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Caches not clickable once again

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But working again after rebooting my router. Strange behavior. :blink:


If you reboot the refrigerator with your hand on the router and a map page open, you get a free year of premium membership.


I'll take a wild guess, and it's technical.... you got a new IP address from your ISP on the reboot which caused you to look like a new session with Geocaching.com and you weren't stickied to something in their infrastructure which is having a problem. You hit a different server that is working ok.


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Friday 28 august: caches again not clicable. Not on IE, not on Chrome, not on Firefox and even not on an android spartphone. And it is not the first time. Past week it happened several times. It is about time Groundspeak (geocaching.com) looks after this problem! Or at least gives information what is is and how to overcome it.

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This happens for as long as I care to remember. I don't use the map much, mostly just to find a "center cache" to use when sorting in GSAK but today the normal zoom in/zoom out solution didn't work here either (FF48.0.2 Win7).

I left the tab open, did some other stuff and all of a sudden after moving the map icons were clickable again. No rebooting modems, computers, coffee machines or refrigerators ;)

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It's happened for quite some time for me on and off; usually changing to another zoom will produce a different layer and caches become clickable.

Rebooting isn't the cure, it may just initiatiate the cure (most likely due to a browser caching issue or script error that's causing clicks not to work). Every time I see it happen I consider what may have caused it, but haven't spent too much time trying to diagnose it :P all I can tell is that it's there sometimes and gone other time. *shrug*

Easy/quickest solution is just refresh the page or restart the browser, or change zoom levels; and rinse repeat until whatever you want to do works.

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Hmm....we seem to have this problem on our Ipad's. You have to keep tapping the caches, over and over again. But...on my windows based computer I have no issues. My sweetie and I both have Ipad's and have the same issue of having to tap over and over again to open them up in the map. What's up?

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Here also - OSX/Safari..... tried rezooming,restarting browser, restarting computer and deleting cookies....maybe I'll try eating some cookies?? If I restart our router my wife will eat me, as she is booking our cruise online at this instance! Trying to plan some caches for the day, very annoying....

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The problem seems to be in the maptiles.geocaching.com server. I have the same problem, and the console of my browser (Chrome) shows a long list of errors related to that server. Most of them are Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET but there are also internal server errors. I.e.:


maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10810.png?token=[..snip..]:1 GET https://maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10810.png?token=[..snip..] net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10813.png?token=[..snip..]:1 GET https://maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10813.png?token=[..snip..] net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10812.png?token=[..snip..]:1 GET https://maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10812.png?token=[..snip..] net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10813.png?token=[..snip..]:1 GET https://maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10813.png?token=[..snip..] net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET
10814.png:1 GET https://maptiles.geocaching.com/tile/15/16853/10814.png?token=[..snip..] 500 (Internal Server Error)

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