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Interest In A Different Race?


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the Last 2 years, Geoman007 has run a state wide (NJ) cache hunt that has everyone all over the state for a fun hunt over the course of the labor day weekend.


In this vein, I have an idea for another race, but it differs in that the hunt will take place in one location (1600 acre park near me). The race would be designed to have teams all over the park during the day (s). I would have a number of stages and also include a chance element to help keep things 'even'.


The question is,


" If I hide it, will they come? "


I was looking at the memorial day weekend with the event starting on the saturday morning.


If a dozen or so folks say that its a fun idea and will participate, then i will begin the planning /layout and field work for it.


It would be setup as a cache event , but could be kept afterward as a regular cache hunt as well.


any interest?

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This sounds very much like what we're doing for "It Reeks! Geocaching Event." We're utilizing a 700-acre park and placing several caches for the day; you'll park once and hike all over the area. Prizes will be awarded in different categories as well.

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To answer Geoman007's question. I woudl layout the race at the Sourland Mountain Park in Hillsborough. 1600 acres of space here.


The basics of the hunt would be as follows.


There would be 7-10 elements with a clue to the final cache.


At the designated starting time, each cacher (or team) would be handed a sheet with 15-20 potential element locations.


Your job is to visit the lcoations until you have all the clues. The fun and challenge will be wether or not a location has an element hidden there.


I've even got some sponsorship for some nice prizes and have even though about getting T-shirts if there is enough people who would come. The date can actually be any Saturday-Sunday combo. Perhaps my local Hillsborough Neighbor (Natureboy44) would like to team up with me on this one as he is a master of camoflauge. :D

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