other issues that surround the legality of a plant being grown, it isn't quite on par with bank robbing. It isn't always a crime. anyway. do what you want. asking here just accomplishes a stir. Telling here is probably a safer bet. The guy was probably messing with your head regardless. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. oh, and adampierson, thanks for the informative links. namaste jen edited to add that sometimes rangers used felled trees to close a normally open trail area, for instance when they are trying to rehabitat an area. Doesn't sound like what happened here, but do keep it in mind. Rangers will also remove non-indigenous or invasive plants, no matter how pretty.
  14. why would it weigh on anyone's conscience? what the heck do any of the stats really matter anyhow? Is it really that big of a deal to you all? My word, that does surprise me. I thought it was more about the activity.
  15. hmmm....I thought that the log book was the be-all end-all. are you saying that cache owners never refer to the physical log for reference? If people don't want to log online, so what? Now, when they stop posting their hides, that will be a bit difficult.
  16. My friend climbed Whitney, in the spring a couple years ago, through the lotto system. She also did one of those long MS walks, and cancer walks. She isn't super fit though, just in shape, and tough. If she did it, you can do it Dan-Oh. !
  17. norbu

    Travel Bug

    some people don't mean to. Some people do. I had one that was kept because it was damaged, then I wasn't caching much, then the owners contacted me and I felt remorse for not contacting them previously. now, I am mailing it back to the UK for repair. Again, I procrastinated. Hopefully they won't hate me....after all, better late than never. I had one bug that went through something similar. It was eventually released. Cross your fingers and try to let go of the bugs when you set them free. good luck, and you are doing the right thing. Being polite, I mean. It does not good to be nasty. If you really want, you could try contacting the admin who approves caches in your area and ask them for advice too. take care. jen
  18. Yeah, it does matter. If a cacher litters, or leaves a gate open, or tromples some garden area, "oh so what, they can play their game and I can play mine." If someone steals a travel bug because their kid thought it was cool for more than a minute, "oh well they can play their game and I will play mine. " If a travel bug gets to an event and fifty people count coup on it, that generated 50 emails to the cache owner and anyone watching that TB. All of them saying "I saw it, touched it, held it in my hand, passed it to so and so at the event". Thanks, but my email gets enough spam without this crap. This avoidance of cache rule enforcement that seems endemic in this sport is part of the problem we face in South Carolina and other states where caching is coming under threat. If we are unwilling to enforce even basic rule observance, why should ANY land manager who has to feed his/her family with the income from the park they are responsible for allow geocaching when they are the ones who catch hell from the media and from their higher ups if the experience goes bad. Time for us all to realize that we need to nut up and stick to the rules of the game and expect the same from other cachers. If we don't enforce our rules, there is no one that will hesitate to enforce theirs on us. Know what? he is right. If no one cares, then no one will bother. It won't be pretty in the end. seen it happen in many different contexts. Icons, now I don't really know what that is hurting per se, but it is symptomatic of a mindset that is definitely destructive to this sport and community. Numbers can be fun. But the obsessiveness gets tiresome and offensive. anyway, you can't change other people, sometimes you can show them things.
  19. ah, who really cares. I don't even really want to be ftf, after all, there would be no little trampled paths all about to try to decipher (they don't always really help). anyway, here in sd county, there are a few that do have the liberty of going at a moment's notice, etc. they must think of nothing else. I wonder sometimes, and then I get back to work. don't let it get to you.
  20. puzzles can be fun. But many of them just give me a headache. Math, now that is fine, that isn't a puzzle to me either. I would just post a note, or go get it if you can. I totally understand though, having been in the position of solving something quickly but having no hope of being FTF (I have some freedom at work, but there are limits). I don't usually even post a note unless I just feel like bugging TT, but that isn't normally the case. Hey, that TB of yours I took to the UK is having some fun SlideRule. jen
  21. I would like to add that another reason to restrict caching is if the park is an open space preserve, where native habitat is being preserved and reinstated. Doesn't sound like this is the case in the park you talk about, but you might try opening some dialog with the rangers. My husband is one, and we cache too (not that often lately, life took some odd twists). He admins the caching in the park he works in, and is pretty fair about it. What we have found is that many people don't bother to learn the rules, or open communication, so from time to time, he still needs to step in. For the most part though, the local community has had little problem with the caching policy and such. www.sdrp.org for more info. the library area has the caching policy. good luck with your situation. I hope you can find a ranger to work with there. jen
  22. David and I went to the parabotanists training over a year ago. It was a very good training. David is involved as a rep of SDRP, we are participating and it is a Great program. Highly recommended.
  23. A giant slug That is what we saw about 3 inches long. I thought they were really cool. Not slimy at all, velvety. We were in Scotland, which is gorgeous. No mosquitos, although the midges are mean, to some people.
  24. That does Not sound corny, it is true. I feel bad and say a little mantra every time I do XN (exchange nothing). I was out of stuff recently, but had an opportunity and took it anyway. Also, I sometimes forget stuff or it doesn't fit. eagerly awaiting my next shipment of pins, and how do people feel about batteries?
  25. I agree with Fly46, you shouldn't actually pick up and place the bug in the same cache, without taking it. If you want to mention it, just do it in your log, otherwise, you are just thinking numbers as far as I can tell. I know of some cachers in my area who engage in this "virtual logging" of bugs on a regular basis. edited to add, there are obviously exceptions as chstress53 has described!
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