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  1. To me, the size is an indication of what you're looking for in the field. Therefore, I would without a doubt say this is a regular, but it would be nice to have a note in the cache listing, like mysterion604 suggested.
  2. Even if the thief were here, without even knowing which country or region we're talking about, how would he know it's him we're talking about?
  3. Just got back from visiting Sweden and Åland. Finally finished my Jasmer and a new souvenir, what more can you wish for? Oh yeah, and the trip itself was nice too.
  4. Here's mine: No corners were cut, but of course it did take a lot of time. And, of course, at no point in time were all ratings to be found simultaneously (my active cache limit is about 40). Still, a fun project.
  5. As for striking up a conversation, I think it's more interesting how many active caches you have. It'll depend greatly on the popularity and the CO's amount of leisure time, and in my case, it turns out that it gets uncomfortable at around 50 active caches. Below that, I seem to be able to resolve any issues within a couple of days, which seems reasonable to me.
  6. ^^ would love to pick that one up during a full Central America roadtrip. *insert dream smiley*
  7. I couldn't resist, and booked a small trip (4 nights) to Sweden and Åland for the end of July. Hope to complete my Jasmer with GC4D. Now if only they would hurry up with the vaccination passports 'n' stuff...
  8. That's easy, just change the account's email to a new address that automatically forwards to both adresses.
  9. I would take a look at automation software that could do the trick for you. Granted, it'll take some time to set it up correctly, but it's probably going to be way more fun. Well, perhaps that's just me being a programmer, but maybe it's something for you.
  10. Actually, you can, by using Map Compare, choosing only yourself, and tick 'None found'. This is actually my most used feature of PGC.
  11. It would be nice if Project GC's calculated difficulty rating for a checker would be available on the fly.
  12. An event at 3 o'clock in the night (to celebrate the end of DST) would definitely be D5'ish to me...
  13. Slightly offtopic, but reading this topic I thought of another way a webcam could play a role in today's game. You could have someone show a QR code in front of the camera, that would result in revealing for instance the coordinates of either the next waypoint, or the cache itself. Maybe setup a website that generates a custom QR code in which an email address is embedded, so the coordinates get mailed to that address.
  14. The new deadline for these events is December 31, 2021, so no problem IMO.
  15. The APE cache in Washington has been definitely one of my favourites. For my standards, an extremely tough hike to get there, and the view was stunning (though being from the Netherlands, I get that a lot when I'm abroad). The HQ visit on the other hand, was kinda boring. Very nice people there of course, but it didn't really trigger any geocaching euphoria or something.
  16. This HAS to be Karlsruhe you're talking about; that was actually my first virtual ever, and man, how special that one was indeed!
  17. There is a working REST endpoint at https://labs.geocaching.com/gpx/search?latitude=<lat>&longitude=<lat>&skip=0&take=500. In theory, someone could use it to create a working map, though I'm not sure if that's against any TOS.
  18. For countries, there's also this: https://project-gc.com/Statistics/Overview. It's got numbers for archived caches as well.
  19. You can use Project GC for this. Use Map Compare, check None found and One found, add the 'Show disabled/archived' filter, check both of them. One caveat is the 10.000 caches limit, so you may have to split it up into regions and/or counties. Tedious, but this is all I could think of.
  20. I've seen some funny things on Google Maps, but this beats it for real!
  21. If there will be a third round, I'm hoping it's more like 1.0, rather than 2.0. The quality of the 1.0 virtuals is WAY higher than the 2.0 ones, at least in my area. Despite all the criticism Groundspeak took for picking the top XXX cache owners, in hindsight it was a very good idea. Letting 'everyone' place a virtual is just a bad idea.
  22. Aside from the cache listings themselves, I find myself hardly using the geocaching.com website itself at all. As things are getting dumbed down more and more, it's a good thing that other websites step in. Overall, not sure if this is a good thing though.
  23. If you wouldn't mind sharing it, I'll be happy to have a look at it.
  24. Indeed, a must-have. But you won't believe how often I get to watch misused jpg images where CLEARLY png should have been used. It's all in the trend of the whole internet being dumbed down slowly...
  25. Does Groundspeak actually read this topics? So many unanswered questions. You guys need to step it up bigtime!
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