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Congratulations Subarite

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Originally posted by Tim & June:

Does this guy do nothing but hunt caches ?


I've met Andy, and I think you almost got it right. However I believe he also goes to work most days, so he's restricted to only 8 hours a day (night?) in the week for caching! icon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.giffrog.gif




PS: well done, by the way!!!!


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Many thanks for all the congratulations. The 400 caches were done at a fairly constant rate of around 100/3 months so predict 500 in 3 months... well may be not!


I still have the dodgy Jap car but a rocket would get me there faster icon_biggrin.gif.


Actually, I have done a few Munro's and will be attempting some more in a few weeks when I visit Mull. Pity there aren't too many caches there icon_frown.gif.


To Paul & Judith, yes it is a GPTW, I just do a little flexible working! (VF in-joke!).


As for best and worst I would not like to say. I hardly ever have anything negative to think or say about a cache - I just enjoy the sport/pastime immensely.


Thanks to all cachers for making this a most rewarding and friendly pastime.


I am placing more caches at the moment to increase the interest in the West Berks area.





Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. - Albert Einstein

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