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  1. Copyright infringement anyone? I don't remember allowing anyone to use/change my photograph. You think a guy with that signature line would recognize parody. See, by not using a smiley you seem to have thought I was serious On the other hand, if I were serious..... Wow you can really suck the fun out of something.
  2. Copyright infringement anyone? I don't remember allowing anyone to use/change my photograph. You think a guy with that signature line would recognize parody.
  3. You know, I might believe "at least three infractions". When I'm in a cynical mood, I might even believe "at least three misdemeanors". But "at least three felonies" is just silly. infraction examples - not wearing seatbelt, minor speeding, littering, running a red light misdemeanor examples - petty theft, driving without a license, vandalism, reckless driving felony examples - murder, robbery, rape Maybe in the dark corners of one's mind...? In real action, though...yeah, I'm not buying it. Unless we're talking about some country with weird laws where wearing short shorts is punishable by death or something. The line is referring to this book. Three Felonies a Day Though I have read that there isn't much inside the book illustrating it. It is more about pointing out the books and books of cloudy Federal Laws in the US and how they have been used against people.
  4. Resurrecting this thread from the dead because it's still an issue. I was waiting around for my car to get fixed and thought, "I wonder if that whole geocaching thing is still around." Plugged the search in my iPhone, and viola! Found the app. I was super excited and downloaded it, saw all the grey circles, and then started down this rabbit hole. Long story short, their pricing/subscription strategy is way out of wack for such a niche market, and all this drama talked me out of getting the app or getting a subscription or anything. A subscription seems way way out of place in today's market. I'd pay $10 for an app, I've done it with many apps that I use constantly and are useful. I'd even pay for a subscription if the service was worth it. But both? This company needs to shake up its marketing department a bit, do they have the same guys that have been working there for the last 15 years? They also need to clarify what they are charging for on the app (and without having to go to this website, where I ultimately found my answer). At best they'll be refunding a lot of money, at worst they could be sued with a class-action lawsuit for deceptive practices. tl;dr: I was going to get into geocaching today, but Groundspeak, Inc. turned me off to it in short order. Here is a good description of the differences: What is the Difference Between the Geocaching's Free App, the Full-featured App, Geocaching Basic Membership, and Geocaching Premium Membership?
  5. Indeed. Unrolling a log is such a huge burden on the next cacher. I can't believe the game has survived. It's worse than putting a pencil in a ziplock bag. It's worse than logging your cache on the wrong day because you forgot to change the date when you were typing the log! Who do these people think they are? Next thing you know, we'll have complaints because the coordinates were off by a foot (0.3 meters). We are all one action away from being heretics.
  6. In my experience: It will only load caches you haven't already loaded in the current selected database. It will not change or add a center. You'll need to find a new center to use and add it manually. You could also create a new database, select it, then reload the pq. This would make everything in the new db in the pq.
  7. Are you standing in the middle of the street? Or about 20 ft from the center? Also there is error to consider as well.
  8. Just to add more confusion and clarification. The free app on the android now mutates when a user gets a premium membership. So yes if you pay for premium on the site you will have more access on the free app.
  9. What probably happened is that your DNF made the cache an advanced cache. Then the free app wouldn't show it anymore without a premium membership.
  10. The 10 does have a dashboard for Geocaching which includes the compass over the current track/course (I wont call it a map) so you don't have to flip back and forth. I will agree with you on everything else the interface is over complicated and the lack of maps was disappointing. I would also appreciate the 3 axis compass that you don't see until the 30. However, I only spent 50 dollars on the etrex 10 and it points me to caches so win/win.
  11. It seems that all points about the app are becoming moot. It looks like they are turning the intro(free) app into the main app and the paid app into an option if you want to use your phone where you don't have reliable access. Geocaching (Formerly Intro) Geocaching Backcountry (Formerly the paid app) At least for Android Devices.
  12. ? I saw a log where someone wrote a paragraph down the entire nano scroll.
  13. Here are a couple of the ones I found. You can keep playing with the numbers.
  14. I don't own a pair of gaiters and to be honest I just had to google them. If you are wearing long pants and long socks you can tuck the cuffs of your pants into your socks for just one more obstacle. I have had several ticks bites but never had any complications, and I live in Lyme disease territory.
  15. Geocaching: That's some freaky-deaky @!#?@!
  16. Geocaching: Teaching nerds about poisonous plants for over 14 years.
  17. I am able to see em, I think. I have spend more time on a three star puzzle. Maybe a geochecker would be nice in case someone becomes the victim of pareidolia.
  18. Or maybe not so perfectly... Where is the profile picture? What browsing environment are you using?
  19. I thought they were called "wee caches" in Scotland.
  20. Here is a Link Its not really a feature its a clever use of HTML.
  21. I wonder if they were using a tool like GSAK and had unpublished logs.
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