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He finally got caught up!!


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Well it took him a while to finally get his logs done... but back on August 24th Mopar FINALLY bagged #300!!! [icon_smile.gif]


What was REALLY funny about it, was that it wasn't until we had found the cache and got home that we realized it was #300 for him!




Mickey225...converting people to geocaching one GPS at a time!

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Originally posted by mickey225:

back on August 24th Mopar FINALLY bagged #300!!!

Excellent, Mopar!

Now, if you log every cache you've done since then, I wonder how close you are getting to 400 by now????



-- I am looking for cache recommendations for Salem, Mass. Got any?

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Mop -


Congrats on 300 finds!


Finally catching up on posting your finds, huh? Isn't logging you're finds supposedto be part of the fun?? tongue.gif


BTW - Thank you for sharing my 200th find with me! U da bomb! But, of course, you already knew that! bad_boy_a.gif


On to 400 . . . you go! back.gif


Happy caching and STUFF!

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Congratulations Mopar ! Good luck on your next 300 !!



Well, I ain't always right, but I've never been wrong. It seldom turns out the way it does in a song. (Hunter-Garcia)


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