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  1. It actually says "retrieved from Outside Plumbing"...ie, retrieved from the cache where you found it. Outside Plumbing https://coord.info/GC61HKJ You would log the retrieval just like normal. B. Thank you so much, duh! For some reason on my Ipad I didn't see the word plumbing, so I thought it was some weird new "pick" that I didn't understand. If I had gone into my HP, I would have seen the whole name. I guess you always learn something new. Thanks again. It is logged!
  2. I picked up a TB today. I found its home page. When i go to log it...it doesnt give me the "retrieved option". It says retrieved from outside, discovered, etc. what does retrieved from outside mean? Dont recall ever seeing this term. Thanks.
  3. Yeah, those are so much fun, aren't they? I live for these! LOL!
  4. I try to write something specific to the hide on every find. I take notes on my print outs so I can remember which ones were especially unique or were in a super cool place. I have done caches on Rail trails, which tend to be one bison tube hanging from a tree or bush after another, more or less all the same. Those are tough to write much about, especially by cache 25. I do my best on these but most of them are short and sweet. I do read the logs and find them helpful when I'm stuck finding a cache, so any small clue in addition to the hint is helpful (nothing that gives it away, just helpful). We can't control what other people may do or not do, all we can do is encourage people to be thoughtful. I didn't even know that this was an issue until I started reading things in the forums. The bottom line is we all have rants of one kind or another. All we can do as individuals is to do what we would like to have others do for us. So I do. Happy Caching!
  5. It's just as much fun figuring out where and what type of hide you are going to do. I'm almost at my 300 finds and I have 5 hides. Now that I've experienced so many different finds, I want to do an "Evil" hide, one that is in plain sight but challenging to find. We go out every weekend! I've ordered little emoji erasers and I'm making my own signature swag. I also always look around for small items to add to my collection of swag. Lots of times the containers may be too small for anything but I always bring my swag just in case. Happy Caching!
  6. We found a great one this weekend. Searched and searched. So we read the hint (always wait till we are about to give up to read the hint). Well then we started to look with our geocaching eyes...my goodness it was right there in plain sight the whole time. I must have walked by it 20 times and didn't see it and it was fluorescent orange! It was a great hide!
  7. I don't have PoGo, but I read the rules and watched my grandkids with it. It seems to be a combo of randomly finding something and then having some gaming skills, to try to capture it. Then you collect different ones and power them up or level them up somehow. I don't get the gym thing...I'm sure it has it's appeal, maybe it's like mortal combat games, IDK. It will never replace or even come close to replacing Geocaching, in my opinion. I think geocaching and playing Pogo, is a good idea for those that like the game. I did read in another thread about using some of the Pogo ideas to expand Geocaching, for instance, when you have to start traveling an hour or more away to find any new caches, because you've found them all in your area. But...for now, it is what it is, there is something for everyone, and hopefully no matter what your preference, you don't get bored!
  8. So many interesting points. I use a GPS...new to geocaching. I bought an older model the Garmin Venture HC. It does not use the Gloss system. My sweetie uses a newer model and his is more accurate than mine by 5 to 10 ft. We have also used a smartphone but find that we don't have cell service in many, if not most of the areas we cache in. The one thing that comes in handy with the phone is: if we end up somewhere when we haven't planned on geocaching, or we feel we want to do more, we can look these up on the phone. But again, we have to be in an area where there is cell service. Overall, for us, the GPS is the way to go. I also used it when we were traveling out of the country, and it worked great. The diff. between the older GPS and the newer one has not made any substantial difference in finding the cache. Sometimes he finds it first, other times I do. In heavily forested areas, we always end up using our geocaching eyes to find GZ. I'm sure whatever folks use, its all about the adventure. And finally, we both got our GPS's on ebay, for very little money. Happy Caching!
  9. I've been researching this same question. I am preparing to do three separate mystery caches. The physical cache has to be 528ft from any other physical caches in the area. If you are placing physical caches as part of your own mystery cache, they have to be 528ft from any other physical cache....but they can be closer to one another as part of your own mystery cache. Virtual information is exempt as part of your own cache or any other cache, as long as you maintain the guideline of 528ft for any of the physical caches in the area. I know this can seem confusing, but it will all make sense if you think about it. What we did for distance is to visit all caches within the area to double check to make sure they were the correct distance apart. There was one really cool place that I wanted to use but it was about 50 feet to close to another cache, so I had to choose another spot. Good Luck, it's all just so much fun. I love trying to find cool places to hide my own, and have been having just as much fun doing this as I doing finding them.
  10. Replacing the nanos with at least PET preforms just before placing is the only acceptable form of nano usage. Sorry, I'm new, what do you mean by PEP preforms?
  11. Hmm....we seem to have this problem on our Ipad's. You have to keep tapping the caches, over and over again. But...on my windows based computer I have no issues. My sweetie and I both have Ipad's and have the same issue of having to tap over and over again to open them up in the map. What's up?
  12. I like the idea of hiding it in plain sight with clever cammo. I have so much to think about. My nano's are coming on Monday and I've already scoped out my starting place. I want to do a multicache with the nano's and nice, fat juicy cache at the end with lots of swag. All ideas are welcome!
  13. I just had to retrieve one of mine that someone dropped. Not in the water thankfully, but it went under a part of the bridge where they couldn't reach it. Fortunately they messaged me right away telling me what happened and where it went, so I was able to bring a magnet on a long stick and get it back. Now that is being considerate. I am grateful for thoughtful geocachers!
  14. Evil is when I say "Wow. Tough but very well done." I agree: 'evil' is complementary. Needle in a haystack or a rock in a rock pile is just nasty. Yes, well done! I love those! Make it challenging but not impossible. Something to consider for sure.
  15. I had a nano on a bridge. People kept dropping it into the water. You know, the one we found on the bridge....we were super careful so that wouldn't happen. But I can see how it very well could happen! I may skip the bridge. LOL.
  16. I definitely don't want to make it an easy find, like putting it on a sign post. So, thinking on a building, that has many metal options. I've found one on a bridge, that was pretty difficult but not impossible. I recently found one on the back side of a magnet sign attached to an ice machine, that was interesting. It was very flat, so it wasn't suspect. I'm interested in more ideas.
  17. I would definitely consider this an EVIL! Great idea. Give it a shot.
  18. I'm new to geocaching and some friends showed me what they call EVIL cache containers. Wow! Blown away by the cleverness of them. So, my question is...Does a nano qualify as an EVIL, or are they only the ones that are disguised as every day objects, like chewing gum? I really enjoy finding these, as they add another layer of challenge to the game, and many of them require going back or asking for additional hints. What do folks think about these? And what do you consider an EVIL hide?
  19. I really enjoy the virtual caches. We recently went to Washington D.C. and did mostly all virtual caches. It was very interesting and brought us to places we hadn't been, even on the typical city tours. It mixes things up. I'd love it, if it came back. And...isn't it the reviewers who get to determine whether they meet the criterea? I think it would add to the game. And no, I don't think Pokémon is any competition.
  20. Hmmm, I guess I can't filter night caches. Anyone know how to find them?
  21. I've gone out on a beautiful summer night, caching by the ocean. Lot's of people walking by, some street lights, have to use stealth...but it was fun. Haven't seen any actual specific night caches in my area...I guess now that I know about them, I'll use the filter and see if I can find any. Thanks for the question.
  22. In practical terms set a waypoint at each stage (or nearby cache) and then search for it, as you move away you will know how far away it is... duh....of course....didn't even think of that! Of course this will work. I just need you guys to steer me in the right direction. Thank you.
  23. When I am contemplating a hide, I take into consideration where it is placed, and what the maintenance will require of me. If a log gets damp, I greatly appreciate a note, for sure. I just checked mine this week and I had a damp log. I replaced the log but figure it will get wet again because of the container. So, I'm replacing the container the next time I go out. I see the point being made that if a CO is not maintaining, and I replace a log, it will probably just get wet again without care....but I just can't help replace a pile of mush, even if it will eventually get wet again. It's like the cache is a homeless pet, and even though it will be hungry again, I just can't pass it by without feeding it.
  24. When I look at the logs, I often see the same names over and over, and I assume they are pretty close to me. Then you can message them and find out. Love your enthusiasm....and your spirit of going out even when you go it alone. Good luck finding a buddy.
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