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Geocachers Most Need Item...

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We just used head netting for the first time. I know I hate the burning of DEET on my face. The nets worked great. At one point, we had stopped and the mosquitos were fierce. Normally, even with DEET they will bump into you and get in your nose and your eyes. The net took care of that.


I looked stupid, but Sissy and I were the only ones around.


Two thumbs up from us!





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What does Geocaching Mean if all you do is McToys?


A. you really have to spend some time away from your Kids...


B. You are having a third childhood...


C. You need to get some social exposure...


d. You need to visit a 99¢ store, and spend some of that "extra" money....


e. Add your own....




Trash-out, EVERYtime

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A pen. I always need a pen. Everything else is useless if I can't sign the log.


Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes

On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated -- so:

"Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges --

"Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"


Rudyard Kipling , The Explorer 1898

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Gasoline! On my way to a recent cache, I thought I would make it easy even though I had less than a fourth of a tank. Hey! fuel up on the way out! But then I had problems finding fuel on the way out (darn small town holiday closures.) The cache was near the interstate on my journey, so I thought it would be easy...Not! I pulled into the next exit just in time! The anxiety isn't worth it! Moral: When traveling, fuel up BEFORE going for the out of the way cache. It might not be as close as it looks and who knows when the gas stations will be closed!



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