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Interesting, but could not help but ask here

opey one

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O.K. Let's get it straight to begin with. No regrets. You all should know where I stand there, so please refrain from the implistic remarks that you humbly access with much ease. I have a situation here, and need some replies to give light that is much needed. *KISS KISS*. Is that better?


Here it goes:


Bow season is in here, and I've changed my approach from one big buck to another. Hence, I've traveled 60 plus miles to try to gain an advantage on the other, since I have encountered him two more times than the first-all while scouting.


Here's the kicker:


There's another *geocacher* that I presume hunts this same area, but is from a neighboring state. This presumtion stems from a previous encounter where we were both scouting the same area, and along a friendly conversation, we both were geocachers! (or I think.....).


You see, now as I recollect, that fellow seemed to be following my lead when I mentioned geocaching during the main topic, which should have been scouting and signs for deer and such, but that reflects my passion with geocaching *insert brown nose pic here*. We talked about GPSr's and all, but I never did catch the username of this person. If you are like me during hunting season, or the events that lead up to the hunt, another "dude" in your area is NOT GOOD. I was eager to disperse anyway, as I felt disturbed and possibly intimidated(in a way) being an encounter of this person.


And I thought that, as I'm sure he did the same. Heck, maybe it was his spot to begin with and I was invading. I thought the same, since I have been in the area too for years



Wednesday, Oct.8, Early morning, I found an ammo can, suspiciously placed at the same big oak roughly 300 yards from where I met the mysterious hunter. And again, as you see, I have been using this area off and on for three years now.


BTW...Both Monday and Tuesday mornings around the same time as Wednesday, I have stopped to rest here, as I felt this is my place to rest, as well as claiming my "stand".


Totally surprised and somewhat scared, I examined the area around, looking for someone hiding or any other obvious threat, but none whatsoever (I think).


A strange feeling came over me, but (weird), I went to the ammo box and opened it.


What were the contents?


Nothing. What kind of message is this person trying to give me?


Really, as some will (may) post, is that he wants to have a cache placed there, and giving me the notion to start it...OR he wants me to take it SOMEWHERE ELSE and leave his area. Maybe even a kind gesture, since I now SEEM TO BELIEVE that he wasn't even a cacher, and happened to come across the sport in another way and remembered me.... All kinds of thoughts have ran through my mind.


Regretfully, I do not know this person, and cannot place names, or usernames since it was a totally inadvertant meeting to begin with, and I never gave it any more thought...UNTIL NOW.


Maybe it wasn't him, maybe it was, but first and foremost, I would never place a cache there (even though it is an awesome and beautiful hunting spot and plenty of wildlife available to encounter), since the area is a deer hunter(s) spot, and I have other places that I feel would be more appropriate to place a cache.


I am posting in hopes that this fellow reads the forums and sends me an email (not sure if it is him, but that's what I'm grabbing at).


This topic is now yours to enjoy!

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Thanks worldtraveler for the insight.


Isn't it lovely? Ah, the misinterpretation that is...


Yes, I found an empty ammo can. Nope, it's not mine, nosiree.


No obsession is involved. Maybe yours?


All I want to know is WHY this was placed and by WHOM, especially in an area that probably is frequented by only two people in any given year...much less ANY TIME.....


Much clues need solving. Time to look a little closer, I guess.

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I'm not saying I have mislead, but maybe all the information may need an update.


As a whole, I really thought the box was harmless, since it is obvious that a rare individual would make a trek to that spot in particular anyway. Yes, it did cross my mind that it would be harmful, but most of the fear turned into a matter of curiosity. A gut feeling told me it would be o.k.


This is a remote area in reference, and like from a classic novel, I was under a sort of impression that it involved ME and HIM only.


I'm a great fan of chance anyway.

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I'm having trouble understanding what it is exactly you're trying to say, but my thought is: he was hunting, with a can full of ammo, cuz he's a really bad shot, he finally got that big buck you've been chasing, and didn't have a free hand, with all that meat, to carry out an ammo can too, so he littered. Or else there is another hunter around, same scenario. Search caches in the area and check the profiles of the hiders, see if anyone mentions being a hunter, then e-mail. If the ammo can is there when you go back, take it out of the woods and put it to good use.



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Its quite obvious!!


Aliens left the ammo box for you to find and the lack of contents in the box represents the emptiness in your life. Its clearly a message to you to begin a world wide quest to preach for peace and to save the manatees.


As a personal favor to me, I would request that when you are saving the manatees, that you mention that docks don't kill manatees!



Free your mind and the rest will follow 30296_400.gif



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Put a log book, a travel bug and a McToy in it, then leave. If he's a geocacher, he'll find it, leave the McToy, take the travel bug (but fail to log it), write "TNLN" along with his moniker in the log, and close it back up. If he's a caver, he'll throw the stuff into a campfire. If he's a hunter, he'll use it as a toilet ("logging the cache" takes on a whole new meaning here). If he's J5, he'll put it somehwere else and fill it with stuff. If he's ElectricShavers, he'll log the travel bug online as taken and then left in the same cache" without signing the physical log.


Who did I miss?



Would you like some cheese with your whine?

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Maybe the guy thought that geocaching sounded neat, heard you mention ammo cans as a container, he thought, 'hey, I have I can give him', he brought it so that you would find it and be able to use it. Hmmmmmmmm. Liked the story, sounded spooky especially the part about where you felt like you were being watched.



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Originally posted by worldtraveler:

FACTS: You found an empty ammo can. It's not yours.


SUGGESTIONS: Don't obsess about it. Don't mess with it.




I disagree.....if it's state land or federal land....then he found litter and should trash out!! If it's not marked as a cache...it isn't.


If God is your co-pilot, it's time to change seats!!!



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Now I would have taken the co-ords, written my log on a piece of paper and left it in the box, then done a search for a cache in the area when I got home.


But presumably you checked for a listed cache at the co-ords and there isn't one, so I would have been wasting my time. Ah, well...





"Ah, take the Cache and let the Credit go..."

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, trans. Edward Fitzgerald

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As a life-long hunter of both public and private lands I would take a different approach to your situation.


Forget the ammo can.


Think instead about your claim that this is "your" stand. Unless you own or lease this land it is *not* yours.


That it is your traditional hunting spot is fine - I have places like that myself. However, if someone else hunts there, so be it - I move on to another stand.


Fearing other hunters, being scared of someone in "your" area, making a big deal out of someone else hunting where you want to hunt and assigning signifigance to randome events, however, crosses the line into neurosis.


(defined as "Any of various mental or emotional disorders, such as hypochondria or neurasthenia, arising from no apparent organic lesion or change and involving symptoms such as insecurity, anxiety, depression, and irrational fears, but without psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations.")


In my forty-five years in the woods and waters I have never run across someone who I felt was a threat, though I am quite sure that some are indeed out there.


Examine your ideas and beliefs about this and I am sure you can co-exist with other hunters.


Have fun,



No man is so foolish but he may sometimes give another good counsel, and no man so wise that he may not easily err if he takes no other counsel than his own. He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

- Ben Jonson -Sixteenth century English dramatist.

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