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  1. yes mike, I still lurk........ Need suggestions on # 99 and 100. I have been holding at 98 for so long now. There are so many I don't know which ones to hit to reach my milestone. I do have criteria..... Must be wilderness area. Must be 2 miles or more hike. Must be West Virginia. Other than that I can't think of anything. I will tabulate the voting and the top 2 will be my next adventure. Thanks for the help!
  2. Have to hit that pinnacle rock! WTG MDX Yes, I still lurk about.
  3. There are those of us that will never surpass MDX.....they know who they are. Kudos Mike
  4. We Shall Be There!! ummmm where in Sutton? BEE Run area? Holly River area?? Big Mountain area?? well, let me know when we settle that part of it. Looking forward to it!
  5. We're in. Pending Dates Etc........
  6. 700 combined finds and only had to call search and rescue once!!! here's to ya -CP
  7. quote:Originally posted by GeoWhiz:Go Mountaineers!!!! (The state, not the team..I'm a Marshall fan)....When I started this sport a little over two years ago, there were only 8 caches....we've come a long way baby!!!! you went a long way on 8-31 having gone to each school I have a bit of an identity crisis.
  8. quote:Originally posted by mikedx:Nutz? Me? I have to agree with Catman. Anyone who has already done this is insane to do it again. I swore coming down that mountain that I'd never do it again. ... This time I mean it! Was good to see everyone again. I find myself a bit weak from insect bites and blood loss. Industrial strength mosquitoes in Logan Co. They use deet as a chaser. The cache(s) are there ... WVDan -- if you plan to catch MDX you will have to go. Good alibi though. Bear Traps 0 geocachers 7. Stay tuned for further details. --CP
  9. At 3pm in Logan the Forecast is as follows. Condition ---- Showers Temp ---- 79 F Feels like ---- 83 F Humidity ---- 74 % Chance of precip. ---- 40 % Winds ---- From S. @ 2mph Dew pt. ---- 70 F The good news is chance of heat stroke is low. The bad news is footing will be terrible. Wear good boots GW. No backing out now!
  10. Rain, Snow, Sleet, Locusts Plague...... see you there
  11. Got the box....MDX you have wayyyy more posts in the forums than WVD. Not the only place he is lagging.
  12. i called it first! I like Mike's suggestion of meeting at the monument. Good place for the before picture .....and after picture! Rich Creek afterward, providing I can still walk, sounds good as well. [This message was edited by cache-potato on August 07, 2003 at 06:05 PM.]
  13. quote: If it goes through, anyone with a jacked up, rust and primer jeep with big tires and some ponies under the hood can follow. SHOTGUN !!!!!
  14. We went left side of the face. Looked to be a more gentle approach. It was....if the front side was toothpicks under your fingernails, the left side was a hot poker in your eye. DO NOT GO LEFT SIDE! THIS MUCH I KNOW! It was so overgrown with nettle weed we broke branches and cut a path in front of us. Pain with each step....needed an industrial strength brush cutter...but none available in H*LL <---- that's where the devil is you know.
  15. k, yall, Understand for those who haven't been up this mountain or participated in self-mutilation before... It's bushwhacking all the way up. Nettle weeds and rattlesnakes and rocks. Good boots must be worn. This is AUGUST...heat is a real factor bring plenty of ICE WATER. and forget about keeping up with MDX he's NUTZ
  16. 300? Wonder how many were up hill? Truth be known, I think Comet Horse and Miss Cheetah deserve some credit. When MITW first started (perhaps the first cache??) it was they who were the driving force behind the climb. Was it worth it? I think so? 300 caches later they are still going. Thanks MITW for finding my caches when nobody else was around. I can remember checking my email every night hoping someone found or hid a cache in WV. MITW a true pioneer. Hats off to you and yours. --- -----CP
  17. quote:Originally posted by Catman76:bump.....are we going to do this? Well, I am...thought crossed my mind to covertly go and replace the cache by myself but ..... Everyone is reluctant to throw a date out, as I am sure all interested parties will not be able to make it. This always seems to be the case. However...this needs doing soooooooooo as First Finder I will envoke my date fixing rights and say Sunday, Aug 31, 3:00 pm. We will give the "Devil his due."
  18. I echo MDX's sentiment....Makes no difference to me. I think we are all in agreement it needs to be done This is an exerpt from my email to Mike when he attempted to post an event cache...please feel free to add ideas for the cache. Please explain that this is a cache not for kids, nor the aged, nor the infirm (mentally or otherwise). Tango has agreed to hook up with us as he was with me the first time. Needed Items: First aid kit Water GPS more water more first aid more water more water more water This is a tough hike..... people will move at different paces...everyone involved needs to bring one item (let's try to be original) for the cache. I will purchase the ammo can. Do you have any geocaching decals? Lets make the loot worth the hike. Anyone attempting such a brutal climb deserves some kudos. Need to fix a date stick with it and hope everyone can make it. NO date will satisfy all people. I don't care if I have to take a vacation day... call in dead or play hookie I will be there...come to think of it...I will be about dead b4 the day is over... Please post your ideas.
  19. Hi my name is Cache-potato.... My sponsor thought I should attend a meeting. I have started the 12 step program hmmmm only 12 steps? must be one star.
  20. missjenn, I realized the error too late...I should have posted photo contest but......and the rest is history. maybe someone can help?
  21. Good feedback..... I love cache logs with photos. I try to upload a picture or two when logging. The owners (myself included) love it. Will be waiting to see what is come up with....................
  22. OK Guys, bear with me. It's been a while since I followed the forums as religiously as I once did and this might have been hashed out before (although I did do a search) The idea: The thought struck me on my last cache hunt that with the popularity of photography and the proliferation of digital cameras and the resulting combination of geocaching and the aforementioned past time, we should investigate the possibility of a geocaching photo contest. ??? I throw this out to the masses to twist as we oft do and come up with a workable plan. Add your twist..... POSSIBLE TWISTS: 1. Only photographs taken during cache hunts to be entered. 2. With the abundance of geocaching shutter-bugs the initial stage of contest to be by region. i.e Northeast, Midwest, New Jersey etc... 3. Catagories such as wildlife, bugs, vistas, sunsets, etc..as many as appropriate... 4. Winner of region to move on to nation competition then to world competition... 5. $10 entry fee (pay pal or other means) for each photo 6. Winner --- 2 round trip tickets to any cache location on earth.????? Wellllll ??????????? Jeremy?
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