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  1. I'm a dope. I had it mistaken for the one at the SC rest stop. Just ignore this and continue on to the next topic.
  2. I passed by and signed the log on the 10th. I noticed that as of this morning the cache has been disabled. Does someone have that waypoint so that I may log my find?
  3. I've had the same problem with my Garmin Legend and Vista. I would suggest a couple of peices of duck tape across both batteries above and below the pin that holds the cover in place. This eliminated 95% of the sudden loss of power for me.
  4. I came across this article that might be of interest to those of you (perhaps one person) caching in Alaska.
  5. Just watched the selection show. WOW!!!! Looks like I'm going to get some good games. Thanks to everyone for the good suggestions even though I spelled Ral"EI"gh incorrectly in the subject line. I've got a bunch of things planned so we'll see how many I actually get to visit.
  6. Congrats. I'm glad I could help you with a fraction of your 400 during the Have Enough Turkey event. You may be returning the favor for me if I can make it up for the Spring Fling.
  7. Does anyone know if this rubber cover is available as a replacement part? Has anyone had to replace it before?
  8. I'd like to log the Where's In A Name cache. My name translates to 84 22.500. This puts me in Atlanta. Can anyone help me with a picture?
  9. No snow this time but a good layer of ice over everything. Oh how I miss the poison ivy.
  10. The easy answer would be to move your neighborhood 120ft to the East. Before you do that....Have you noticed this problem in any other area? If not I'd chaulk it up to a mapping error and not worry about it.
  11. I'm looking for quality geocaches. It would be easy to do the zip code search and get the easy ones. I'll probably do some of those but I'm really looking for some geocaches that are really well liked by the people in the area. I don't mind virts, micros, multis, or mysteries.
  12. I'm going to be in town for a couple of days for the NCAA tourny. With all of the things I'll be doing I won't have time to visit them all but I would like some suggestions. Are there any MUST SEE caches there?
  13. LMAO!!! It's not often I see a Rocky Horror quote in here.
  14. I'm also in Roanoke. I'm trying to work my way down to your caches but more and more keep popping up here. I'm not complaining though.
  15. I currently own a Garmin Vista. I'm going to be purchasing a laptop for my wife this Christmas. 1) Will I be able to track in real time on the laptop? 2) Can I use Mapsource Metro-Guide 4.0 updated to 5._ to do this? 3) Will my wife realize the laptop is for me just as much as it is for her?
  16. How much information you put in the notes are up to you. If the discription is still current you may just add a "found as described" note. If there has been significant changes to the area but you still find the mark you might mention those changes in your note. It's been discussed before that pictures are not required but they are VERY helpful. I personally do not log a mark unless I have a picture to add to the post. Hope this helps. Happy hunting.
  17. I would like to add Thesus Released to the list. It's located in Northern VA and survived floods, hurricanes, and months alone.
  18. I was looking for this info and thought I'd give it a little BUMP.
  19. I was also a scout in Northern VA. I made it to Star before dropping out. Those were some good times.
  20. Do you have the coords for this sign?
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