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Being an avid kayaker, and totally new to geocaching, I have to know if anyone out there has thought of making things a little more challenging. "Paddle caching", some of the most beautiful places on the Oregon coast I have discovered by kayak. So you know I have to try it for my first cache. So anyone interested in coming to the coast for summer cache expeditions, be watching for a new twist. Don't frett, there are boat rentals in the area. See you on the water! icon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gifnull

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When I search for caches nearest to me now these are the only 3 on the first page I haven’t found. Every time I see them listed I shake my head and think ‘I got to get over my fear of cold water and fast currents.' icon_eek.gif







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I'd love to do more water caches. There are a few in my area, but all are also accessible by land.


My only recommendation to you all is this: For people like myself who don't own a boat *yet*, or are visiting from out of town and didn't bring our boat with us, please please please list a few local places (something on the water is preferred) where we can rent the equipment we need for the day.


Looking forward to some island caching!!


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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Ok, I'm biased 'cause I love to kayak and I realize that some people may be upset that they couldn't access a cache without a watercraft, but I say GO FOR IT! One of my first cache placements is going to tied off to a bouy and sunk 300' offshore in my local area lake. Good luck with the task and make sure if it's in rapids of any kind that you openly tell people so inexperienced paddlers don't wind up in a bad situation at risk of rolling. See ya!

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I plan on setting one on an island in a state park soon. For those of you who don't own a boat, if the cache is not on a dangerous river but on a small lake, like the one I plan, may I recommend an inflatable raft? You can get one pretty cheap at you local Walmart, K-mart type store, you don't need to trailer it, or put it on top of the car. Just make sure you get the foot pump or the kind of compressor pump that you can plug into your car's lighter. And remember, you must have a PFD! They make inflatable kayaks too. I bought my canoe used and it wasn't too expensive ($400) and I got my kayak used, with wetsuit, spray skirt, air bags, PFD, and paddle for about $600. If the river is lightly flowing, you can use these or an inner tube also. Just stay out of the rough stuff. Truck inner tubes sell for about $10. at the local tire store.


Cache you later,


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My son placed one that you either have to white water kayak or river raft to. So far he has had only two hits. The nerve of it is he didn't take me to it this year. Now I have to wait till the water is high enough (next spring) to raft to. It is on a Class 3/4 whitewater river. Wheeee!

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I sure hope you post some paddle caches, I'll look for them and maybe even take a trip up north to go visit some. I have one planned for Trinidad Bay, you just reminded me that I need to work on that before I have to head north for work for awhile. Keep 'em coming!



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I'd love to see some indication on the cache page if it is water accessible - say .5 mile from river or body of water.


I visited several that were along the same river near Rockford IL last week that would have made a great day canoe trip.


I know there are other ways to achieve this with mapping programs and such but it might be a simple and helpful add-on to the info page - and possible something to run a query on.



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