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Goals for 2020


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Our list does look pretty optimistic at this point now that COVID 19 is in the picture, but it doesn't seem completely out of reach.


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Add at least two countries to our list.


We visited Romania in February, before COVID 19 shut down travel in Europe.  If lockdowns lift, we may still be able to make this happen before we move back to the US.  Or we may be able to add a country in the Caribbean after we get back to the US.  We'll see.


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Add at least one US state


Depends on how things are back in the States when we return, as well as where we end up returning to.  Again, we'll see.


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Fill in Landkreise (county) maps for Hessen and Saarland


We only had four counties to go for Hessen, and I got those in January.  We only have one left for Saarland - might be doable if conditions improve, but for now, though we are still caching with proper social distancing, we are trying to stay near the house, and Saarland is not nearby.  Again, we'll see.


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Continue to make our Europe map more colorful with more finds in neighboring countries


Outside of coloring in Romania, we did not make any progress on this one before COVID 19 hit.  We had planned a trip to Antwerp in March, which would have helped us get more finds in Belgium, but that got scrubbed.  We might be done on this one. 


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Make our 10,000th find an epic one -- maybe HQ?


We're sitting at just over 9800 finds.  I think we'll get 10k this year even with COVID 19 restrictions.  But it might not be HQ.


On 12/10/2019 at 4:05 PM, hzoi said:

- Log the Locationless cache for 2020!


Well, we got this one, at least, when we were at the mega event in Bonn on Leap Day.  


We've been enjoying Adventure Labs with the new app, and most are conveniently container-free.  So one additional goal will be to keep finding more lab caches.

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Well.....seeing as we're in this situation, I'm definitely going to put some of these goals on the backburner....unless things somehow drastically change by November or December. I've hidden a few more unique caches (t5's and such)...and am hiding a new one and replacing another with something much funner...but I'm still taking things very slowly. I'm only caching on days I need a cache for my finds calendar.....mostly night walks, which are either 10+ km long, or nearing 30 km....which is also helping my 1,000 cache goal...at least slowly. I sit at 830 currently, might be at 850 by mid-May....just by getting caches in a general area from me. 

I have a CCE now, but I'm going to say I'm very happy I didn't pay for a permit from my city to host an event on any certain day...I was thinking of doing it, but didn't. 

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My goal was to cache in more countries. Lets see about that. Certainly on the list of goals:

second loop finds calendar (dragged myself out with a stomach bug on 29.2)

Add more gemeentes (counties) in the Netherlands. Now at 84/355 by finding nice caches and bike/public transport only as I have no car.


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My goals were to make it to 10000 finds.  I'm at 9107 finds.  And continue my streak since I retired.  I'm at 649 days.  And I'm trying to average three finds a day, or more.  

State parks and forests are closed.  County parks are closed.  That makes it very tough!  I'm down to 2.5 caches per day this year.

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On 1/10/2020 at 4:33 PM, Vooruit! said:

Nice to see this topic return. Here are my goals, though nothing set in stone of course:

  • Fill the D/T grid for the 28th, 29th and 30th time. Only 7 caches in total needed for that, shouldn't be that big of a problem.
  • Fill the D/T grid for LARGE caches. Coincidentally, this needs 7 more finds as well, but it's WAY harder.
  • Find the Signal Locationless cache. Lots of Megas here, no problem. Gotta get that new icon!
  • Attend (and/or, if I'm lucky, organize) a Community Celebration Event. Again, new icon...
  • Add a whole bunch of new country finds. 15 are already planned.
  • Wishful thinking, but: complete the Jasmer grid! Will have to visit Sweden for this one.


  • So far, so good. I completed the 28th, 29th and 30th D/T grid, and decided I won't ever look at it again. (though I do remember saying the same when I completed the 10th, 15th and 20th grid - oh well)
  • Only 5 more D/T combinations for the Large D/T grid. Only 3 caches in the entire country that would make for only 2 D/T combinations. This is one for the holidays I guess.

As for the rest: meh. Though I decided the other day that I'll fly to Sweden as soon as things are kind of normal to complete the Jasmer.


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On 4/14/2020 at 7:48 AM, terratin said:

My goal was to cache in more countries.


My goal also was to add another country this year: Aland islands. Booked for early June. That's now gone bust, as the German government prolonged their general travel warning until at least June 14th. Doh!


First world problems, though.

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On 12/16/2019 at 10:02 PM, psychpineapple said:

2020 will be my first full year of caching (started in spring this past year). I am also now a premium member. My goals are:

-Add at least 3 new countries (suprisingly I don't even have the states now even though I live in Southern Ontario)

-End 2020 with 400 caches in total (as of now, I have 155)

-Explore Toronto (while caching of course) and see new areas of the city

-Hide 4 new caches.

Should be a good year :)

Well I am doing well with the amount of caches. As of today, I am at 303 so I am well on my way. The 3 new countries are not gonna happen. That was because I had a trip booked to Italy in July, with plans to go to other countries after my Italy tour. I am hoping that I can get one this summer and get the states, if not, another province, if not, another county lol. Hiding 4 caches, so far, I can't do any hiding right now, but I am thinking about where I can put new caches. I did get awarded an adventure lab, so that is also in the works. 

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On 12/10/2019 at 10:05 AM, hzoi said:


1. Add at least two countries to our list.

2. Add at least one US state

3. Fill in Landkreise (county) maps for Hessen and Saarland

4. Continue to make our Europe map more colorful with more finds in neighboring countries

5. Make our 10,000th find an epic one -- maybe HQ?

6. Log the Locationless cache for 2020!

1 - nope, just Romania. Thought maybe Cuba for #2, but we'll have to bump that to 2021

2 - nope

3 - we did finish Hessen, we never finished Saarland

4 - we got more finds in Belgium

5 - our 10k milestone was Alberichs Edelsteinturm, part of a series of creative caches.

6 - got it on February 29th at the mega event in Bonn


Here's hoping for a better 2021.

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Well, let's see...

Posted December 15, 2019


#1. Hide more unique caches. I want to try for more mystery, multi and other types of caches....not so many traditionals….although I do have one or two ideas for some wacky traditionals. Not setting a formal amount for hides, though increasing my presence in my hometown is a goal I like working on.


#2 Host an event somewhere interesting. I started doing events late into the year, when I became busier and the weather became too bothersome to be outside for long....I have some ideas for new kinds of events....the special one for next year sounds great, but I don't see myself getting it. I choose to believe my luck will be terrible.


#3 Find my 1000th cache. As of typing this, I sit at 699 hides.....by January 1st, I'll be at least 710. And find more multi's....even though they can e frustrating.


#4 Fill out more of my grids. I have 50 D/T combinations found...I'll have one or two more found by 2020, but push up that number. Same for my found dates....and Jasmer and yadayadayada. 


#5 Find my first webcam cache. I know of one now in Canada....and it's a ways away, but at least it's two train rides away....and a few hundred miles.


#6 Find more counties. A goal from last year, I just want to push my map a bit...maybe even find another state.


-Alright so... for my first goal, I did succeed with this by all means. I definitely hid more non trads than trads this year....9 trads out of what'll be 30 caches once my final puzzle is published in the coing hours or days. Tough puzzles, easy puzzles, tree climbs, ravine runs and valley foraging....and a couple roadside caches. All in good fun this year, and most definitely spread out in my city....I've hidden a good few in places I wouldve never expected. 


Number two: Well, I only succeeded on hosting one event, and that was as the uh, fear started kicking in from this....thing. It was held on March 14th, one of the last events of the year in my province. It was in a place I previously had held events....and I was planning for hosting more fun stuff in the future.


Number Three: Yep. I did it...I'm sitting on 1017 currently, AL's make it 1032. I'm finding two more caches this year....so I'm content with this goal.


Number Four: This was one goal which was a lot easier to do this year as I had much more time to  plan. I have 72 grids filled in now.....next year I have some caches to target. This year has almost entirely been based on caching for find dates....I have nearly my whole calendar filled in now. Not so much with JASMER...but oh well.


Number Five and Six: Nope. This couldnt be done.....not with the way the world is. I mean, I think I did earn at least one new county, but that was out of luck.


Overall, I'm very happy with what I've done this year considering how things went. Getting my finds calendar nearly completed is a great goal for me...and getting more of my DT grid filled. More hides has been nice too.


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On 4/18/2020 at 12:07 PM, TmdAndGG said:

Our goals are: 1. Fill our fizzy grid (2 spots left) and 2. Get 2020 finds on the last day of 2020 (274 left). Hopefully we'll be able to complete at least one! 

Both goals have been completed!

Well, we've exceeded 2020 finds already, so I'm not sure that %100 counts...:D

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I posted this in the "Goals for 2021" thread, but will repost as an update in this "Goals for 2020" thread as well:

  • Get my total find count to 2020.  My goal for 2019 was to reach 2000 finds; I'm still over 200 away from that goal, and maybe 2020 in 2020 is attainable!  I'm at 2050 finds right now, and 50 of those are from 10 Adventure Labs completed.  Even without the AL's, I'm right at 2000 now, so this goal is done (unless I decide to go for 2020 finds! That means I need 20 more.  Not sure I will accomplish that)
  • Find a cache on Feb. 29 to finish my calendar grid.  We filled every day in 2018 except for Feb. 29, and this will be our first opportunity to fill that day since we began geocaching in 2017.  Done - we attended an event, found caches, and I even nabbed a FTF for this day!
  • Host an event.  We've attended events, but never hosted one.  I applied for one of the Celebration events - we'll see if that comes through.  I did get one of the Celebration Events, but unfortunately we are still unable to host events like that (there have been a couple of CITO events nearby).  I'd still like to host an event, someday.
  • Hide 12 more caches.  Same goal as 2019, and I only got 6 hidden then.  I'll go for 12 again!  I'm not going to make this one - I've hidden 3 this year, plus 1 Adventure Lab, so that's 4 (or 8 depending on how you count it).  Either way, I'm short of my goal of 12.
  • Complete at least one Adventure Lab Cache.  A few have popped up in reasonable driving distance, and I'm curious to see how it goes.  I enjoy Wherigo caches, when they work!  Done!  I did 10 of these, and also created one that I was awarded.
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On 12/16/2019 at 9:10 PM, Ragnemalm said:

My goals are pretty clear:

  • Make a decent contribution for the Mega event in september that I am involved in. Primarily electronic lab caches.
  • Fill a few empty spaces in my D/T "placed" matrix. But that is getting hard.
  • Archive about 50 caches in order to keep the maintenance reasonable. That includes removing all parts.
  • And related to the previous, not having any caches archived by reviewers but maintaining or archiving myself.
  • Organize a new T4.5 bathing event.
  • Find some caches, primarily ones far out in the woods so I get some exercise, and some that sound particularly good, plus bunch of decent ones (no PTs!) to get FPs for the good ones.


My list was entirely revised during the year. The mega was cancelled, and I was not allowed to make the bathing event either.


My archiving was modest, way lower than intended. Like the easy and unpopular tree climbing cache that I just liked too much to archive. So the intended 50 was more like 10. I better repeat that goal. But I did fulfill the goal of not letting any cache be archived by a reviewer.


The last goal, caching more for exercise, was fulfilled far beyond my ambition, since I decided to start revisiting caches (logged 2 years back or more) on a regular basis. I have revisited more than 200 caches and it was very valuable for reviving my caching! Most were just like going to a new one, since they very often had changed over time.


But I also put up two more goals later during the year, closely related:


  • Reach 16% FPs. This meant archiving a few bad ones and publishing ambitious ones. (16% is not very high but a level I could reasonably hope for.)
  • Beat the two biggest COs in Sweden on number of FPs. (This is questionable since it means comparing few with relatively much work put into them to mass-placement but it felt tempting.) This also means getting triple diamond on the "favorited owner" badge.


Both were fulfilled. Of course this was very much a question of hoping for visitors to like my caches and waiting for some positive effect, but also about maintenance and keeping a high level on new caches. I have started making my caches with my 3D printer, initially with designs off the web but then moving mostly into custom designs, typically thematic. Some went very well, and they are definitely different from all the petlings and film canisters.

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On 12/24/2019 at 10:59 AM, rosebud55112 said:

Goals for 2020:


1. Get my NonTraditional/Total Finds ratio over 50%.  Once I've hit that, I may start picking up more trads, so I won't necessarily end the year over 50%

2. Add 12+ new US Counties

3. Add 2+ US states

4. Add 2+ Canadian Provinces

5. Publish 5+ Puzzle caches


1. Success, sort of.  I'm at 51.7%at the end of 2020, but that does include a lot of Adventure Lab Caches.  2021 goal: (NonTraditional, non-Lab Caches)/(Total non-Lab)>50%

2. Close but no cigar.  11 new US counties.  A trip which got cancelled due to covid would have made this easily.

3. Success.  Colorado, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were earned.

4. Nope.  That cancelled trip raises its head again.

5. Nope.  Published only 2 Mystery caches.




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7 hours ago, mustakorppi said:
On 12/21/2020 at 6:09 PM, CAVinoGal said:

I posted this in the "Goals for 2021" thread

Does that thread still exist somewhere? Can anyone find it? I have vague memories of even posting in it, but I can't find it anymore...


I can't find it either - under topics or under content I've posted in ... it seems to have disappeared, but it DID exist at some point!

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