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Auditions For Geocaching Actors & Actresses!!!


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I am developing a new cache which will involve a home-made movie, casting call.


Casting call is for two Men in Black style characters, a heroine and an an alien? Any volunteers?



* no pay

* no benefits

* nighttime shooting on my digital camera

* you don't have to know how to act

* no experience

* belief in UFO's is preferred!

* shot in an exotic location in Northern NJ


B) B)

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Does it involve nudity, or was that what you meant with your "No Experience" comment? <_<


For a Blues Brothers theme I'd suggest Hart and Brian.


As for Men in Black... Quoddy could be Tommy Lee Jones. Not sure who (not that I met too many caching folks) would make a good Will Smith - maybe Serg?.

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Does it come in XXL?

I would think it only comes in XXL, since any other size would likely cause you to get picked on by the other woodchucks.


It does come with an attached tail and hard head. If you already have a hard head, I guess this is extra protection for when you are chucking wood.

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Not sure who (not that I met too many caching folks) would make a good Will Smith - maybe Serg?


Funny people tell me I look like him all the time. ;) yes I'm kidding



Ok....you can stop laughing now....


are those santa capri pants or just standard santa issue shorts.

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More then willing to help...off camera...


Plenty exiprience with filming, editing, acting, make-up (all kinds) etc...studied it in school, practiced it in real life...


Think it sounds like a great idea...and can be a lot more help off camera then on!!!!

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So who are the cast of characters?


I have some suggestions:


Mitch:Mid 40s. The overly excited ADHD guy. He refers to the fact that he's a security guard in a home owners association as being "On the Job". Seems to sweat profusely even in the winter. Has been caching for less than a year and has about 500 finds.


Kevin: Late 30s. He's the guy that keeps getting banned from the forums for being an a**. He think he's smarter than everyone else and that everyone is entitled to his opinion. Has been caching since early 2001 and has over 1000 finds.


Tyler: The likable preppy in his mid 20's. Rarely goes caching without his fiancé of 3 years. He wants to finish college before they get married and He keeps changing majors. Shows up to every cache event and is liked by the whole community, except of course Kevin, Kevin doesn't like anyone but himself. Has been caching for just over a year and is very happy with his 100 or so finds.


Kelly: Tyler's fiancé. She's 23 and has been planning her wedding to Tyler for 3 years. She's a pre-med student, very cool and gets along with everyone. Except of course Kevin, nobody gets along with Kevin. She's been caching for just under a year and never goes without Tyler.


BrianSnat: Himself.


Anyone else have suggestion? When I think of more I'll post 'em.


*All the characters or fictitious and any likeness to anyone is purely coincidental. :P

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realized my last post is completely useless to this discussion. Thanks for playing


I think that goes for 90% of the posts in this thread...


All I was looking for was a couple of volunteers to goof around on camera and act out something from a cross between Men In Black and X-Files... oh yeah and I need a person with an alien head... natural or otherwise.



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