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  1. Don't certain types of batteries break down and corrode over time? That sort of thing, especially in a rarely visited cache, could cause an unattractive and possibly toxic mess. Sure, that is why you bag them up. I've read several posts about batteries being left in caches. It's really good for people who have a dead/dying GPS.
  2. Unless you need 2 pairs of rubber gloves to wade through the mess to get to the logbook! *shutters* I wonder if they mean used batteries? I'm good with fresh in the pack batteries.
  3. ^^^Nice explanation! I wouldn't base my searches on whether a cache has a bug or coin. I have found a couple bugs that weren't listed and I've visited caches that list several bugs and have none. It's a crapshoot.
  4. I agree, not a bad idea. I'm sure they've seen other animal parts. If they have a dog, there probably shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Hi! Welcome to Geocaching! Before a bunch of people jump on you, I see you posted this twice. In the case of forums, you only need to post once. People will see it, I promise! We all have to learn, and I hope that you find lots of patient people to help along the way. I use a combination of maps on my Iphone and the official app. It works for me so far, but I tend to stay near urban caches since I typically cache alone. I'm interested in hearing other answers!
  6. Hmmm....so it isn't. I'll have to stop recommending that one. Just search for Waypoint averaging or something along those lines. I promise it was there last week but it cost a buck! I don't know why I didn't grab it! I found one called GPS averaging...seems to do the job. How many measures do I need? (Also, to those saying just get a GPS, I wish I could! It's not in the cards right now. Maybe someday!)
  7. Perfect mark isn't in the App Store...any other suggestions?
  8. Unfortunately, there's not much else you can do. Yes, they should answer. When was the last time they logged in?
  9. How new are these caches? A good urban or semi-urban cache can get looted down to scraps and junk in one or two months. Swag maintenance is prohibitively expensive in many cases. Not many people can afford to keep up with the swag looters. I'm wondering if they mean that visitors should be trading fairly.
  10. They probably used the search function and didn't look at the date. It happens. Staying on topic, I don't really have a preference for containers. It depends on what I want to look for that day and how much time I have to look.
  11. With me it depends on the "trek". If it was a nice hiking trail I'd enjoy it regardless of cache size. But if it was a fight through scrub, brambles etc then not so enjoyable if the result was a tiny micro. Unless there was something unique about the way it was hidden. Agreed. I fought way to many briars last weekend.
  12. What do you feel it would take to make a nice trek in the woods "worth your time"? - It's the same walk, whatever size the container. You're already "rewarded" with a smiley... I get really tired of not being allowed an opinion on these forums. That irks me. I don't care about the swag. I can go to the dollar store and buy the same crap I see in caches. Obviously there is more space in the woods for larger caches, it seems like a waste to me. And I thought geocaching wasn't about the smiley.
  13. I also get irritated when you trek into the woods to find a nano. Make it worth my time!
  14. This applies to just about every sort of cache container out there, from nanos to ammo boxes. --Larry Of course!
  15. The PNB jars I've found have been really sturdy but hard to get larger swag in. I think the dampness also depends of how the finders close them.
  16. I'd like those. I'd take those, too! What about artificial flowers?
  17. I hate the coupons (expired)/scraps of paper and random leaves/sticks. I keep a trash bag in the car for those occasions.
  18. I used modpodge 3d (like resin, no steps, so much cheaper!) but I had a problem with bubbles. Do you think the domes work better?
  19. So...has anyone successfully placed a cache with their Iphone? I'm not getting a GPS anytime soon. I want to place a cache soon as I near my 100th find.
  20. The sweet treats are amazing! My bottle caps pale in comparison.
  21. I've only found a couple. Today I found a laminated card with a bible verse on it. They don't bother me, but when I see that they have become moldy junk, I toss it. Same with the business cards.
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