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Broken Gpsr

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Hey everyone,


I have been geo-caching for about a year now and love it, so does my son. He is 4 years old and has Autism, he loves to run around outside and he loves yellow. I have an ST map that we use to geocache but every time we are in a store with GPSr's that are yellow, he wants it and it's a fight to leave.


My question is, if anyone has a broken yellow GPSr (it has to be yellow) that they would be willing to send me? I'm hoping that just carrying a yellow one around (even if it doesn't work) while we cache will be enough to keep him calm. I'm in the Army so I can't afford another one for now. I would be willing to pay for shipping if it's not too much.


Thanks everyone,



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I'm not sure if what I have is what you are looking for, but just in case, I'll offer.


A couple years ago I was in a similar situation with a young son who loved caching with me (and holding the gps), but I wasn't ready to give him charge of a working unit. I posted on the forums, and received a very generous offer from "GizmoDave". He offered to custom make a non-working facsimile of a yellow etrex for my son to use. You can see the details of Dave's process on his web site.


The offer came with two conditions:

1) When Noah outgrew the toy GPS, Dad had to give it to someone in the same situation he was in.

2) When someone asks for a hand doing something, he has to help...No questions asked.


I have thought of the second condition often, when posting a reply, or making direct contact with someone to offer my advice or opinion. Dave put much time and effort into a very simple request, and even though years have passed, I have not forgotten.


My son is now 7, and beginning to learn the basics of a real yellow etrex. When I saw this post, I knew the time had come to fulfill condition #1.


This unit does show some wear, but is virtually indestructible, and I feel sure it has much good use left in it for future generations. It includes a second string (attaches where a lanyard would go) and the tool to remove the small hex screws so the screen can be "changed".


Lanceloet, if you're interested, please contact me directly to arrange shipping at my expense. I offer it gladly and pass the same conditions I received with it on to you.

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My first response to anything in forums I 'm guilt of lurking, but I had to say something. This is the greatest thing that I have read in the forums in a long time, no complaining, no arguing, no sarcasim.

The conditions of use are wonderfully thought out and gives a ongoing value to the project.

I just need to let Dave and Greg know that this is a wonderful thing you have done.

You are great examples of what compassion and giving are about .

I vote you HEROS of the Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give Thanks Everyday


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Its not yellow, but if anyone wants it, I have a broken Eagle Expedition2.


It doesn't turn on at all. Not sure whats wrong with it. It was given to me by family out of state, (they never told me what it was) and said it could be fixed for 70. I said send it, thinking to get it fixed. I got it and found out I can get one working for under 50. So it just sits here.


It has a carrying case. and if I can find them, instructions (although they wouldn't be of use because its broken.


Oh yeah, its free. And I can pay for shipping in the US.

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I remember that thread well from when I started caching in '01.


I hate to say it, but back in it's infancy, the geocaching forums were full of unselfish helpful people like GizmoDave. Kinda like the internet pre-AOL or our society in general. The inevitable influx of whiners, clubhouse lawyers, and scam artists wears you down to the point where you wonder why you participate.


Then, you read this thread again and you remember that most people are alright and some are actually wonderful. Dave, I hope you and your son have a great time together.



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Greg & SuperDave,


Thank you so much. Braiden was so happy! We are heading out the door to go caching right now. He can't wait any longer to use "His Treasure Hunter!" When you have a child with autism every little bit helps and you have helped a ton! Thanks again!

;) Guenevre(Braiden's mom)

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Guenevre,Braiden, and Lanceloet.

I'm glad this is working out. You work at a computers and machines for ages. No one seems to care if what you are doing is going to make a difference. After a while you begin to think the same thing.

Thanks for appreciating what Greg and Noah have done. It makes what I do a little more gratifying.


Gizmodave AKA Gizmotech

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How can I get a "broken" (one of the toys) yellow Gps? My three year old desperatly needs something. I have legend, working on getting a Yellow Etrex for my oldest son. But my youngest needs something that looks like ours, and I won't have to spend alot of money on. I just bought our first house and I have NO extra money to be buying all new GPS's. I couldn't afford mine but I wanted to find something fun for our family to do. Anyway, Thanks!

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We bought a kids orienteering kit from our friendly local Walmart, it had a fake GPSr and a compass. The neat thing is the GPSr had a working digital clock and timer. We gave it to a friend of ours young son. He had a great time with it because he became the official caching "timekeeper" So you might want to check this option out. I think the cost was about $12 US If I remember correctly it was in the kids toy section. Hope this helps, Good luck with your quest..


Happy caching!



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I just wanted to chime in here as well.

This has GOT to be the nicest thing I've read in the forums for a long time.

I'm glad I'm involved in a hobby with such big-hearted folks, it almost makes me want to forget all of the sniping and b*tching that go on here on a daily basis.


You have even given me hope for the human race. (And THAT'S saying something!)

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I have to echo the sentiments expressed here, awesome! For those of you who agree, I highly recommend renting a movie called, "Pay it Forward". It fits very nicely into the essence of what is happening here, and I challenge anyone to watch it without at least a few heartfelt tears, both happy tears and sad. We should all "pay it forward"!!!

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I just wish to add my 2c worth on this... This has got to be the best group of people that I have seen in a LONG time! This is what life is truely all about! You all made my day - heck...you made the whole week! Happy cashing - RobFL :D

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I was inspired by this story. Wasn't sure what kit you were talking about at Wal-Mart but I found one called an Outdoor communication Kit. It has a pair of walkie-talkies in it that look kinda like a Rino. I peeled off the morse code sticker and then made the compass sticker from a screen shot of the Garmin GPSMAP 60c.


I have a two year old that loves to go caching. My husband and I each have our own GPSr and so does his big brother. The other day he was asking 'Where's my GPS???' I gave this to him today and he is thrilled. He want's to go caching right away. Here is a picture of the finished product.



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Just wanted to add an idea for others interested. The store where I bought my GPSr had a display of all the models, all of which were simply gutted shells. They did not work at all, but were the actual plastic shells of the models.


I wonder if these might be available from the store after a model is no longer carried by the store. Just a thought - great thread btw.

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