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  1. Same issue for me on both current versions of both Firefox and Chrome. :/
  2. Thanks for the most horrendous update possible. Limiting viewing of your caching history to 1K is perhaps the single worst change ever adopted. BRING BACK the ability to go back into your history via pages. Without that ability, you've destroyed functionality on an epic scale. Thank you. Thank you so much. This. Go back to this right here.
  3. Several new caches, including one of mine, were published this morning at approximately the same time. They were in my notification range, and by rights, I should have received notifications they were published; except for two of them, I did not. No issues with my email otherwise. I found out a bit later that another local cacher had the same issue — he received only notifications for the same two that I did. Do we know of any bug going on that would cause this?
  4. Very much agreed. When caches are archived, particularly locally, it's very useful to see where it was and what caches are around it. Lord, it's tiresome forever losing previously FINE functionality.
  5. Still having issues. When I posted my last log, got the "something went wrong" error message, now my profile count (10,982) shows correctly, but on the dashboard page and in the top stat bar, it's missing one.
  6. SO much wasted space — really dislike the big icons; it's infinitely better for me to be able to quickly see a few "recently viewed" logs, rather than a plethora, and then my last 30 days of logs in a relatively compact space. I have no interest in a big list of my friends' logs; better to use that space for my past 30 days. Can't even use the "logs" link — it looks like it's trying to load every log I ever wrote and ends up locking up my browser. There was so much NOT wrong with what you had.
  7. I don't know whether you're using the No-Script add-on for Firefox (and it may apply to other add-ons), but if certain scripts are blocked on the source page (where the image is stored), it won't show up on the cache page whether add-ons are disabled for geocaching.com or not.
  8. And now, quite randomly, we're working again — as it usually happens.
  9. Same problem for me. Sometimes the zooming in/out will fix it, but not today. Nor did a reboot. Oy.
  10. For me, the spam came from these accounts: Castaneda9015 Williamson7885
  11. Yep, same problem here. Not clearing up no matter what I do, either.
  12. I don't have a problem with the message center per se, but I find its design for a full computer screen more than baffling. A huge field of wasted space and a tiny window in which to type the message, so you can't see the whole thing at once. Seems awfully wonky.
  13. I'm having the exactly the same issue — it happens with Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. For a while the GC website runs fine, and then, snap... logs, map, PQs, etc, all disappear, as others have described. Usually, when I totally shut down the computer and bring it back up, the site is okay again... for a while. Clearly, this is not just an issue with a few users and their own computer settings. I did first notice this occurring about the same time as a very large automatic Windows update. Whether that has any bearing on the problem, I do not know. Also — GC.com seems to be the only site affected. I haven't seen any other Javascript issues on other sites.
  14. Highlighting the changes in the guidelines would be nice, since, to me, they look pretty much same as they ever were.
  15. I for one liked the old map hyperlink. The default view as it is now is zoomed in far too close to see anything in context around the cache. I liked being able to get the location at a glance on the old map, rather than have to manipulate it to get a decent feel for the cache's surroundings... So yes, I'll just get used to using the link in the left-hand column.
  16. Yeah, I kinda hate it too. Pretty much pointless the way it is now.
  17. I'm having the same issue. I HOPE it's not intended, as it's a not what one would consider a useful feature. not sure if that's intended or not, but you can always use the "Geocaching.com Google Map" link.
  18. Yep, for me, PQs are three-quarters of the reason to have a premium account. A year ago, issues such as this were rare. I'd like to get back my bang for the buck. --Rodan To me its not the fact that its broken but the lack of COMMUNICATION from TPTB acknowledging a problem and/or they are even looking into it and an estimate at when they think it will be fixed. But communication is key in any type of relationship. This relationship isn't going to well between client/customer and yes Groundspeak is a business and not a hobby.
  19. Damned Rodan

    MyFinds PQ

    Add the same problem for me. Definitely appears to be an issue with the generation of the PQ, not an ISP or email problem.
  20. Request for assistance = solicitation. That's no reflection or judgment on whatever medical issues one might have, nor is it an indication of anyone "not caring." Simply a statement of fact. It's a violation of that ToS section and needs to be respected. --M (Rodan) How about 4(e): You're soliciting donations. It is a request for assistance....jeez...I mean is that so difficult. I guess the bottom line is my follow geocachers don't give a rats [butt] about another cacher. I disagree that it is a 'solicitation'. I have no interest in making any personal game, but simply want the caches to remain. I especially find that interesting if you think that is solicitation when there is a whole series of travel bugs (the diabetes ones) solicit which I supported!
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