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What does PI mean?


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Perhaps this incomplete list will be helpful:


PA - public address (system)

PB - peanut butter

PC - politically correct

PD - police department

PE - physical education

PF -

PG - parental guidance suggested – some material may not be suitable for pre-teenagers

pH - potential of hydrogen: a scale of acidity from 0 to 14

PI - poison ivy

PJs - pajamas

PK -

PL -

PM - afternoon

PN -

PO - someone is angry about something

PP - not sure what this stands for, but children giggle when they hear it

PQ -

PR - public relations

PS - an afterthought

PT - physical therapy

PU - something stinks

PV - photovoltaics

PW - password

PX -

PY -

PZ -

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