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  1. I guess the 2021 topic has been archived or something, pretty certain that topic did exist. My goals for 2023: * Make some more dents in my Earthcache and Virtual fizzy. 16 and 32 D/T combinations missing, respectively. Really the toughest challenge ever. * Add some more countries. Greece and Turkey are planned, a trip to Andorra and Monaco is in the making. * Just continue geocaching the way I started to some years ago: go for the larger ones, ignore the small ones. Should find my 750th Large cache next year.
  2. Creating a survey is like creating a mystery cache: everyone can do it, but it takes skill to create a good one.
  3. Don't bring your own But of course, actually you have to bring it to be able to log (I think?). So, both a good name and a bad one I guess?
  4. Fun fact, according to https://project-gc.com/w/Badge_Statistics, there's still no one with a Virtual fizzy. On the contrary, the Earthcache fizzy has been done by 30 cachers.
  5. That will be kuschelchen, he's only missing the 5/4.5 D/T rating, and I know he has plans for that particular one. Look at this beauty: I'm working on it myself too, but man, is this the hardest challenge ever. Still 33 ratings to go. Another fun one is the earthcache fizzy. Slightly easier, but still 17 to go.
  6. Back from our holiday in Montenegro, an amazing country. Of course, I couldn't resist doing a day trip to both Bosnia-Hercegovina and Albania. I managed to convince (that's how it works, right?) my family our next trip definitely should be to Kos (Κως), from which it's only a half an hour of ferry to Turkey.
  7. The giga in Prague has been postponed several times. On the previous date (September 4th) there was a Mega planned in Stuttgart. I actually had plans to visit both on the same day, for a total of 16 types.
  8. Just added Romania and Serbia. I was a bit scared of the border crossing, as I've never left the EU by car, but it actually was the smoothest I've ever done (except for Schengen borders of course). Less than 5 minutes either way. Planned for 2022: Czechia, Montenegro and Albania.
  9. Haha, I was just trying to trigger you, it's not coming that quickly. I first have to 'find' the last 5 Kreise I'm still missing. After that.. who knows?
  10. You'd better get a move on it @terratin, a Nordrhein-Westfalen challenge is coming soon.
  11. In some areas, an STF (second to find) and TTF (third to find) are also a thing. With it come terms like podium (meaning being one of the first 3 to find the cache), 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' (being the FTF, STF or TTF respectively) and 'tin' (meaning not being on the podium). Ah, it's all fun and games, nothing to take that serious.
  12. IE is definitely not a major browser anymore, to the relief of developers all over the world and beyond. Good riddance to that horrible garbage.
  13. Alas, it's quite the same over here in the Netherlands. About 10 virtuals with T > 3, and only TWO with D > 3. Instead, there are way too many 'selfie in front of a statue' virtuals. *yawn* What a waste.
  14. As someone who hopes to complete the Virtual D/T grid some time, I'm all for virtuals with physical effort!
  15. Next time, please use the Snipping tool for screenshots.
  16. Ok, so that I completely don't understand. If I would get a virtual, I'd be sure to choose a town (or country even) where virtuals are absent, or at least rare.
  17. I would contact the owner of (among others) GC8ZZFV and ask him/her how their caches got online. Personally, I think having to run a game on an emulator is a great idea, and can't think of any reason why this would be a problem.
  18. The amount of 22-2-22 events is crazy around here. I could almost attend events non-stop from early in the morning to late in the evening. I think I'll just stick with the one that's held in the evening at 22:22.
  19. My favourite 'finding caches' statistic: That was one crazy day, however, I'm hoping to set my personal best at 15 this May. It's gonna be awesome! My favourite 'hiding caches' statistic: Completing your D/T grid with finds is one thing, completing it with hidden cache is a whole different story.
  20. Installing the Project GC userscript is a great aid, it adds a link to the checker, even when the CO does not.
  21. Maybe you guys can make it clear that 'Virtual Reward' is not a mandatory part of the cache name. Seems to be a misunderstanding in my region, and it makes for ugly cache names.
  22. Whoa, a difficulty rating of 100, now that I've never seen before.
  23. Added Vatican City earlier this month; kind of weird, with all physical containers actually placed outside of the country. Btw, am I the only one that likes to collect as many cache types in a country as possible? Plans for Czechia (May), Montenegro and Albania (July). Slowly filling the European map...
  24. To me, the size is an indication of what you're looking for in the field. Therefore, I would without a doubt say this is a regular, but it would be nice to have a note in the cache listing, like mysterion604 suggested.
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