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  1. Still missing a few of my PQ's. Two say they have run but the remaining ones have not generated as of 3:19 eastern..... Hopefully its just another slow down.....
  2. Yeah they finally came in !!! All is good in the world again
  3. None of my regularly scheduled PQs have generated or been delivered. Its now 6pm Eastern usually they are here by noon time. Are there still issues with the PQ server? Or is it just running way behind?
  4. Magnetic or true only has a "bearing" (pun intended) when doing projections. As long as you are working in the same map datum a point is a point is a point...
  5. Same for me as well, cannot access the My Account page and other areas of the site seem to be working at a snails pace. Seems like the gerbil might have fallen and cant get up.
  6. I started with Palm way back when but have since switched to PPC. I was using GPX Sonar then switched to Cache-Mate but have switched to Beeline GPS since acquiring a bluetooth GPS. With the bluetooth GPS and Beeline's navigation mode it turns my PPC into a full fledged Cache machine.... All the caches, all the descriptions, hints and logs , a nifty mapping mode so I can see where the caches are relative to each other. If I forget the GPS or the batteries die.... who cares I can still cache til I drop. With Pocket Streets and Trips installed as well I might even be able to find my way home....
  7. Yes tried logging out and then coming back in and it made no difference, but they appear to have come home today after a little hieatus. I guess PQ's need a coffe break once in a while too. Happy Caching!
  8. I was expecting a couple of PQs today so we could go caching in the morning , I was a little concerned when they didn't show up. Imagine my surprise when I opened my PQ page to see that all 30 of them have disappeared. Is there anyway to retrieve these ??? Do you (the fine folks at Grounspeak) have any magical APB's for missing PQ's that you can use to help a brother out. If I can avoid the 2 - 3 hours of re-entering them I would appreciate it... Thanks Happy Caching!
  9. I havent received a PQ for two days now and when I checked my PQ list it shows the last one was generated on the 18th and none since. Me thinks the hamster died or the rubber band snapped.... Either way it means No PQ's for me Hopefully it will get resolved soon.
  10. I have been using City Select 7 and have been very happy with it. If you are looking at Metroguide be aware that only Metroguide Canada 4 will autoroute on your 60 . The newer versions do not autoroute on your GPS. Trust me I ordered it when the GPS central site said that it did and had to return it to get City Select 6 in order to have autorouting on my 76CS. I have since upgraded to CS7. The annoying thing is the two license limit when I own 3 gpsr's Also if it is Metroguide 4 you are looking at buying, save your money. The autorouting is horrible in many cases it doesn't take into account those minor driving annoyances like one way streets and rivers. Hope this helps Logger
  11. Hey the way I look at it , its the first sign of spring. The flowers come up and the site goes down. It's been that way since I started caching. We can gripe about it but it doesn't do any good eventually it will get fixed or the overloads subside. Whatver the case, it will go away. Personally I would like to see it set-up so premium members get priority service, that's the way they do it on a few other sites I am on. If the server loads exceed a certain level then non-paying users are locked out until the server level drops below the threshold. That way if you pay, you play. It works well on the other sites I am involved with. This might also encourage non-paying participants to cough up a small amount and free up some capital to ensure that the servers are top notch rather than limping along and having everyone whining. Until then I will just wait patiently gritting my teeth waiting to get on the site. My two cents worth.
  12. Never mind I got it working but I had to sacrifice a number of chickens over it to get it to work. I had to do a warm restart of the unit, then download the file directly to the PPC via wireless and then run it It didnt balk this time with the incorrect file error
  13. Ok I must be doing something stupid I transferred the .exe file to my 1g card in my Toshiba e750 running 2003. I start the installer in the PPC using the File Explorer. When the installer starts, the installing cachemate screen comes up I click next, radio button is checked to Install to default location and hit Finish... Only to get a Setup Failed : THe file "\CABFILE1.cab" is not a valid windows CE setup file. I tried the same procedure again after moving the file to the FlashROM with the same results. Any thoughts?
  14. Hi Parker, Have you had a look at GPS trackmaker? Its free software that will allow you to easily do what you want. You can set the image of a map as the background and using two reference points you can calibrate the image to latitude and longitude. I use it all the time for doing exactly what you want to do. The beauty of it is it will accept the waypoints in a multitude of formats such as GPX, KML, SHP, OziExplorer, Magellan, and Lowrance to name a few. Your results can be saved in just as many formats. Did I mention its free? The basic free version has most of the functionality of Fugawi with a much nicer price tag. You can check it out at GPS TrackMaker If you need help with it let me know. Cheers, Logger
  15. Congratulations on reaching your namesake RES !!!!! Now what to do for an encore ? Does this mean a name change in the future to say RES4200? Way to go!!! Logger
  16. I checked the national wire services and the story that geocachers were not involved at the site was posted on the wires on the 20th. As well there were two audio clips which praised geocaching. Nice to see things turn around.
  17. I think I would suspect kids with metal detectors looking for old "stuff" before I would point a finger at geocaching. Bad reporting at its worst, Makes me sad to admit I work in the media. Logger
  18. I have the 76CS and love it. So far I have had an etrex yellow, etrex legend, etrex vista and now the 76 CS. Go for the extra memory, it seems with each new revision the maps are getting bigger and bigger. When I had the legend 8 megs was lots. Now 8megs wont even hold Toronto. With the 76cs I can carry maps for all of Ontario part of New York and Ohio and still had a little room left over for some extra maps of Ontario. As for the compass, gotta have it! I havent seen the battery drain everyone talks about. I use Nimh rechargeables and I get at least a full day of caching out of them. Besides like most I always carry a spare set just in case. I will say one thing, there is a design flaw in the 76CS and 60CS series over the etrex series. The etrex units were designed for best signal reception while sitting horizontal, the same plane that the compass works on. Whereas the 76 and 60 's were designed to be vertical for best reception but the compass needs to be horizontal. So in order to use the compass you have to sacrifice signal. Not a problem if your out in the open but under tree cover this can be a problem. As far as a belt clip, they sell a great case for the 76 series at gpscentral. Its a zippered neoprene case with a clear window. It completely encloses the gps , gives you a belt clip and allows you to see, and operate the gps without removing it from the case. Mine has taken a few headers so far but there is not a scratch or a mark on it. The neoprene is thick and spongy acting as a shock absorber. It's the best 20 dollar investment I have made so far. Here's the 76 zipper case if anyone is interested.
  19. I've read the posts from above and I'm still scratching my head over your comments. I did not see any comment where a "swipe" was taken at the media. As for Parks Canada ignoring the facts, they were presented with a case study of a long term cache clearly showing that there was no damage to the surrounding environment. In fact the only signs of damage that were visible were from authorized activities on the main trail. After being presented these facts and to come out and express that geocaching damages the environment would seem to me to be ignoring the facts.
  20. Wow C-A, you should be teaching a "photography for geocachers" course. I have a digital camera, and I love taking pictures, but I'm still fiddling around with it. Thanks for the tips! Trail (Of Logger&Trail)
  21. OUCH!!!! We waited for this? Did we hire a bunch of Grade 3's with a box of Crayolas to make these maps ? (My apologies to Crayola) Thanks for the maps but I think I will stick to using GSAK and exporting the cache list to Mapsource or Streets and Trips at least they know where Mississauga is. I must have missed the note when it was moved between Smithville and Beamsville from the GTA. I honestly appreciate the effort of adding the Canadian maps but with all the fanfare and hoopla we have had leading up to this, I thought I heard an entire brass section playing but it turned out to be just one lonely kazoo.
  22. After receiving an OGA-Admin e-mail, I (Trail) decided it was my time to write an e-mail to Parks Canada myself. I did so, explaining how important Geocaching has become to Logger & myself. I also explained that the school that I work at has a Geocaching Club that has been created as a result of one of our geography teachers developing a superb teaching unit based around the activity. My reply from Parks Canada was disappointing. I'll leave it at that. Anyhoo, to make a longer story shorter, I received a phone call from Claire at Parks Canada. The impression I was left with was that the biggest problem they have with Geocaching is that it conflicts with the Park's "Pack In/Pack Out" policy (which is similar to Geocaching's "Cache In/Trash Out" policy). I explained to Claire, the best that I could, that sometimes there needs to be exceptions to the rules. Geocaches are NOT litter, they are containers that are maintained by a network of people. I also tried to explain to Claire the importance of having an actual physical container at the end of the hunt. Geocaching is a family activity and when children are involved, it is important that they are rewarded for their efforts, even if the reward is a rubber ball. I think every rule has exceptions. I hope that Parks Canada realizes leaving a tupperware box on their property for a limited time period is not a large price to pay when the result is that individuals and families will be enjoying the use of their lands. Trail (of Logger&trail fame)
  23. Once we get the definitive list nailed down here in the forums I will add/update all of the urls on the Main OGA website Links section as well. The OGA website link page can be found at http://www.ontgeocaching.com/oga-links.htm or just go to the links section from the main page.
  24. Thanks Clyde I will play around with it and see what I can come up with. Keep up the good work!
  25. Problem is you are not allowed to post the cache information on a website as it violates your user agreement. Can I use the custom Babel export to generate such an HTML file or would the result be the same?
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