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Name My Caching Dog

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Do you have her yet?

My Mom will be bringing her out from California over President Valentine's Day (You know, the three holidays in February that have been lumped into one?)

Post a pic of her on my thread "Post a pic of your caching dog" when you get her.


Also, I still challenge you to a duel.

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Nice, you can run and do all the dog park caches here.

By then she'll be a cache-hunting pro!

There is a multi with a dog theme in the local dog park (which is huge btw)

2 years is a long way off.


There had better be a lot more caches there by then! :rolleyes:

Like you have found them all here already?

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Whats in 2006?

Well, We're heading to California 2 or 3 times this year and Las Vegas. We might hit Colorado, too. We won't have the time (or money) to drive east after all that.

Next year, we're planning a trip to China, so that takes a lot of money. We won't have any left over to go your way.

In 2006, we'd like to visit our cousins in Nashville then head to DisneyWorld for a few days. We had originally planned that for this summer, but things change.

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Still in bubble wrap. I bought some to be first-finder's tokens/prizes.

come put some up here I think they would be cool!


SPARKY good name I like it

Yeah.....good name!

grrr I'm a dog man and don't like cats.


geody has a good ring to it not like my dumb dog sparky um.. spunky who will be homeless if he doesn't quit tearing the siding off of mine.

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come put some up here I think they would be cool!

Washington's a bit far for me

Make them into Travel Bugs and send one my way.

Me too! Me too! I'm closer than Doc, me first, me first!


Edit: We have a "tb stage coach" between Las Vegas to Reno, if it makes it to Vegas we're home free

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