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  1. Currently own GPSmap60Csx + 2GB sd Micro card GPSmap276C Also GPSmap60Cs Garmin GPS V Lowrance 310 I think previously owned Garmin GPS 3+ Garmin GPS12XL
  2. DING OK answers I was looking for King of Prussia - Is indeed a town in Pennsylvania Hell (x2) - I was aware of 1 town called Hell in Michigan, and 1 in Norway Islet of Langerhans - Bit of a naughty one Thease are in fact in your pancreaus as indentified by a couple of answers. I think final answer came from Kennamatic, so your go.... I'm off to find out more about the third hell in South Africa Mark
  3. OK my turn then, a 4 part question, correct answers required to each part of the question. As we travel around placing caches, where would you go to place the following: King of Prussia Hell (x2) Islet of Langerhans Approximate locations will be fine All 4 for a ding.
  4. The Novel is by Cornelius Ryan The title is reputed to come from the following Rommel quote "...the first 24 hours of the invasion will be decisive...the fate of Germany depends on the outcome...for the Allies, as well as Germany, it will be the longest day." However I seem to recall the phrase had been used before, I think in relation tothe Charge of the Light Brigade at Sebastabel
  5. This question was asked several times in this thread. My question is how do you find the verion in the unit? Isn't there a way to get to the diagnostic page? 3 simple ways firstly connect to Mapsource to download or upload, and Mapsource will tell you the software version on the upload/download box e.g. Downloading to GPSmap 60CS software version 4.10 secondly attach to PC and run the Garmin web updater, this will confirm the current level and offer you the chance to upgrade to the latest if you wish. Third way on the unit, go to the setup page, pick system which should give you the normal system setup screen, now press menu and you should be offered a choice of Restore Defaults or Software version. Select Software version and a little box should open telling you the software version and Unit ID. Hope all that helps Mark
  6. Edited <Duplicate post, content removed>
  7. Cheers Sputnik, I have registered the Unit, when I try and register the City Nav NT Europe V9 it doesn't give me the option to select that during the process, only US Topo, City select etc. I'll give garmin a call tomorrow if I cant get any joy from here, problem is we only get 30mins free each week and I'd rather talk to my wife and Kids Any further advice anyone? Am I right in saying that the 25 unlock code is Unit specific and I'll have to invoke the 2nd unlock to be able to use it? Hence the problem from buying from ebay Yes, you are correct the 25 digit unlock code is unique to a GPSr by serial No. There is an option in Mapsource, under tools I think, to see the codes installed, this should tell you which receiver it is unlocked for. You need the voucher code (8 digits) normally that came with the software, this should allow you to invoke the second unlock code, although this may not work, as to qualify for a second code, you should own the receiver for which the first code was issued, which you clearly don't My advice would be ask the vendor for a refund, goods not as described. Best wishes Mark
  8. Haven't been out searching for a while, but the only paper we have taken for several years has been cache prints and occasional prints from various digital maps. Mark
  9. Quick look in Mapsource reveals the following Valencia N39 28.142 W0 22.566 Alicante N38 20.654 W0 28.834 Hope this helps Mark
  10. I'm back from places far flung, and all set to get caching again. Matthew has been minding the shop while I've been abroad, but we're back in business. Hope you've all been playing nicely while I've been away, no upsetting strange groups or flaming each other (as if). I see various of you have been busy placing lots of caches around our area, so plenty to keep me busy during the summer. Anyway great to be back, look forward to conversing with various of you in the near future. Best wishes Mark
  11. Hi Richard, it should work fine, I've never done it with an Emap, but with plenty of other garmin receivers. connect the GPS up, set the I/F to Garmin, Click the GPS tab in Mapsource, and click the Start Tracking button at the top, it should then show you the detail from your GPS and map in real time. What sort of error message do you get ? Mark
  12. Hay We are all chealsea fans at conedxf We are through to the champions league semis LOL yor not YOU ARE THE HIGHBURY LIBARY
  13. Hay We are all chealsea fans at conedxf We are through to the champions league semis LOL yor not YOU ARE THE HIGHBURY LIBARY
  14. Brilliant! Many congratulations on reaching 500 (caches, not years old ). Seems only yesterday we were offering congratulations on 300. Well you know the form Speech, Speech! Best Wishes Mark & family
  15. quote:Originally posted by jstead:Mapsource Roads & Recreation UK, albeit rather an old edition, works OK with Window XP but I find that I have to reduce the baud rate to 9600 for transfers to be reliable, especially with maps. If anyone else knows a way round this, I too would be glad to know as it takes ages to load a decent area of maps to my Vista. I did find that the port settings in XP overrode those in Mapsource, the default in XP is 9600. If you go into control panel and adjust the port settings for your serial port to 115000 baud, that should do the job. Best Wishes MArk
  16. You need to let Garmin change this for you. If you take it to their offices in Romsey, they will probably turn it round in 24 Hours, if you speak to them first, they may even do it while you wait. Best Wishes Mark
  17. Very Well done, from all in the Cone household. Mark
  18. We take Custer our Golden Retreiver, who loves the mud and water, as you can see from this picture, taken at a cache in the New Forest, earlier this year. Best Wishes Mark
  19. Really had a good laugh at this thread, I believe Paul may have trouble speaking with his tongue that far in his cheek However he does seem to have touched a few raw nerves, perhaps if every cacher in Hampshire placed a cache in Norfolk this year, that would keep the locals busy caching, rather than argueing ? Mark
  20. quote:Originally posted by THE BRAMBLERS:I am using Photoshop and I have tried resizing but I still cannot get the picture onto the web page without it looking pixellated. What should I resize to? etc etc. Please can anyone help? Debbie Its to so with the way the image is served by the GC.Com servers I think, if you return to it subsequently you see it displayed correctly, and other people viewing it get the image OK to strat with. I'm sure there'll we a Webhead along soon to explain Mark
  21. Fantastic 400! So how soom to 500 ? specially now I see youv'e traded that dodgy jap car for a Russian rocket
  22. Brilliant job, and you've conquored the Beacon by the tough route. Many Congratulations from all here. Mark & family
  23. quote:Originally posted by The Monkhouse Family:Hi thanks Simon for pionting out these 2 rules. However I am strictly not on vacation down here and thought it would be something of a 'feather in the cap' if people in the same situation as myself could log an unusual cache. Oh well worth a try. Seems like a good idea to me. The only query I would have is about the safety of areas off the beaten track. I guess a fair amount of the Islands is clear of Ordnance from the conflict by now, but its worth bearing in mind. Experience suggests that people will approach the site from every conceivable angle whatever the clues you give. Mark
  24. I have used a Lowe electronics external ariel for the last 5 years or so. I leave it permanantly attached, and it has survived all that mother nature can throw at it. Improves reception in pooor areas by a significant factor. I did experiment attaching it to the top of my monopod last year to improve signal reception in leafy areas, as I could hold it aloft, but decided in the end it was more trouble than it was worth. You can find the details for the ariels at http://www.lowe-electronics.com/acatalog/Lowe_Electronics_Accessories_24.html Best Wishes Mark
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