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  1. My daughter and I have been Geocachers for years; not a huge number of finds, but it's something we do together and have had some great adventures. We recenty started Earthcaching and have found it to be even more fun and enjoyable than Geocaching. Don't get me wrong, we still Geocache. Anyway, the question: Is there a map feature that we can use to find Earthcaches near us? If there is, I'm not finding it. Help me out? The listing of Earthcaches by State on the website is somewhat tedious at best. A better search method would be a real bonus. Dave of Team Flashncache
  2. AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!! I can't believe that there was an event right here in TH and I managed to miss it!!! Sounds like you all had a good time, just wish I'd heard about it and made it down... Anyway, back on topic: I think a 'west-central Indiana' and 'east-central ILLINOISE' organization would be great for me and my Team. (Quick tip of the hat to CYBret, there. Did you catch it?) We'd be a lot more likely to get to events that we didn't have to travel more than 30 or 40 miles to get to. Just how practical it really is; or how many other people would be interested remains to be seen, I reckon. But count us in. And put us on the mailing list, for Heaven's sake!
  3. Team FnC uses a North Face Yavapai. We love it! It has a hip belt, chest belt, three compartments, (the big one is padded for a laptop!) built in resue whistle; never had to use it - yet... Really durable, really nice pack. And the best part - it was free! Got it as a perk with one of my credit cards. But I would recommend it, even if I had to buy it.
  4. Either this is the actual truth, or you discovered; as I did, that this is the easiest way to keep your caching partner interested! LOL! Either way, it's all about having fun with your Team!
  5. There are three of us on our team, but "Team Flashncache" is what is put in the logbook; even if I'm caching by myself. (We now have nifty self-adhesive labels that we just stick in the log - as long as it isn't wet/damp...) Underneath, I will usually write in who was along on the trip, along with a couple of notes about the find.
  6. If I were at home, I could get you the answer easily. As I'm not, we'll just have to go with my memory. (We're in trouble... ) To get the files from Cachemate to your Z22 when you sync, you have to export them. I believe you click on "File" in the upper left corner of your Cachemate window and then select "Export". There may be a couple of options to choose from after that, but you should get confimation that the files will be uploaded next time you Hotsync. Hope I remembered everything correctly! And good luck!
  7. Can you get here from work? Ohhhhhh... That is the best! Thanks a bunch! (Cachers are the greatest, y'know?)
  8. Me too! My birthday's on the 27th, how about you? My wife (a very youthful 40) comes along sometimes, but my main caching partner is our daughter Josie, 6 1/2.
  9. Palm IIIxe here, can be found dirt cheap at a variety of websites. Works really well, if you dont mind the fact that it's only back and white. (Actually black and green...) Then; as Brian said, get your hands on Cachemate and you're ready to go.
  10. Looks really nice. You've obviously put a lot of thought and work into your cache. Good luck with the gold coins! Seriously; good work!
  11. I don't live anywhere NEAR the coast, (actually, either one..) but I feel the need to point out a couple of things: First and foremost, seawater is very corrosive. Yeah, yeah - I'm not telling you anything you don't know already. But you're talking about tethering things to the cache. Which means to me; that they're not going to be IN the cache, so they would be out in the corrosive element, so to speak. Is that a good idea? Is that really what you have in mind? If so, then I will step off and let you go with it.
  12. Yeah, I'm in agreement with Miragee. Go with Cachemate and you can't really lose. Be aware that Cachemate comes with its own converter, so you might not need any other add-ons. Look in the file that you load to your PC for 'cmconvert.exe'; that's the app that does the conversion for you.
  13. We use the Yellow Etrex. I used to enter the coordinates by hand (never bought the PC to GPS cable...) and then used the 'that-a-way pointer' screen to lead me to the destination. Nowadays, we set the GPS up to display the compass heading screen and use the buttons on the left-hand side to scroll the bottom window in the display to show our actual coordinates. Cache page in one hand (or my Palm, when I download a PQ), GPS in the other and just walk until the coordinates match. We've actually had better luck that way! <edit> Stupid fingers!
  14. Personally, I see this as being the solution to the problem. You can say the name all you want, just don't provide a link!
  15. Would I be labeled a total creep to say that perhaps; until the search function is fully active again, maybe the mods and (I use this term realizing that I'm gonna get killed for it) the forum bullies just lay off for a while? Just my 2 cents, not wanting to start a war, just thought I'd POST MY OPINION!!!
  16. Merry Christmas to all from Dave, Cathy and Josie of Team FlashnCache!
  17. For once I'm not being a jerk. Just read that Tony's 18 year old son was found dead of an apparent suicide in Tampa today. I can't imagine what that must be like. Add to that the pressure of a Super Bowl run, and the poor man must feel like his world has come apart. Tony has taken a leave of absence from the team; and who could blame him, the team will be run by one of the assistants until such time as Tony returns. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Mr. Dungy.
  18. You need the new satellite driver first. You can download it from my website. Paypal me $10 for the link... Jeez, I'll bet a lot of folks fell off the same turnip truck as me! You can expect my paypal real soon! LOL That's a good one Hugh.
  19. Started out with the simple yellow Garmin Etrex, and probably won't ever upgrade. I mean, I find the caches, so there's no need IMHO.
  20. I would have to agree with the above. There could be a very fine line between looking for a geocache and looking like a possible terrorist mapping out locations for a possible 'strike'. I certainly wouldn't want to be the one who brought down the wrath of the FBI, CIA, NSA and several other federal agencies on us humble little cachers... In short, bad idea! At least keep away from federal installations. (Airports, courthouses, police stations, etc, etc, etc)
  21. Another way to approach this issue may be through the Waymarking part of the hobby. If and when you get your hands on a GPS receiver, you could go through www.Waymarking.com and browse through the many catagories that could apply to your possible point of interest. At that point you could submit the coordinates to the applicable category and get it recognized that way. Then Geocachers could seek out your 'special place' and visit if they were interested. Just my thoughts...
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