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  1. Different things on different days. Sometimes I'll have a hankering for ones near my house. Other days I'm up for a full day of caching, so I look for ones that are grouped together. Lower terrain rating is good for me too (too many injuries). A big thing I also look at is previous logs. If other cachers mention what a terrific cache/location/find/idea etc it is, then it will get me to it. If they mention that the coordinates are way off, or that the area was disappointing, I'll most likey avoid it.
  2. eager Eiger Nice try at hijacking Groundclutter but your reply was several hours, and 18 posts too late, so lets get back on track: mountain Ummm... I wasn't trying to hijack anything. My replies are coming from the other side of the ocean, so perhaps they were a little delayed. Hope you aren't as mean as your comment makes you sound. No worries, I won't play anymore.
  3. leather b. Saddle (but there are Ohhh so many responses for this one! )
  4. Hello from Victoria, Canada. I'm looking to set up a Canada/Barrow multi cache. In a nutshell, half the cache would be here in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, and the other half would be in Barrow-in-furness. I will send a box of Canadian/Victoria goodies over to you for your half of the cache, and you would send a box of Barrow/UK goodies over to me for the cache here. The Canadian cacher would find the Canadian stage one. In it would be the Latitude of the Barrow stage 2, and the longitude of the Canada stage 2. The Barrow cacher would find the Barrow stage 1. In it would be the latitude of the Canada stage 2, and the Longitude of the Barrow stage 2. (so each cacher would have half the coordinates needed to find their respective stage 2 cache. Then, each cacher would post to the other country's stage 2 page, stating they are looking for someone to swap coordinates with. Once the swap is made, you can go find stage 2. (and you have just made a caching friend in another country!) I have a number of these caches already set up. Please take a look at: GCJDT9 Which is a Canada/Wales cache. GCG7TA Canada/North Carolina USA cache GCV1HZ Canada/Kauai Hawaii cache Please let me know if you are interested. The main reason behind me wanting a Barrow cache is that my Dad's ship (HMCS Saguenay) was in Barrow for repairs after having being torpedoed Dec 1 1940. There is a cemetary there in which 18 of Saguenay's crew are burried. I'm hoping to make it over for a visit next year. (and any help on where to stay, things to see, how to get there from North Wales would be most appreciated!) Thanks!
  5. I'm returning to caching after a long drought. I got back into the game because I was feeling overwhelmed with work and home issues and needed some "me"/"alone" time. Caching gives me a chance to clear my head and clarify things while getting some fresh air. It allows me to get away from the TV and the blasted computer, both of which seem to play too important a role in my life right now. So about you? What gets you out the door and hunting caches?
  6. There was a seal sleeping on it. (Kauai)
  7. Got mine too! Woo Hoo! Thanks for the extra, it was well worth the wait, and is much appreciated. :-)
  8. Canada is soooo far away..... I'm jealous of all you across the pond who get theirs so quickly. I can't wait!!!
  9. Holy doodle! LOVE the design. Well done!! I'll take....ummmm...5. Maybe more. Depends on the overtime cheque. :-)
  10. Thanks very much for your reply! Yup, there sure are a lot of options. I'm just interested in trading/dropping them in caches as a signature item for now. I'm not really into collecting. I did that with police patches for a while. Now I have about a thousand of them that I'm looking to sell. I'll take my time in coming up with a design that everyone simply HAS to have. And will shop around locally for a good deal. Have to try to support the local guys ya know. Thanks again for your help!
  11. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find a thread that address it directly. I have a few questions and I'm hoping someone will help me out. I'm planning on having my own coins made. 1) If you want them to be trackable on geocaching.com, do you have to order them from a specific place? 2) Is it best to have them made through geocoinstore.com? 3) I notice that the geocoin store has an option of allowing other people to buy your coins, thus reducing your overall cost as a designer. Does this make the most sense for someone who doesn't have a lot of money? In a nutshell, I don't have a lot of money to play with on this, and I'm looking for a reliable place, with the best cost (go figure) Your experiences would be greatly appreciated! ps...I know NOTHING about having coins made. I got lost with all those posts about personal icons etc... don't know what any of that means.
  12. Yeah, but it shows that the next sale is Feb 23rd?!! That's 2 days ago. What gives?
  13. Ok, here comes my impassioned plea... I had no idea that these coins were in existance until about 5 minutes ago. What can I offer to someone as a bribe, payment, incentive etc... to let me have one of these coins? Please?!?!?!? I'm the owner of the Wales/Canada cache called The Mountie Always Gets His Dragon so I would LOVE to have one of these. Also, my Dad's family is Welsh, and it's his 90th birthday on March 6th, so how about a birthday present for the old veteran? Ok...how about I sing the national anthem in Welsh? Send you a box of Welsh cakes? I have dragon earrings that I wear each March 1st. Along with my Prince of Wales feathers brooch. I love leeks and daffodils! My brother always calls me Dragon and I have red hair. See? I'm a red dragon too! Aw come on......who'll put me out of my misery? PLEASE????
  14. My friend and I will be on Oahu January 7th to 11th. (Visiting from Victoria, British Columbia) We're planning on meeting up with a couple of local cachers on the 7th. Would anyone else like to get together for an informal meet and greet/dinner and drinkies on the evening of the 7th? We're staying at the Coconut Plaza hotel so will be somewhere around there.
  15. We here on the West Coast still have 22 minutes to go, but a very Happy New Year to all cachers out there. I hope that 2006 will bring new finds, fortunes and friends.
  16. Aloha! I am looking for a cacher in Kauai who would be interested in setting up an international cache with me. I'm in Victoria, British Columbia. This will be a multi cache. Half of it in Victoria (filled with Kauai goodies) and the other half in Kauai (filled with Canadian goodies) I have similar caches set up with North Carolina, Texas and Wales. In a nutshell, a cacher in Kauai will find their stage 1, which will contain half the stage 2 coordinates for Kauai and half for Canada. A Canadian cacher will find the stage 1 here, which will have the other half of the coordinates. Each cacher will then contact the other and trade coordinates. Now each cacher will have the Lat and Long of their stage 2 so they can find the loot! I will be in Kauai on January 10th and can bring the Canadian gear with me to trade. I would love to meet a local cacher who wants to set this up with me. They are a lot of fun. Please visit GCJDT9 and GCG7TA to see examples of this type of cache. Please contact me privately if you are interested or would like more of an explanation. Mahalo!
  17. I e-mailed RRU to ask what could possible warrant the cost of their geocaching. Here is their reply: _________ We have a mandate to provide education at Hatley Park National Historic Site and would like to encourage visitors to explore the 565 acres and learn about the West Coast's different eras and areas…First Nations', Sawmill, Tannery, Dunsmuir's, Military, University, marsh, forest, lagoon and gardens. Geocaching is a wonderful way to explore the property and learn about it. What we have done is only a modification of the activity we all enjoy. It is an introduction to geocaching and we highlight the fact that there are organizations in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, in BC and around the world they may wish to join. We purchased a selection of Garmin GPS60's so that young people and tourists visiting Victoria will have the opportunity to learn an alternative activity. What we offer is an experience on how to use the units--and we supply the units and a certified geocache instructor. The idea is that they will enjoy it enough to take this up as a recreational activity. Currently, we have eight teaching cache locations on site, plus two virtuals. In 2006 we will have cache sites posted on the web. I hope you will want to search for them. This will encourage people such as yourself to visit our site and see its beauty--as well as find the history handout in each cache. The cost of our experiences helps cover the purchase of the GPS units, depreciation, cache contents, room location, certification and training of instructors and the work and handouts that go into delivering each session. We often have only two or three people on a course. To give you an idea of what a 90 minute session includes, here is a cut and paste of the information each instructor receives before a session. BEFORE Check out cache locations and cache contents Copies of geocache locations required for session Geocache handouts on web sites Geocache handout re questions and etiquette Maps of property Evaluation forms Pencils/paper Visitor passes Hatley Park information Get key from Security Check out room a minimum of one hour in advance Check GPS units to ensure cache coordinate for first cache is loaded, batteries in good shape, geocache sample available Provide water for each guests Greet guests at front entrance gates going into MEWS Provide visitor parking pass First five minutes Introductions, housekeeping (washrooms, emergency, etc.) Quick overview Hatley caches contents - show an example Washroom Break Next twenty minutes Get group to take bottle of water with them as they use the preloaded GPS units and the #001 Handout. The group will actually see how the GPS units work by having them read the description and clues and then go as a group to find Cache #001 After finding cache, discuss the types of caches – include virtual and also GPS etiquette Intro to Geocaching Geocaching.com and other sites. (Handout) · What a GPS does and how it does it. · Button tour · Power on and turn off GPS receiver. · Find (GoTo) function. Remainder of session Locate two other cache(s) -if you have excess time, include virtual at top of stairs in front of Grant Building Formal closure CLOSE-UP · Put GPS units, extra water, paper, pencils, handouts, sample cache, etc. inside cabinets and lock the cupboards · Take keys back to security · Put evaluation forms in brown envelope and address to Pat Hatchman – drop forms off at front desk in Museum What we are doing is placing caches - where the caches should be - and maintaining the caches on this National Historic Site. As you know this is big issue with parks associations across Canada. In essence we are promoting an educational/tourism activity and ensuring geocache etiquette is learned before the guests go out into the environment. I hope you will support us as we provide our introduction to geocaching as we definitely are encouraging each participant to join a local geocache organization. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best regards, Pat Patricia Hatchman Manager, Visitors Experiences
  18. Well, I've sent them an email asking them to explain the high cost to participate in a no cost sport. I'll let you know what they say.
  19. Gotta go with Victoria. Warm, flowers, tons of good clean activities for the kids, gorgeous hikes, beaches, parks and it's safe. I grew up in Toronto. It was a great city as a kid, but has changed way too much. I moved out to Victoria 7 years ago, and never looked back. Victoria is a "tourist" city, without being a crappy tourist city. There are SO many things to do here, that don't cost a cent. And if you want geocaching, look no further. We have it all. "Easy peasy", to "holy samolie". Let us know when you are coming and I bet there will be a Cachers Haven arranged in your honour. In three weeks, you could see Victoria, have a trip to Vancouver, a day trip on the Clipper to Seattle, drive up island and explore Tofino....oh so much more too! Go on! Come to the cycling capital of Canada... the Garden City...the place where everyone eventually wants to be. VICTORIA!!
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