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  1. Gave it a shot - however, w/o the driver installed it doesn't show as a modem at all... (ignore the PCI modem, it's built into the laptop and I've never installed the driver as I typically don't use a modem anymore). Anyone have the driver file(s) from the CD to update the device w/? Thanks! -Mike Full Image
  2. Quick update - totally forgot that gpsbabel had the capability to do the Geocaching transfer - and oddly enough the eXplorist was registered as a removable drive w/o a driver and I was able to transfer the .gs file over ok. The last little piece I need now is the driver file if someone would be so kind... Then I can happily begin my navigation tomorrow. Yeah! Thanks everyone! -Mike from Team Mixster
  3. Hey folks, Been out of the game for a bit, but decided to bring the GPS up to MI for the holidays. Only to discover that I'd left the Magellan CD at home and I'll be darned if I can't find the software driver/geocache manager on Magellan's site. I have the eXplorist 600. Would it be possible for someone to zip/image the CD and email it my way? I can't imagine the contents are too big, I wouldn't need the manual PDF, just the install for the driver, and the geocache manager as this laptop doesn't have it and IIRC you can't use it w/ S&T w/o the driver... I can snap a photo of the unit along w/ my post if anyone's concerned about piracy. I just can't believe I'm 300 miles from a piece of software that will stop me from using my GPS w/ laptop and the cache manager for hints... GRRRRR. Well, let me know if you can help. We leave from my folks (Lansing area - broadband) to DW's folks (Fairview area - dial-up) around 10AM tomorrow. I'll still take it either way... email is mixster.dragon@gmail.com Thanks everyone, certainly appreciate it! -Mike Mick
  4. Thanks for the info - I did actually look around there but the trails I wanted weren't mapped. I have a feeling I'll be hiking there more and more so I'll just start keeping my own tracks and using a route created by the rough trail on the topo maps. Completed a 6.5 mile Koomer Ridge loop and the Swift Creek Camp Trail this weekend. FYI - the Swift Creek trail is rather difficult and includes a sign at the trailhead that reads "We guarantee neither your enjoyment nor your return." Rather encouraging, I think! -Mike from Team Mixster
  5. Hey there, Planning on a hiking trip with a friend and wanted to know if anyone has downloadable tracks for any of the Red River Gorge hiking trails located in South-Central/Eastern Kentucky? I have a Magellan eXplorist 600 if it matters. TIA! -Mike from Team Mixster
  6. Ah, that's too bad... Nothing like showing the kids all the unmentionables hanging on the walls. We still plan to geocache quite a bit up there while making the rounds. Hopefully I'll have enough frequent flyer miles on Northwest to pay for the flight. The rest, well - we'll see I guess. Is there a place to rent camping goods for a good price in the Anchorage area? (Good enough price to offset a $99 a night hotel room?) I plan on saving quite a bit between now and then. Should be fun. If you do decide to make the webpage please send me an email or post it here. Thanks! Mike from Team Mixster
  7. Hey there, Our family is heading up to AK next year (I'll have to recheck the cache list then) but I wondered if anyone could help me out. I used to live in Anchorage as a child around 15 years ago. Seems like on the highway from Anchorage out towards Portage Glacier there's a place called 'the bird house' or something like it. Basically it's sunk halfway into the ground. Anyone know if there are any caches nearby, or the approximate coordinates? I'm planning on hitting quite a few of the caches while we're up there. Some places that I remember visiting as a child: Seward, Hatcher's Pass, Portage Glacier, and (IIRC) there's a fish ladder somewhere downtown. It'll be great to head back. Any travel tips for someone who hasn't been there in 15 yrs and will be flying up from KY w/ my wife and our 7 & 10 yr olds? Thanks, Mike
  8. Is there a set rule about caches being 20 feet from a trail? I have placed a few caches and reread the rules but don't see anything regarding this. I seem to remember this being something parks liked but not necessarily a rule? I've had a recent complaint about one of my caches "You obviously failed to follow the guidelines for caches in a park area. the main rule being that caches are to be no more than 20 feet off the main trail." Before I go out and move it I wanted to check. Thanks Amy of Team Mixster
  9. Was I the only one to have to look up 'deleterious'?
  10. quote:The black helicopters will be hovering overhead any time now....sheesh. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me... Actually I like seeing the names, but was trying to offer a compromise to make this happen. Here's hoping... -Mike
  11. anonymous if you wish, I like that... still shows there's someone above/below you but if they don't care to let you know, they don't. What say you Jeremy? -Mike from Team Mixster
  12. Just got around to checking this thread after a few attempts at his site. First off Dan - excellent work. I liked the stats aspect, but more than that I enjoyed some of the unique caches that were represented on his sites. Anyone who has attempted 'Mario's Tower' or 'The Rainbow Connection' (local to Cincinnati) know that the site was an intregal part of them. I hope if nothing else that these portions can be brought back. I certainly don't have the know-how to bring it back but would certainly support a financial effort to bring it back. Cache on! -Mike from Team Mixster
  13. We use a laptop with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2003, pocket query generated .GPX files, ClayJar's Watcher, and then sometimes my Palm m505 for writing down our trades as we get to the cache. I'm curious about this plucker & spinner stuff though, I might have to check that out. Does it really matter if it's black & white? -Mike from Team Mixster
  14. quote:I'm finding that I typically connect at 115.2kBPS and get between 56k and 100k of actual transfer speed. This is with a Motorola T720 phone. If only I had seen this before making my purchase. I might give this phone to my wife for everyday use and get this phone/network setup... Sounds pretty cool. Thanks for the info... -Mike from Team Mixster
  15. Woohoo! Congrats! I was beginning to think that the layover in Wishing Well #3 was going to doom them both! Great to hear they both made it okay. Now, on with the rest of the race! -Team Mixster
  16. Before this gets way out of hand I should probably clarify. Really I'm looking for a replacement for the laptop/gps combo in the car. I will still use the etrex legend outside the car, I just think it's a pain in the butt to carry the laptop and gps in the car all set up. By 'good for geocaching' I simply mean it should be able to accept waypoints (in Nxx xx.xxx, Wxxx xx.xxx format) Whether I have to manually type them in or it accepts input from a laptop for setup is fine. Does that clear it up a little? -Mike
  17. Finally got my connection working. Here's a few observations with T-Mobile and the Sony Ericsson T68i. 1) You really need to keep the phone plugged in, or fully charged while online, otherwise it doesn't get recognized for some reason. 2) No matter what I've tried it won't connect faster than 9600 3) If you are disconnected for whatever reason, you must unplug the USB cable, reconnect it, let it re-recognize the phone, and then redial. Very cumbersome. Unless I can get this to work better, I'll be calling the 'Can you hear me now?' folks when my contract expires. -Mike from Team Mixster
  18. Does anyone have recommendations or reviews of the existing GPS in-dash receivers that are good for Geocaching? Currently we carry a laptop and etrex legend w/ cable, it would be nice to only need the etrex (for out-of-car) and the nav unit in the car (which would accept coordinates as well as addresses). Any ideas? -Mike from Team Mixster
  19. I posted a new cache to be approved Friday evening 6-20-03 As of 6-23-03 it has not been aproved. In the past this has only talken less than 24 hours to clear. Any ideas as to what is talking so long?
  20. Ah, no worries - the person was changing their username and then logged it. It's okay now, sorry for the confusion. -Mike
  21. So I have a travel bug that my bug's page shows is in the hands of http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default.asp?A=21946 (Kayakers Two at last check, but it was something else the last time I checked.) Yet there are no logs for this person, no finds, and no TBs... Am I losing it? Here's the TB page: http://www.geocaching.com/track/track_detail.asp?ID=24730
  22. Now I thought it was rabbits you had to watch out for leaving them alone... pretty soon the tortoises are going to overrun the world! Oh wait, too much caffeine again, sorry. -Mike
  23. Just did a domain search and all of the tagg.* ones are taken, but tristatecachers.* is open. I'd spring for the domain if we choose to go that route... -Mike (obviously the domain name depends on the outcome of the group name on 6/12)
  24. heh, that's what I meant, really as long as it's in the US I should be okay. I went with t-mobile, so the Verizon bit doesn't help. I think I'll call up Cincinnati Bell and see if they offer a trial period. Worst case I can use a free month of AOL and see how the connection speeds are. Thanks! -Mike
  25. Looks like the tortises 'bugged' out... Happy trails guys! Slow and steady wins the race!! -Mike from Team Mixster
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