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Place the cache here, or don't?


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There's really no good way to broach this topic. There is a historical barn not too far from where I live that has a number of fiberglass cattle (from the "Cow Parade") in the lot. It's really a nice site from both a historical and an artistic perspective. Assuming that I get permission to place the cache, I've found a perfect hiding spot in the white picket fence. The only problem is, if I place it there, the cacher will almost certainly also get an eyeful of one of the (anatomically correct) fiberglass bull's hindquarters, as it's standing right next to the fence, facing away.


So, my question...is that sufficient reason to try to find another location, or should I not worry about it? I've found other potential spots, but none quite as good as this one. Maybe the fact I feel like I have to ask is sufficient indication I should move it...

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consider the types of Log Entries you'll be receiving in your Inbox

Yeah, like when you get a lot of "Thanks for bringing me here", not knowing if that's sarcastic, or if those people especially enjoyed the view. :ph34r:


Anyway, I don't see why it won't be approved. As mentioned, it's less problematic than the real thing. And that's no bull. :anicute:

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I personally wouldn't have an issue finding a cache like you describe, but as the Cache Owner, you might want to consider the types of Log Entries you'll be receiving in your Inbox :ph34r:


Yeah, that, and the tons of off-colored jokes about "this is bull****" it's likely to cause are my primary concerns :)


Still, the cows ARE moved around once a year or so, so it won't be like that forever...and who knows, one of the other places I pick now might end up with the same problem later.

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Heh, I guess I won't worry too much about it then. I just thought some cachers might find it inappropriate/offensive, particularly if they bring their kids along, or that I deliberately placed it there. Guess I'll try it and see what happens...I can always move it.


(Of course, this is all assuming I even get the permission to start with.)

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Many years ago a cacher in Jacksonville FL hid a few that were known locally as the veterinary proctological series. The response was one of the most popular caches in the area: The Federation Must Pay.


Spoiler Alert:

But back to the bovine query-Durham NC is known as the Bull City (Bull Durham anyone?)

Take one guess where the final stage of this multi is placed? There's one pic in the gallery that really gives it away. :rolleyes:

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