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Geocache Finding etiquette

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What is the proper etiquette when you encounter a fellow geocacher as you arrive at a site and then YOU find the cache first! Should you announce that you have found it and immediately log in (thus giving the location away), announce that you have found it and then let the other person continue to search (thus giving the location away by your proximity), or let the other cacher continue to search without indicating you have found it (thus allowing him/her to think that HE/SHE actually found it before you did. I'm sure this has happened often. What did you do?

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I usually walk away and then say, "I found it."


It depends on the person though. Some people get tired of looking and are happy when you find it. Do whatever doesn't harsh their buzz. If I don't know, I walk away to play it safe.




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I knock them down and dive towards the cache, log my find and move on.


Personally I don't care if I find it first and would let them know that I spotted it and will let them do the same and go from there.




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It's strange. What my friends and I do is find it as a group and that's that.


What other groups do is have the finder sneak away to some spot after they found it. Then so that they will mess up your search they say "Found it!" just as you are about to find it yourself. Districted you will walk over their way and miss out on the cache.


Then they get to laugh as you have to work your way back in to where you were just about to find it.

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We have a rule that if you are first to find the cache, you continue mulling around (as if still searching) so as not to attract attention to yourself and the cache location. After a half a minute or so (or if someone else is getting close to the cache) we move to a position near everyone else and say "I've got a secret". Usually works pretty well -- even with three kids. Once everyone has found the cache, it's opened and the logbook is signed and trades are made.




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What a positive and respectable approach. icon_razz.gif


I usually prefer umc's approach ("...I knock them down and dive towards the cache, log my find and move on...) icon_wink.gif



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Hmmm, that's funny. I have run into cachers in the parking lot before the hunt. I have run into them as they were returning from their find. I have run into them as they were returning from their 'not found'. I have run into them while they have the cache open. They have run into me while I have the cache open. They have run into me while I was searching at the cache site. I just can't seem to remember finding cachers in the final stages of THEIR hunt... I'm thinking there MUST have been such an occurence. Maybe I'll remember one in my sleep tonight.


Anyway, I usually ask about teaming up whenever I run into people. I would probably do the same in that case. If they said 'No thanks', I'd be inclined to walk away and return after they finished.




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My approach is basically the same as J5's. Actually I picked this up at the NYCMAGG Cache event last week. Once you find the cache, walk away and say 'I'm going for coffee'. I don't know why. But it seemed to work great for us.


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Whenever I cache in a group, so far, if one person finds it, the whole group finds it. If I encountered a cacher during a hunt (haven't yet) I'd ask if they wanted to team up, or go it alone. If they wanted to find it separately, I'd move away untill they were done, congratulate them on their find, and then make my attempt.


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I think I'm going to have to try the death/dismemberment/drop into the cache gig next time...


We've only run into the 'group' issue twice. Being the outgoing sort that I am (as is the guy I was caching with for the first group clash) we just kind of wandered upon the first couple of guys reading the logs from the cache as we reached the spot. It was, pretty much, a no-brainer hiding spot so it wasn't like we were cheated out of finding it or anything (no woe going on on our part), and it was VERY obvious what they were doing. We asked the guys if they had done the other cache in the same park and while neither of them had, neither had they brought the coords to start the hunt (it was a puzzle-multi) so we invited them to come along with us.


This past weekend we were out and about and happened upon another couple caching at this cache. As you see we sort of teamed up to drive the nasty muggle away so we could move in for the kill.


As we moved on to the next cache, the same couple showed up and we waited for them to see if they wanted to head in together (actually, I just assumed we'd head in together since we surfaced at the same time, but maybe that wasn't a good assumption!)


In the first and last case, our paths diverged toward the end where they went their way (following their gps) and we went ours (following our own). In all three cases, the group I was with found the cache first, but we shared the bounty with the other groups because it was rather obvious we had found it, and it had been a group effort at some point in the find.


I'd not given any thought to being devious about it, though I may have to try that!

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"We grabz the Precious and runs as fast as we canz!"

"It's ours, nobody is stealing it from us! Find your own *&$&*((#&$ cache!!!"


Once that wears off I usually sneak up behind the other searchers quietly and yell "Found It!" at the top of my lungs. Once the ringing in their ears stop I can ask them if they want to know where it is.

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Originally posted by Kealia:

"We grabz the Precious and runs as fast as we canz!"

"It's ours, nobody is stealing it from us! Find your own *&$&*((#&$ cache!!!"


Once that wears off I usually sneak up behind the other searchers quietly and yell "Found It!" at the top of my lungs. Once the ringing in their ears stop I can ask them if they want to know where it is.

Oh, I'm going to have to try this one. I'm glad we weren't closer together when we found that cache in Henry Cowell State Park last summer just before you. I'd have probably messed my pants if someone would have done that to me. icon_wink.gif




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I've done both. The "cup of coffee" approach and screaming "I found it" and everyone gathering to sign the log. We usually decide ahead of time.


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We haven't get come across anyone while searching....yet, but if we did, I think I would say Hi and open up a dialog. See what thier prefernce was that day. Who knows if they have been there forever and are frustrated or if they want to still go it alone. I think meeting others and seeing thier searching techniques or lack there of might be fun.


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I usually let the situation dictate what I do. I had a fellow cacher walk into the area while Faile and I were logging the find. He didn't think much of it and just joined in on the log signing party. Chatted a bit then all went our seperate ways.


We've also run into cachers who were coming in as we were going out (and the other way around too), found them getting out of cars as we were parking, even bumped into one working on a different cache that was in the same area as the one we were doing. Usually they have liked searching with us since we are all in the same place doing the same thing.


First one to find it wins, unless one of us specifies otherwise. A couple of these times we were both looking for a cache to get firsties. We found it first, but split the FTF honors with him since we both put in effort on the different multi parts.


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Originally posted by sept1c_tank:


What a _positive and respectable_ approach. icon_razz.gif

I do quite a bit of caching with Jomarac5, and yes it works well. It can make the hunt even more difficult sometimes, depending on how long the person takes before saying they have a secret. I remember caching once with TBA and MysteryWoman. We did the same thing, but wow I had a hard time finding the cache.


Yes Septic_Tank, J5 usually has a positive and respectable approach to things. ;-) He probably takes after me. ;-)

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Crim, don't do that to insomniacs!


I say "After you, sir!" and offer to buy a cup of coffee. That puts Gallant in a trusting mood so that it's very easy to palm the chloral hydrate as I drop it into his decaf latte, return to the cache, and rip out his log page. (Don't forget to take his wallet and leave a dirty golf ball.)



- Team Og Rof A Klaw

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With the exception of RobertM, every guy I've cached with pulls the cache out the second he finds it. No self-restraint, I tell ya.


When I find one, there is never anyone around. They think I won't find anything with my little yellow e-trex, so noone (well, almost noone icon_wink.gif) ever follows me. (What do those guys do when they wander off into the bushes, anyway? On second thought, I probably don't want to know.) So anyway, when I find the cache, I walk about 10m away from it and yell (they're usually pretty far away by this time), "Hey, how far away are you guys from the cache?" Then I make them find it themselves, while I stand there and act smug. Sometimes I laugh. I usually throw in a "Go e-trex! Take THAT, GPS V! Where's your quad-helix antenna NOW???"


Have I mentioned I don't find many caches? After all, I am using a little yellow e-trex... *sigh*


Oh, and RobertM, you only took a long time to find one cache out of like five that day, and that wasn't your fault - you were distracted. You were usually pretty good.



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Usually we say "Geocache?? What's that?" as the lid to the ammo can slides out of my shirt & the moldy log climbs out of the wife's backpack.


They tend not to notice once we start pelting them with wadded up Chick tracts & broken mcToys.


Don' be dissin our Geko! It's got us usually there & always back everytime so far!


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I say we crank up the Calypso Control!

~Jimmy Buffett


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