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I quit!

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I have a least two caches missing every month and just replaced one today, sometimes it the location or just dumb luck that someone other than a geocacher found it don’t be discontent with geocahing hang in there , by the way what kind of truck do you have……………..JOE

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2002 F150. no u cant have my stero and no u cant have my gps either icon_wink.gif I have spent many years hiding from all kinds of things in the woods. I don't think a controlled burn has any thing to do with how many caches I have found or my experience. icon_biggrin.gif I'll be back






[This message was edited by DeerChaser & Poni on February 12, 2003 at 06:12 PM.]

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Originally posted by DeerChaser & Poni:

I had to move the first cache, #2 was stolen with in 2 days. And my last cache that I hollowed out a log for was just burnt up in a fire after a long 4 days of being placed. I give up!!!


Where was the controlled burn? Which cache? I think there were others there if I'm not mistaken.


I have my own little world. But it's OK...they know me here.

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I think that it is a conspiracy ! icon_rolleyes.gif

I did not get a chance to find the missing one

or the burned one. icon_frown.gif

I did not know that they did control burns out

there.I guess its because all of the houses that are popping up out there.Put me on the list for

the red truck and the Rhino though ! icon_biggrin.gif



PS. alot of local cachers read these forums.

Don't give away clues to your cache containers (previous post about hollow log).


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Was to put 2 pi$$ed-off bob-cats in a suitcase and left them for the thieves. Few hours later, we found an open and empty suitcase, and footprints heading off into the sunset. They have not been back!


I have had losses too. Please don't give up. Take a few days off, take a deep breath, and slowly start looking for goodies for your next cache. Let the excitement build.


Mike. Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC).

El Paso, Texas.


Citizens of this land may own guns. Not to threaten their neighbors, but to ensure themselves of liberty and freedom.


They are not assault weapons anymore... they are HOMELAND DEFENSE WEAPONS!

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