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  1. Gotta like a thread that's going on 10 years old My recent Irk is Challenge caches that don't have a checker link on the page even though someone kindly created one post publishing and this is obvious to the CO since the last dozen founds reference it. OK maybe a 4 on a scale of 10 but my Doctor told me I should avoid irks so I am starting out small
  2. I was wondering how I can view a intact version of the pages background image. I have come across a few puzzles that require getting info from the background image. Sometimes these are included in the image gallery and sometimes not. Can I access it from the page source info? Thanks
  3. In my lists I see date for last found but I don't see a column for date I found it. Is there an easy way to sort by my found date? Thx.
  4. Is there a way to message multi people in the same thread in the Message Center? I can only send a message to one person at a time.
  5. I was able to log the code and get the trackable. It is very faint. Did you try zooming in?
  6. In these parts Poison Oak is my biggest concern so I cover up the more sensitive bits. That being said I am mulling the idea of joining this group if only to get easier access to a very remote portion of one of our local regional parks. What the heck.
  7. So maybe you could edit your cache page and add back the references...
  8. Indeed - this series came to mind when I read this post. I have only played a few of these but it a fun way of spending some (virtual) time back at the old Pizza Machine dropping quarters. Now if only I could enable the invincible mode...
  9. Thank You. Saw this suggestion in another thread as well. Why would it even have GPSr on/off as an option??? I have to admit the Urwigo emulator seems more user friendly but I appreciate the work that went into building Earwigo. Is there a thread for just dealing with the webwigo emulator?
  10. OK - I read another post that indicated that the emulators GPSr needs to be On (Green) that fixed the locations issue but media is still not showing.
  11. Just ran one of my urwigo cartridges in the webwigo emulator and it is not showing active/visible locations either. Media images are showing. It works fine in the urwigo emulator.
  12. Just starting on my journey to learning the Earwigo and working through the Tiny Adventure Tutorial. I had some success using Urwigo but it crashed too often so i am turning to Earwigo. Unfortunately, whenever I run the cartridge in the webwigo emulator, the active and visible zones do not show up as available locations. It keeps saying there are 0 locations (Nowhere to go). I first set the Start zone enter events to set the next zone active and visible. no locations showed up. I then just made all the zones active and visible in the zone properties but still no locations show up. The zones all have -1 as the distance which should make them visible (if active). They are visible in the emulator map (Green octagons) but the Emulator Locations window says 0 nowhere to go. Also, the media (images) are not showing up. Can't tell if it's an issue with cartridge design or the emulator. Thx
  13. So I downloaded the software and have made progress building my cartridge. Unfortunately, as I progressed in the build it started crashing frequently. I am running windows 10. First the sound don't play in the emulator then it just crashes. I am a total newbie and have been following the You Tube tutorial. I really like the interface of the application but the near constant crashing is making it unworkable. Anyone else experience this? Is there a solution or should I try Earwigo? Thx GG
  14. I was trying to watch the Wherigo Builder tutorials but they seem to require Adobe Flash which appears to be no more. Is there a workaround to enable viewing these tutorials or is similar information available somewhere else? Thanks, GG
  15. I would like to use a Wherigo as the Bonus Cache for a Series I am working on. I am thinking of either making the starting point of the cartridge different from the posted coordinates similar to a Unknown cache. Information gathered from the series caches would be used to solve the Wherigo starting coordinates, similar to many typical bonus caches. If that is not allowed then I could make it so that you need to enter information that can only be found in the other series caches to progress through the story. I would clearly identify this requirement on the cache page. Would something like this get published? The overall series is a story and the conclusion (Bonus) is the culmination so just having a Unknown seems like a let down. A Wherigo for the final offers many more possibilities to tell the story better. Any other ideas? Thanks GG
  16. I am in the early stages of planning out a series with an additional bonus cache. I was thinking of mixing in different types of physical caches (Multi, Letterbox, and Wherigo) into the mix rather than just having all traditional. Is this OK? In the below example, can some (or all) of the traditionals be replaced by these three types of caches? The guidance seems to suggest this is allowed but I wanted to check before spending too much time working on this. Thx GG
  17. Well what do you know I qualify for this one! Needless to say however, I wont be visiting it anytime soon
  18. Interesting. I never noticed an option to use a different name when I set up my hides. I'll keep an eye out for this. I am planning a series based on the Borgs in Star Trek. Maybe I'll use the name Lucutus Happy Holidays!
  19. Are "find X number from any given CO" still allowed? Is the rule below meant to prohibit requiring specific COs or from any COs? Thinking about a series themed after Jeopardy - e.g. I'll Take 5 for 500, Alex, where you need to have found 100 from 5 different COs for a total of 500. These cache page elements: cache titles, cache owner, GC Codes, publishing Reviewer, or cache page text.
  20. I discovered some time ago that some COs were using alternate names to hide their caches. That is the "Cache by/Placed by" name is different than the COs actual profile name. I am curious about this feature and why COs hide caches by multiple names? What is the advantage/benefit of doing this? I have seen examples where a themed series has an equally themed Cache by/Placed by name which I guess adds to the overall theming. I have seen this causing an issue with alphanumeric challenges where you are looing for 36 unique COs rather than 36 unique Cache by/Placed by. Wondering why Groundspeak set up this option. Thx.
  21. Thanks for the quick and helpful response! Cache On. GG
  22. I am wondering how I would go about adding a trail to the Trail Map type. The trail map type is one of the options with the iphone version of the app. There are several well defined trails and fire roads nearby that are not shown on the map. It does show some of them but not all of them. I would like to add the missing ones to the map. Any idea how to do this? Thx GG
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