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  1. The Wherigo and the AL bonus you DNF'd when it was muggled are 30 points each. But yeah, I can see why missing out on the 50 point item would be annoying in your situation.
  2. GC853BD was a perfectly normal long distance multi, just like GC5G49W Oxford Stone mentioned above. GC853BD 's starting point went missing and the CO did nothing so it's fair that it got archived and locked. But why is it excluded from stats? Similarly, GC84K2E is just a mystery cache whose waypoint and final are on different sides of a border, so you can get a souvenir from an area without physically going there. How is that any different from GC3AFN7? GC84K2E is not a field mystery so it's not relevant that the border near it is illegal to cross. Crossing the Russian border in general, pre-covid, was not hard. I.e. people living near border would get long-term visas and visit Russia just to refuel their car and buy cheap cigarettes.
  3. I lost countries and other related stats when caches I previously had found were added to the exclusion list. I got the stats back when said caches were removed from the list. Finders’ D/T, size, and hide date etc. stats change if the cache owner changes D/T, size, or hide date of a cache, so I would expect country to behave the same way. I don’t know what the exact criteria for the exclusion list are, but caches like GC3AFN7 that don’t break any past or current rules are not on the list. With the exception of the two caches by the user TeamRockVisited, where I have no idea why they’re on the list.
  4. There may also be regional guidelines. In my area puzzles involving books, movies, tv series etc. are only allowed if the content is freely available e.g. at the local library.
  5. My mother in law got into caching and wanted help with a mystery cache. Actually searching for physical caches seemed a bit silly to me, so for a few years I only went caching to accompany her. A few years later a colleague and I started chatting, he was doing some local find streak challenge and I sort of got suckered into finding caches on my own and then starting the streak I’m still on. The main reason I keep going is that caching is a nice side game for cycling. (I like to ride stupid long distances but I have no interest in structured training so I don’t mind the extra stops.) FTF hunting appeals to my competitive side and it provides an enjoyable social aspect to the hobby, that I can’t really find in events.
  6. I haven't been caching this long, but this is how I feel too. They usually write a better log than "found it" and possibly use a GPSr and GSAK so I guess that makes it ok. I don't care about what newbie accounts do as long as they don't actually harm the cache or the environment. Either they stick with the hobby and figure it out, or they move on to something else. If there are a lot of these accounts somewhere, that just means a local newspaper/influencer/whatever covered geocaching.
  7. If this was your business and your customers, would you force them to watch a bunch of videos and read documentation before being able to use your app?
  8. I know of this type of logging practices because I've physically witnessed it multiple times by different people. And while the yahtzee box speaks the truth, it is annoying as a matter of principle when an activity has well defined self-enforced rules that some people ignore, yet pretend they're in the same hobby. A few years ago someone set up the first proper record for self-supported cycling across Finland. A bit later someone else rode it slightly faster with his mom and girlfriend in a support car. He got newspapers to proclaim he had broken the record, when he really wasn't doing the same thing at all.
  9. I must admit I had no idea Australia has so many caches from 2000. Probably never going to log those either but thank you
  10. Inspired by the excellent puzzle game Baba is you, I suggest Pen is container.
  11. Your list is missing a virtual Are those other event types not available on August 13th when you could get the giga and theoretically get 16+lab? 13 + lab is the highest that has been possible in Finland so around 200 cachers have that. A handful have done 14 + lab somewhere abroad.
  12. Here in the land of a thousand lakes, there is no certification requirement and there are countless rowboats with an easily detachable 2-5 HP motor. No registration for this type of boat either. In geocaching context, an inflatable fishing boat with an electric trolling motor is cheap and fairly easy to transport overland. As in €150 including the motor for the cheapest models. Sligthly larger fishing or leisure boats (around 4-6 meters long and 60-120 HP motor plus possibly a smaller trolling motor) aren't exactly uncommon either. These can still be easily moved between waterways with a normal car and a trailer, but they are overkill for most geocaching.
  13. You said it. Everyone is thinking about what photo to post, no one is saying they can't wait to discover all these cool places other people have found. We have a local facebook group of for photos taken while caching. If I post a photo there, people will actually look at it. Same with the photo thread on this forum. But no one is going to look at my photo when it's hidden among with 30k other logs and you need to click on each photo to open in. I would also like project ape, HQ, benchmark and the months for jasmer that aren't available outside the US, please. Lost&found and cactus, as well as the removed negative attributes (no skis required etc.) would be nice too.
  14. I’m sure HQ would have spared no effort enforcing the additional photo requirements, if only they had remembered to write them on the cache page. Alas.
  15. There are 11084 caches in the US that are wheelchair accessible but not T1. Well, a large part of the year a lot of T5 boat required caches turn into T2 as you can simply walk over ice. Or indeed, ride a bicycle. YMMV. But I guess the crux of the issue is that while almost every T5 climbing cache absolutely requires at least some equipment, a lot of T5 boat caches are actually accessible with modest swimming ability. Some are accessible by wading. For some reason, cachers are comfortable creating T4 climbs but a T4 swims for some reason turn into a T5 boat required.
  16. Ok. Then if the coordinates are on something like the Jigidi solve screen and you've solved the Jigidi while logged in. All you need to do is re-open the Jigidi. I think this would also work for a lab bonus where the coordinates are directly in a journal entry. And for a word relation game that's fairly commonly used in puzzle caches in Finland.
  17. The old solution might still work, you'd just need to get new coordinates from the checker. Some COs are sociopaths, so I'd rather not rely on them communicating. A notification or a new icon when change date of final coordinates > change date of solved coordinates would be nice. Solved coordinates may be for a stage instead of the final location so I don't think reverting the icon to unsolved or anything more than this is approriate.
  18. I thought the list was gone completely, but I guess that would have caused more of a stir. Still, happy to see that the most recent batch of caches that don''t break any current rules was removed. Their inclusion felt rather unfair. That said, I wonder why was GC4DWYY removed when the list was transferred? It is just an antipode puzzle right? GCGWVP is an interesting inclusion, as most people seem to be logging it like a normal webcam cache these days. Possibly not even realizing what the intended task is/was.
  19. Restarting the app did not help. Rebooting the phone did not help. Deleting the app and reinstalling did help. But as I've said before, these newbie nag screens are not appreciated.
  20. After using the app every single day for 3+ years in a row, here's an actual wish list of features that I think would make the official app better. I'm willing to expand on any of these if that would be helpful. Change the search to a single field available directly on the map screen. Allow adding solved coordinates for all cache types where the final location may not be the same as posted location. Sync user waypoints to website and to third parties via API. Allow pasting user waypoints or solved coordinates as whole coordinates. Create a usable workflow to read cache description and make notes at the same time. E.g. when inserting values found in the field to a multi waypoint formula, or writing an answer to earth cache question. Allow adding more than 1 image file in a log. Add option to show found caches at solved coordinates. Show my own log(s) in the Log view Friends tab. Add option to show a .1 mile circle around caches. (on non-trads, only show if solved coordinates are present and caches are set to show at solved coordinates) Add a better map source, e.g. OSM cycle maps. Current street map doesn't show trails, and the current trail map doesn't zoom in close enough. Allow adding custom online map source(s). Allow adding custom offline map source(s). New cache notifications based on my current location. This could also be implemented as an option for the new widget. The currently shown "nearest unfound" are often unfound for a reason. Only show help alerts for new accounts, not new app installs GPX import of cache data (with optional update solved coordinates) Make more efforts to keep the app on while in background. (e.g. opening the camera on iPhone Xs almost always makes Geocaching app shut down) See if anything can be done to make Google Maps navigation more reliable. The data currently sent to Google Maps generates a correct route, but anything that forces Google Maps to recalculate the route causes it to change the endpoint to wherever it thinks the nearest city centre is. GPX import of other waypoints and lines (e.g. display a route created in Strava/Komoot/RideWithGPS/Garmin Connect/etc. in Geocaching app along with online cache data) Calculate projection and set the result as solved coordinates (this is supposed to be a gps feature and projection calculations regularly "break" multi cache guidelines for phone users)
  21. Cleaning up trash in the woods isn't theft. From a legal standpoint, I don't think it matters if said trash also has an abandoned listing on some American website. Thinking in particular of a certain broken down microwave oven that contains a broken plastic container and a soggy logbook, in an otherwise pristine forest nearby. Owner hasn't logged in since 2014, cache has 6 outstanding NM logs. Been waiting for its archival for 2 years now, but that's just as a courtesy to the caching community.
  22. I mean there aren’t that many sites that openly hand out coordinates. And they already have people posting on blog and speaking/barking on podcast so all that would be needed is willingness to take step away from the fluff and take a stance on what geocaching is and isn’t. E.g. that puzzle/multi caches are meant to be different from trads, and if you always treat them like trads you are doing it wrong and your precious stats are now even more meaningless than imaginary points on the internet usually are. Agreed that it shouldn’t be the devs doing this but HQ’s priorities (and reason for existing) are another topic entirely, where looking at response time to individual bugs is kind of not seeing the forest for the trees…
  23. I mean, all the required language is already in Terms of Use. Just swat down the most egregious offenders, like they do with serial couch loggers.
  24. Note that it was 75% of finds on D3+ , not 75% of finders. It sounds reasonable to me; the people who systematcally cheat to get finds have a lot more finds on these caches than people who just geocache for fun. (Obviously no one can really know the actual percentages.) We don’t have a whole cheat site, but cheating has become normalized. It would be nice Groundspeak enforced their Terms of Use, and used their platform to guide the community more. Both away from cheating but also puzzle/multi COs towards creating more logical puzzles and being more respectful of finders’ time.
  25. A new gpx export filter is the only sane solution Groundspeak could provide. There’s no real objection to that, but… this is a fringe problem in a legacy feature could also be easily solved by the end users themselves. Meanwhile, there are years’ worth of other feature requests on these forums for things that are still being actively developed, e.g. the official app, that have received zero response from hq. The thing is that literally no one has said they would happily use such a tool. Mostly just the opposite. 🤷
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