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  1. Just figured I should pop in every now and then and say hi. So Hi!!!!!!! How are ya? What ya up to? You know me I just up and dissappear and reappear every now and again.... hehehe.. Love you guys Miss ya ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( INDIANA )))))))))))))))))))))))))))Well it's now time for me to dissappear again. Heading toward the MIDWEST GEOBASH 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have to carry on the traditional "Would You Like A Peanut" since Rick's not here to help
  2. It's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well anyways I thought that this was just to funny to pass up..... So I thought that I would share the latest of my Wonderful Days in the World of Ev..... This was after the BAGO Bash..... April 11 by Awsome Ev (655 found) It was a wonderful day in the world of Ev until...... Well it always starts out innocently enough. Star say "hey Ev lets go caching," Me being the smart one that I am say "sure let's go.' Not knowing that there is alterior motive for Star, Wulf, Big Mama D, Noclue, Mystery Dog, and Noclues Little Shadows. All of them they are in on it I know it.... Mind you I'm a bigger woman and sometimes I think that a persons body (especially one my size) should not squeeze, slap on 10 pounds of lard, use a crowbar, or suck anything in to get into or out of anything. I am a beautiful woman and my rolls, luv handles, spare tires, cottage cheese, and my chunky cheeks should be as beautiful as the rest of me. I'm sure that Noclue was enjoying putting me through misery pinchin and tickling while I hang helplessly and mercifully from the rusty, smelly, and paint chipping bridge. Wulf on the other hand was probably thinkin ' Man I hope that Ev don't make any gas magicaly appear in the air while she is sqeezing in there.' Star was of course being absoulty no help saying i know it's here, while of course getting the descriptive Wulfs encounter of the first hand experience. I needed "Go Go Gadget Arms".... So being ever so helpful, while I a full figured woman dangle at the bridges mercy, Star D, Mystery dog, and Noclue are trying to find my gadget arms. I am still wondering, come to think of it, if the arm was actually wet from all the water that was there or if mystery dog actually pee'd on it. They wouldn't be that mean to me or would they since I was at their mercy. Hummmm, guess I will have to do some research into that one. Anyways, Sucess at last. The cache was in my hands. I handed it off with grace and poise (if there was any) to Noclue and up the line it went. Noclue, Wulf, D, Star. I think that Star was taking her sweet old time signing the log as I am trying to not fall in the river... Anyways back comes the cache. And replacement is sucessful... Now it was time to get out..... I had squeezed in and rolled aroung and was not in exactly in a good positon to get out. Mind you that Wulf and Noclue are still trying to me laugh and I think maybe wanting me to fall in...... I try to get out.. Not happing,.... Like I said I am a full figured woman. Getting in things are sometimes alot better than getting out.. And for me that happens more often than not. Why I put my self in such comperimsing postions I will never know but...... I wiggle my way across. And then do a backwards pushup. I was laughing so hard that when I finally got to a position where I could get out of I think I pee'd my pants..... SUCESS!!!!!! I was up and I was ok.... For now..... After that I was exhausted and wanted food. Food is good. Anyways Thanks for the Cache and the pee'd pants. I took absoultly nothing because I didn't feel like going for a swim to fetch anything if it fell out..... As always...... Awsome Ev- the amish geocacher April 11 by Big Mama D (393 found) I thought Ev was going to go for a swim . I mean it was a nice day and all but it was a bit on the chilly side.. such a silly girl she is. TFTC April 11 by ~Mystery Dog~ (36 found) If they would have just let me go in there Evie might not have looked so funny retreiving this one .. Oh I am thinking the rest of them enjoyed watching on the other hand ... (I don't care to be wet anyway) TFTC April 11 by Team Tigger International (2390 found) Bounced on in ! We found the cache ... Good thing we had Awsome Ev with us cuz she managed to contort herself enough to reach the cache with a little help from the rest of us and a Stick .. We succeeded . Might have been easier to reach had the water not been so high. TFTC Star & Wulf
  3. Well that's a pretty short list.<g> I doubt we'll try falling down any waterfalls this week tho. Wulf That's not funny. Although I hear someone did succefully attempt and did go down the falls.
  4. Well the holidays are over. Today is National wiffel bat day at the local retail store as Daddy would put it. I hope that everyone had a wonderful holidays and I hope that everyone is where they wanted to be. May it be with family or friends. My holiday was fine. Ma had ham,peas, and smashed taters. It's nice to spend time with the people that you love. The other ma headed north to see the pa. To be with her sweetie. Well since I didn't say Merry Christmas yesterday so Merry belated Christmas. Now it's time to start planning the new year. Any resolutions? I've got a couple. The main one is to be happy with the way that the past year has gone and looking forward to what the new year will bring. (more caches!!!! Yipee) So to all of my family and friends and loved ones Happy Holidays. Stay safe and don't try anything that I wouldn't do. lol. Happy Caching!!!
  5. Well since I had to work 3rd shift last night And it's like 8 in the morning.. I thought that I would Just Say6 HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!! To all of you men who had to put up with Impossible people like me... Well at least I am proud to say that I make my Dad's head hurt. lol And He loves me and I love him... So HAPPY FATHER'S DAY To all you Dads
  6. Ouch.... That hurts.. It really cuts deep. gee.. thought maybe you'd find the pic of me in the squirrel suit and the frog hat but no you gotta post that one. I thought that you loved me I am you daughter ya know..
  7. FOCROLF That's funny Patrick.. I agree with Elwood. I always thought that bigfoot was hairier (sp). lol ((((((((Wulf))))))))
  8. Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep..... News Flash.... From the Small Amish town of Topeka Indiana.. What Happens when geocachers live in this small town and the Star is gone visiting the Wulf??? From the KPCNews Sunday Feb 12, 2006 By Matt Getts Topeka Standoff ends Peacefully Topeka---- A standoff between LaGrange County authorities and a Topeka woman ended peacefully after approximately two and a half hours Saturday evening. The woman, who was not identifed by police, surrendered and was taken into custody at 5:49 p.m. She was then transported to the Samara Center in Auburn for a 72-hour emergency evaluation. No criminal charges are expected. The incident began at approximately 3:24 p.m., when the Topeka Town Marshal's Office responded to a residence at Country Squire Estates to meet with a a female, who said she was being harassed by a male subject. After the first police unit arrived, the woman refused to speak with the officers and told dispatchers that a male subject was in the trailer and would kill any officer attempting to enter.. Additional officers from the Dhaene, the woman also stated that firearms were located inside the residence and the male subject would use them. At 5:49 p.m. the female voluntarily exited the residence and was taken into custody by the Critical Response team.. No wepons or other persons were found inside the residence. At one point in the incident, Dhane said the woman talked of suicide.. Other agencies assisting in the incident included the Indiana State Police, Lagrange County Communications center, Topeka Fire Department, and the Steuben County Special . Now what does this have to do with anything.. Well besides the fact that nothing EVER goes on in our small town.. Something was going on and to us small town people it is breaking news.. and since it hits so close to home for us I thought I would share... She is/ was our Neighbor...... ack..
  9. Well since by my clock it is 11 minuets after 12 am.. I suppose that this is in order.... *clears throat* *cough* memimemime "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR STAR HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!" Happy Birthday MA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ~~~~ **** Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep **** ~~~~ This just in.. Star of TTI would like to Nominiate Awsome EV- the renoundly famous caching klutz for the following position....... Special Deputy Awsome Ev... In charge of Incarcerated " MY PRECIOUS" Weiner dogz and Patrick Russel Terriers, and Dangerous Abigail Bassets, and all Geocaching Klutzes of Indiana... and some theivin beer drinkin canadians... (poor kids) and 2 license plates in trunk trying to crosse canadian border idiots..( i should really get rid of the old plate ) and grumpy, growley, cantankerious (sp) *don't know meaning * Lead Dogs (we know who you are and where you live) ..... ~~~~ **** Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep **** ~~~~ Ev's Application * *United States Citizen * *Must be 21 years of age-------- Got it under control * *High School Diploma or G.E.D. plus transcripts of grades---- Got diploma need transcripts * *College Degree (not required)--- Weiner Wrangler * *Valid Indiana drivers license--- Check clear got it 10-4 good buddy * *Social Security Card---- I think my green card expired I have to go back to melmack to get a new one * *Birth Certificate------ I don't really thinkg their my parents,, i need a blood test * *Your Personal Resume------ Name- Awsome EV Address- BFE IN USA Education- West Noble Westview got 8th grade educations as to requirements of the Old Order Amish Church Work History- Convienient store attendant retail sales weiner sitter min sitter wulf sitter clueless caretaker feed hauler WULF head banger ( make his head hurt) gracefully falls down waterfalls wedding crasher moodist interuptist stalker Hobbys- treasure hunter picture destroyer frog kisser mattress tester diesel fuming trucker chick 10-4 good buddy truck stop inspecter no strech of I-94 untouched Special skills-- all the above.. and my mommy sayz i'm special Forgin languages- Amish Bubble Ubbui Dubbi "PIG" latin Ev isims * *Six non-relatives list for references Star Wulf ~Mystery dog~ Noclue Polka Dott Grand Exhualted Leader Include any special skills, qualifications, certificates or fluency in a second language ect Declared Mentally Insane by the Indiana Geocacher Association
  11. Do you know what you do when ma leave you in charge of the house.... Everything goes wrong.. Oh and the major thing.. I hope that the dog food lasts.... Good thing tomorrow is pay day.... At least the bones are gonna last... Ya know I really hope that Ma and Pa are having fun while in Niagra... Prolly Caching.. Ma said something about tempting to go down the gorge to get the cache at the bottom.. They tried last year to attempt it but it was really really icy.... Any one got any New Years resolutions....? I hope to reach 1000 caches this next year...
  12. OO OO OO I know... This would be STAR of TTI.. She is smiling because she is such cheesier... Either that or she just bluffed and she didn't want anyone to know... Then again this may tell you more
  13. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!! Patrick.. ma said that Precious could have a visitor.... while she was gone as long as there was parental supervision... I'll be here. She's gonna be off with the wulf somewhere....
  14. This is wonderful news... I use to be a GSUSA Member... I had a lot of fun... I was the oldest in my troop for a long time... I was a deligate for the national council. I had brought caching up to them a couple of years ago.. I'm glad to see that it is being incoroerated now.. Awsome Ev GSUSA member 1990-2002 lakeland council
  15. All the bushes havae lost their leaves. I don't see her out there, unless she's behind the barn... No I was in the bushes.. I was pretending to be apart of them. I blended in in Lead Dog couldn't spot me... Oh.... Wait maybe I was in the barn... it kinda reminded me of the scene from Twister... all the blades and saws and other pointy objects comming for me.. But the clown in the corner come on.. Seriously I HATE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!! Some one's out to get me I'll have to be more steathy.... Ev
  16. lead dog which isq did you put those pics on?
  17. May I suggest under the rock at the base of the willow in our front yard? You know they have phone books in Bippis , with addresses and phone numbers ... and such as it may those of us that know you Real Name can find you ! .... Star hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe... Ma did you forget???
  18. 21 AWSOME EV 100 well, yeah me.. i'm still on the board... lol
  19. Welcome... The addiction torch has been passed yet again.... Awsome Ev- the amsih geocacher.. edit: speeeelllling
  20. HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (echo echo echo) Is anybody out there(there here ere re e) I know that there is much more than corn in Indiana... There's CACHES!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Well I'm not a trucker but I am a truckers daughter and a truckers wife. I use to go with my father when I was younger but he is retired now. I am married to a driver and use to go with him all the time. I started caching about 2 years after him and I were married and we didn't have our own GPS so we had to borrow one from our friends.. Unfortunatly we never got the chance to actually be driving and caching on our 8/10 hour... I have only found one that is along the interstate. It's the I80-90 WB. in NE IN... I don't live real close to and interstate , I live in the middle of nowhere and there really isin't anyplaces to put any "bigtruck" caches out... I have thought about it, and since I've just found this thread I'll be considering it. I know it is hard to find a place to park a 70' rig is a bit of a challenge, and like others said finding a place that is interesting and still kinda close for ya'll to park. I'm not a big fan of the parking on the exit/entrance ramps 4wheelers and bigger sometimes don't watch what they are doing. I realize that there are many challenges placing a big rig friendly cache. I think that it is a wonderful Idea and I wil be trying to find some along the streach of a couple of counties in NE IN.... Be safe and happy caching....
  22. That is Awesome.... I'm glad that you love our hobby. It is wonderful. I don't think that 99% of the persons that our involved in our hobby are in it for the "stats". Stats are just a way of saying hey look at me and how many hides/finds that I have. I have wasted money finding tupperware hidden somewhere I may have never stopped just driving or walking by.. Well that depends.... A film canister in a cemetery can be educational. You learn a little about somone that may have fought for our country. Something like a memorial... You find out something interesting about somone who has died for our freedom. Then again the film canister could be placed in the cemetery because the hider thought that this was an interesting cemetery and wanted to bring people to that particular spot because they saw an interesting grave marker. You have to admit that some of them are quite spectacular... A film canister is for high muggle areas, and urban caching. But they are also good for those rainy day caches that you don't want to stay couped up in the house sitting in front of the T.V. , or maybe it is one of those *blagh* day caches. When somone wants to do something when they aren't feeling all that well but have energy to burn. A film canister... sometimes they are more "family" friendly. Let's say you have a smaller child with you. Lets say 2 or 3.. Do you really want to drag them out into the woods to a cache that may have lots of overgrowth, possibly haven't been found in a few months or stinging neddles, poision ivy. Lots of people have children smaller children that go caching.... There are loads of caches out there... Yes it may require a little bit of work, and yes you may have to drive a few more miles,... I know BAD example. especially with the way gas prices are, and that is wear and tear on the vehicles... Were Geocachers. Some of us are travelers who cache in the states that we are visiting because our home is our RV... Some of us cache because were ADDICTS!!!! We love being places that we have never been before. Exploring, learning new and wonderful things about people and places that we would have passed by. For the people who think that it is a Race or competition or it is just about the Stats there prolly should be a designated site... but noone ever makes a big deal about how many finds/hides they have. When someone reaches a mile stone it is exciting. because if you think about it that is say 50, 100, 500,1000, or 100,000,000 new places that they have visited and have most likely learned something new. You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else. And what I have said is my opinion. Why buy and x-box and stay inside though? This is a fun hobby. It gives you education, exercise, and fresh air, and gives you a chance to CITO, and clean up our earth. After all it takes care of us and we should take care of it. Happy Caching!!!!!!!!!!! Cache on!!!!!!!!
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