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  1. Try posting at NYGO http://www.ny-geocaching.org for a better response.
  2. Has anyone successfully accomplished this? Seems like it would nice at some of the events. http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/...tid=137&tid=193
  3. Ask again at http://www.mi-geocaching.org and you'll get a ton of responses.
  4. Out of curiosity, why not take a more active role in NYGO rather than start your own group? They are eagerly seeking people to take a leadership role. (I can post things like that now that I've moved to Michigan and resigned from the leadership group.)
  5. You may want to reach out to NYGO at http://www.ny-geocaching.org .
  6. Funny, I'll be in Switzerland then too!
  7. See my earlier post... will do my best!
  8. We apologize for any confusion and am glad we were able to straighten things out. Good luck on winning the race!
  9. How will this rule be enforced? In other words, what is the remedy if someone breaks this rule and moves a travel bug, ohhh, let's say, 300 miles in the wrong direction, into a moving cache placed on a military reservation? (Just speaking hypothetically, mind you...) Sorry, but this issue of malicious interference will preclude me from participating in any race that begins in New York. Perhaps if I heard some more thinking behind the rule change, I might be persuaded otherwise. Thanks. If you read carefully, the rule last year is that you couldn't interfere with another racers bug. This year, we've removed that rule so that anyone may move any bug in the race. The truth is, we couldn't enforce it, nor was there any way we could have prevented what happened last year with the large number of bugs that were abducted. If there is malicious interference from a race participant, we would most likely give a warning to that cacher and possibly disqualify them from winning. If you're unhappy with this rule, or propose something else, I'd be happy to hear you out offline. Feel free to email us at cannonballrun@ny-geocaching.org .
  10. Do the tags actually have to on the racer? I was planning on just carving the number into the car, cliping an info sheet on, and leaving the aluminum at home. Would this be acceptable?? Yes, carving the number into the car should be fine. The point was just that it was an activated number that had not been used yet, ie no mileage or logs.
  11. I'm actually trying to keep the stats rolling for those bugs, mostly for curiosity. If I can get the site more automated, then we should be able to use the same code to track old races.
  12. As soon as I finish working on some of the related projects, promise. Anyone interested in helping with the programming, feel free to sign-up on geommunity.net.
  13. The website is http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun . Your statement about vehicles is correct, they must be ground-based. Airplanes, although they have wheels, are out.
  14. Build it for free. All of the organizer's and programmers time has been donated. Actually, Groundspeak was gracious enough to not block the IP we were using to "scrape" the data for last years race. They have also commited to helping find a way to provide the data for this year's race as well. Thanks Egnix for writing the utility that did this last year. NYGO is joining up with Geommunity to help write the software in an effort to reuse the software in future races. More information on Geommunity will be available at http://www.geommunity.net in a few days when we release the next version of the website. If you are a developer, please contact either myself or Trippy1976 for more details on how to become a member.
  15. dadgum, thought the keys to your car were going to get put on a travel bug keychain.
  16. We have taken into account the weather related start last year and will be trying something new this year to try and improve things. Our plan is starting to firm up. A new website wil be launched early next month, at the completion of the logo contest. All of the updated rules will be posted there. You will have approx. 1 month from the release of the website to send in your bugs before the race. For now, just obtain a new travel bug tag and find a vehicle to attach it to. We'll provide detailed instructions on what to do with it next when the website is launched.
  17. While interference is in the true nature of the Cannonball Run, I would hope that no one will extend it to treachery this year. We'll be making some rule changes to try and keep things in the spirit of the race as well as trying to ensure everyone has a good time. Please use good jugement.
  18. Be patient, we're working on them now. They will be published when they are complete. For now, just know you'll need a new TB tag and a car/truck/van/motorcycle type travel bug to attach it to.
  19. This logo will be the cornerstone of the 2004 website. As the contest will run until the end of the month, the new site will be unveiled shortly after.
  20. I don't believe we put any restrictions as to the image dimentions. Feel free to use your judgement, but please make sure you keep an original in high resolution to allow for future use.
  21. You will be required to have a new tag with no mileage on it. We looked into having custom tb tags made, but at this time it's just too cost-prohibitive. We are still interested in doing that, however, and may have them for the 2005 race.
  22. After much anticipation, the New York Geocaching Organization will be running the 2nd Annual Cannonball Run in the coming months, compete with some new and exciting action. To kick things off, we are looking to redesign the Cannonball logo and website currently located at: http://www.ny-geocaching.org/cannonballrun/ . Without giving away too many details - don't worry they'll be coming soon - we will be charging a small fee to enter the race. (The fee will help with out own costs to run the race, a custom tag for each racer and the prizes to the winners.) The winning logo entry will receive a complimentary entry into the race and the opportunity to become part of a new Geocaching tradition. We will be accepting entries until the end of the month. The winner will be decided by NYGO's leadership shortly after. Entries can be posted here or emailed to us at cannonballrun@ny-geocaching.org . Good luck Cannonballers!!
  23. Rather than contacting specific individuals, why not work with some of the state organizations to help you run local events? We can generally provide more people and could use the donation (which may tax-deductable for you!) as opposed to paying individual people?
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