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  1. Here are some ring or band formations for comparison: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liesegang_rings_(geology)
  2. Older devices, and Magellans, have no distance limit. But they can't hold cache descriptions of every cache in the world with room to spare. I'm guessing the new devices could bog down if a buhzillion caches were on screen at once. As others mentioned, you can scroll the map to a distant area, to see those cache icons. Then you can read the info and navigate as usual. Caches that are very far away from my GPS have never been much of an issue for me. I have the habit of getting close to a Geocache before looking for it, within 20 miles at most.
  3. Nope. That 100km/60 mile (roughly) radius is built into the GPS software. Far away caches won't automatically show up beyond that distance. When using that Garmin, you'll just have to get closer than 60 miles to find a cache.
  4. Place GPX files into the Garmin drive here: [Drive]:Garmin/GPX
  5. Do the files on the device contain cache info? You can check with a word processor. Are you saying you place the same files on other devices and the caches show up just fine? Give the PC a little extra time to close the file, or try the computer’s Eject drive function, before unplugging the USB cable. If your problem happens at random, files not closing properly could explain it. Caches beyond about 60 miles from where the GPS thinks it is, will not automatically display. You must scroll the map or get closer. It’s possible to have filters set that you didn’t know became set. Geocaches can be just about completely hidden from view. Sometimes cache files become all waypoints on some devices. At least I’ve seen threads about that. I guess it’s a database thing.
  6. Here's a basic info video to get started: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K-4q6sYuyfY&feature=youtu.be There are more videos in The App. To research a cache, go to the web site (In the App, there's an "open in browser" link at the bottom of any cache description). Lots of info there. At the top of a cache page, there's a link to the cache owner, "A cache by". You can contact the cache owner and ask. You can also get a lot of good info, ask questions, and even find caches, at a "Geocaching 101" Event, an informal get-together. You can look for nearby Events on the Search page: https://www.geocaching.com/play/search Good luck!
  7. My iPhone 8 did that this afternoon when I started the App. I had not seen this happen before. “Updating”, green line halfway across the screen. I thought I saw it move slightly, so I waited. After 5 minutes of no action, the App started working just fine. It seems OK now. I didn’t do anything special to fix it. But it’s possible it was “updating” for hours and just happened to finish when I tried it.
  8. It may work fine. Yeah, if it doesn’t just peel off in one piece. If it’s just a thick coating you want, I wonder if there’s a marine varnish that could be brushed on. It might be more consistent and easier to use than 2-part epoxy. But you have to use it all in a relatively short time. I have a similar issue with my keychain photo frames. I could use craft resin to cover the artwork and make it waterproof, but it’s best used in a large batch. I don’t have many projects where I’m making a lot of photo frames at once.
  9. That might be a good experiment. I don't see a lot of logs about tag condition in the wild. The TB or its attachment degrades or fails, and while the Tracking Code is still viable, it gets "Discovered" without details. Epoxy varies by batch, it's inconsistent, and a specific "glue" that I've tested and used tends to vanish or change formula. While uncured, it may dissolve or smear the print or pen lines of the printed paper. Printed items can fade outdoors. Over time in wet containers, coatings can yellow, crack, even entirely separate from the object. But it would be good to know what works. And how dark and yellow (or cracked/chipped) it could get and still be considered a suitable coating. Here's a revived TB I made. It's the same design as the original, epoxy in a photo keychain frame. In about 3 years at home, the epoxy has yellowed. The frame holds the cured epoxy in place, where otherwise it will tend to pop off the plastic if knocked around. I've never tested this on aluminum tags. The "proxy" aluminum tag in the photo is a laser-engraved pet tag that I bought for $3.50 (including engraving). Some have double-sided engraving for that price, but no graphics and limited text length. Here are swag items I made that have laser-jet printed paper info tags. I glue them into the round metal cabochon holder, then coat them with layers of JudiKins Diamond Glaze. Lately, because of concerns about the water-based Diamond Glaze, I've coated such items with Mercury Adhesives Medium Flex super glue. I don't use epoxy on these, but that could be an option. I need to be careful about laser printed tags, because toner is kind of a plastic melted material, and coatings can react with it, and it can smear.
  10. You may edit a previous log, but to do a Visit, the Trackable must be in your Inventory, not in a cache. But yes, that’s a way to start mileage on a new TB before releasing it.
  11. The system calculates distance from cache locations. I log a "Visit" of my new TBs at a local cache before sending them out, when I remember to do so. In your situation, it might be good to just mentally add "24 miles" to the acquired distance. Over time, the mileage of these things tends to become a little crazy anyway.
  12. If you check your cache and nothing changed, it's up to you whether to make a log. If instead you change something that may affect Finders, it's good to make a log. For example, there are a couple of Cache Owners near where I live that will repair a container, or move it to its spot after it was found in the wrong place, or even activate a cache and place the container later. All of those actions will affect other cachers' decisions on when to hunt that cache. There are times when it may be not so good an idea to make an Owner log. When I place something cool into a cache, I usually make a log about it, but tend to be non-specific about what I placed (except of course, Trackables). And if someone has tried a couple of times and failed to find my cache, I might check on it, but I don't make a point to log that "it's still there". Because I hate when Cache Owners do that when I can't find their cache. But I do often write to the cacher to offer a hint. It also depends on the cache. A couple of my caches tend to be found by new cachers and muggles, and are therefore high maintenance. I could check the cache after every Find and have something to work on, and especially when there's been a suspiciously quiet few weeks (it became misplaced? Nobody mentioned it). A lot of "Micros" develop progressively wetter log sheets that you could replace after every rainstorm and still get NM logs. Like others, I try not to fill up the online log with a mass of my Maintenance logs. There's a balance.
  13. Set a coin as Collectible if you are intent to next place it into a Collection to remove it from play. If such a coin is in someone else's hands, they can remove a Collectible from play by placing it into their Collection, a temporary thing, something like a loan. Is that your plan? Is your intent made clear on the coin's page? If your idea is to give away your coins, there is an adoption process that should be easier to do. I looked at a couple of my Trackables (moving and never moved), and didn't immediately see an issue. What part of the process is failing?
  14. Wow, that is one crazy complicated math problem for a D1.5! I’d probably skip it entirely. I’d go caching with a friend who solved it. You can’t publicly work on the finer details of cache puzzles here in the forum, but you can work on one in person with several friends. Are there local cache Events you could attend? Especially, puzzle help Events. Ask the Cache Owner, too. That’s the person most likely to know exactly how to work the puzzle. I’ve asked Cache Owners if everything’s correct (yeah, like seeing there’s an extra “x” or something), and gotten confusing puzzles fixed. One was fixed due to my email (but I had solved it anyway) and someone then solved it and ran out to get FTF.
  15. To Garmin, it’s a selling point! “Includes a buhzillion cache pages that were obsolete eight years ago… free!”
  16. Pretty cool! I might try that if I didn’t fat-finger all my abbreviations.
  17. Everything “GGZ” can be safely deleted — even that folder if you like (it gets restored as an empty folder).
  18. My Oregon 750 has the same feature, but I don’t use it. I edit each field note using very abbreviated notes as reminders for the eventual log. I edit them at home, after manually uploading the field notes (Drafts) by USB.
  19. One way to have 4-year-old listing for an archived cache is if it was loaded previously and exists on the GPS. Some are factory-loaded as GeoTrekker26 mentioned. And a refurbished device may arrive with files on it. Do you mind revealing which brand and model of GPS you have? Post the Active Pocket Query and I'll look at it (the link to the PQ setup page, not the link to the file). The link would be in the format of "https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=bcbe86fd-f425-4927-aff9-3d2962cd1342". But if you're saying you see the archived cache info in the Pocket Query GPX file itself, that's a bug that you will need to ask HQ to work on (or wait and see if it clears up). And they're the ones to figure out why you got an email about needing to sign up with an email address.
  20. It was up to 716 Mystery caches when I first checked. Now the find count decreased by 3 already.
  21. So your cache icons are showing as if they’re waypoints? Is there any cache info available? What is your process to place cache files onto your devices? If you’ve done it many times before without issue, you could try deleting the recent files and load new ones. Sometimes the files are the problem (not often). Is the routing selection OK for you on your GPSs? Street routing on a car nav and direct routing on a hiking GPS is a pretty good plan.
  22. It was a little different here in Georgia, where I was able to slightly Geocache all year and get a souvenir, due to greatly extended Souvenir expiration dates. This year, there is the matter of inconsistently applied medical prescriptions. From parks to cities to regions, you never really know how many layers of which appliances are Government Required to be placed on what body parts. The likelihood of ever-changing checkpoints, fines, or just plain inconvenience keeps me from venturing too far from home. I probably won’t attend the Mega Event that I had planned for… it’s too close to the elections. The Deadly Pandemic gets much deadlier for an election, then afterward, it gets better. But an advantage (aside from avoiding restaurants so obviously I stay healthier) is that I get entire parks to myself. I might get both of this month’s Peaks by just visiting one trail loop. That’s pretty much how I did it last month, without even looking at the Souvenir requirements. And, yeah, I guess the App will again ask me if I finished it.
  23. Sounds good. Yes, there are ways to find out what the promotion is about.
  24. On my Bluetooth connected Garmin Drivesmart GPS, I get notices about Geocaching App Notifications (not usually with details). If Carplay can do that, all that needs to be done is have The App send notifications of nearby caches. But if it's a cache-rich area, that could become a distraction from driving.
  25. I just now got an Android Notification from the official Geocaching App, asking if I completed my August "Reach The Peak" souvenirs for August. Yes, I acquired both, first on August 5th, the 2nd one August 25th, a week ago. I found a variety of caches that day, and the souvenir popped up. Cool. But this Notification made me wonder if there was a bug in awarding the souvenirs... shouldn't Geocaching.com already know that they gave me souvenirs? So I checked, and both are in there. So it's just a promotional popup thing, I guess sent out regardless of Souvenir status. It's no big deal, but consider changing the wording of the end of month Notification to something more like "If you got this month's Souvenirs, get ready for next month's!" ...because not only did your ad make me concerned that there's a bug (that it's not properly delivering souvenirs), I didn't know there are "peaks" each month for a few months (hadn't read about it). Which the Notification doesn't mention.
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