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Favorite Cache Page That You Have Done??

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Good idea for a discussion topic.


That's a cool page GeoVamp. Gollum is such a great character.


One that I've done that I'm pretty happy with is WE I - Looking Down Lindeman -- it's the first in our Wilderness Experience series.


I think the coolest thing about the page is the top title graphic -- if you change the width of your browser, the graphic stays centered and its width adjusts to match the browser width -- all done with simple html.


The best thing about this cache is the location itself -- it's an awesome lake that you have to see to fully appreciate -- the colour is incredible. Read the logs and you'll see that everyone that has visited it so far has really enjoyed it -- some of the posted photos show the colour of the lake quite well (it changes depending on whether there is sunshine or cloud).




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I also would like to give mention to a page that's not mine: The Knock List by Trippy1976. Great layout and theme, not to mention a cool cache. Check out the recently added "hint" picture, too.



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All the caches you all have listed are really cool and I would love the chance to cache them all icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif Nighthunter very cool page!


Snoogans you have time to make a cache icon_eek.gif and all this time I thought of you as the Travel Bug Master of the World icon_razz.gif


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Originally posted by GeoVamp:

Snoogans you have time to make a cache icon_eek.gif and all this time I thought of you as the Travel Bug Master of the World icon_razz.gif


Not yet! I'm about 300 finds behind that guy, but I haven't seen anyone who owns more than my 108 TB's yet. 44 activated so far. I'm waaaay behind settin up the pages.



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One of my favs is Oorah, NJ's hardest, thoughest cache!, whcih was a parody of some of the forum threads about difficult caches. it is now archived since SOME PEOPLE didn't get the joke and I also was at my max # of caches I was able to maintain, so either I couldn't createw more or I had to archive some older ones to make way for newer ones.


I like the way the photos complimented the text. Thank you google search engine! and also to the Texas geocachers for creating the cool code that made the labels at the top.


I feel comfortable nominating my cache for this discussion because Marc, AKA Basoonpilot even said it was cool.









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