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  1. I'm mostly a stranger these days. Haven't cached in quite a while... but will always consider myself a cacher.
  2. I haven't done much caching since Katrina, but I'll echo what the others have said. Since you only have half a day, stay in the French Quarter, you'll be fine. If you do find more time, try some caches in City Park. And don't forget View Carre!
  3. The other threads concerning historic forts seem to have abruptly closed (content-wise, not time-wise). I'm somewhat new to the Waymarking site, so maybe I'm missing something. Is this group being created? Is there a list of "pending" groups? What about a list of group proposals that were, for whatever reason, not created? I'm full of questions today
  4. Hi ZSandmann and welcome to Louisiana. Try posing your question on lageocaching.com Alexm, who runs the website, is from Lafayette, but I think his activity has dropped as of late. Most of the folks online are from the NOLA area, but there are a few from central and north LA. My activity has dropped off considerably after Katrina, but that's another story
  5. I haven't been to Pisgah in a year, but every cache I found there was great! Sorry, I realize that's not much help.
  6. Lots of gators around here. This is actually a small one. I've seen much bigger ones in the swamp. Also, while hiding this one with my daughter and niece, we heard a huge splash as we rounded a bend. I don't know how big it was, 'cause we didn't see it, but it sure sounded big
  7. I have a few hydrocaches in Louisiana and Mississippi: Cane Island Haunted Pirate Island Seal Team Up the creek without a paddle Deer Island Boogie on the bayou
  8. A mouse ran between my legs once as I crouched to pick up a cache. That startled me. Nearly stepped on a couple of water moccasins walking to caches. They got the blood pumping pretty good. After hiding this cache with my daughter and niece, we continued to paddle our canoe down the bayou. As we made a sharp turn on the waterway, an aligator of unseen size made a rather fast and loud entry into the water. That nearly gave me a heart attack.
  9. JamieZ on PacifiQuest. They had an event in Texas. Also, I heard that Clayjar may do something like this on his drive to Alaska this summer.
  10. I'll second that. Also check out Bamboozle's "Chief's Special" multi-cache series. There are lots of caches in City Park and along the lakefront in Metairie. Also, check out the Louisiana Geocaching website.
  11. Back in the dark ages of geocaching (pre-2002), I seem to remember an issue with changing your user name and losing your cache stats. I'm guessing that has since been resolved. Or maybe I'm just mucking up a couple of unrelated issues?!?
  12. Thanks for bumping this Alex. I've been somewhat laxed in my promotional duties. I posted an update on the cache page. As it turns out, my guestimated coordinate were pretty darn close. Bring a boat. Rent a boat. Go for just the day. Camp with us on the beach. Any way you do it, it will be fun. Come join us!
  13. I never noticed this before because I usually got my waypoints from Pocket Query. This evening I was trying the individual gpx download feature and kept getting a file with an .aspx extension. I changed the saved file extension to gpx, but that didn't work. Tried it again with loc file and I got the same thing. Then I realized it might be the MSN9 browser that I'm using. I opened an IE6 window and no problem at all. The correct file extension came up and it opens right up in EasyGPS. Just thought I'd share this.
  14. Just thought I'd make this announcement to a wider audience. We've been discussing a canoe cache event at Louisiana Geocaching for a while and I finally got the event posted. Anyone is welcome to attend. Come for just a day, or campout on the river with us. Happy caching...
  15. HA! I've got that same image. Here is my encounter. Another time I caught a couple on a board walk in the swamp. They had no where to run!
  16. Amen brother! I bought my Grumman 2nd (actually 3rd) hand. It was a rental boat in it's former life. I think someone must have wrapped it around a tree because it is asymetrical along the long axis of the boat. Oh yeah, its got lots of JB Weld in strategic places. Who cares, it still floats! Coincidentally, I'm the one who hid the cache Bloencustoms is referring to. After hiding it with my daughter and young niece, we continued our paddle down the peaceful bayou. That is, until a rather large splash scared the @#$% out of us and brought us back to reality. We never saw the alligator, but it sure as hell sounded big. At that point, I decided to go home. I’ve never seen my daughter paddle so fast!
  17. Yeah, I was kicking myself for that one. Bob was pretty cool about it though. He and his wife (who came along as well) were joking around saying "here are the coordinates to the bodies I left in the woods." I was really worried because the next one, Coal Pit, hadn't been found since June 2003. He really seemed to enjoy it. He even asked me to invite him to the next local event cache.
  18. On Monday I took a sports editor from the Times-Picayune (in New Orleans) on a cache hunt. Here is the article he wrote after our trip. The reaction from local geocachers has been good. Everyone has enjoyed it. Work has been different. I don't know if I'll ever live down the 'geek' statement.
  19. A little OT... I can't believe no one has logged this locationless cache:
  20. rpecot


    How did it go with the theme generator? Anything worth sharing?
  21. I guess you could say so. I'm not completely opposed to micros. I just don't get the same enjoyment out of them. JamieZ said it best...
  22. Is this really a moral issue? Maybe just poor judgement or unawareness. If it's done intentionally, then that person is playing a different game than I am. My rules don't apply. I was tempted to log one of mine as a find. It requires a canoe, and being somewhat remote, it hadn't been visited in nearly a year. I went out on a maintenance visit and had a heck of a time finding it. I had actually given up and was going to archive it until I realized I was in the wrong spot. Another search turned up the cache, a little damp, but none the worse for wear.
  23. I haven't read all of the responses, but those I've scanned I will have to agree with. There are just way too many urban micro caches. I wish "traditional" and "micro" were seperate categories so that I wouldn't have to wade through page after page of cache listings to find a traditional sized cache. Don't get me wrong, I'll still go for them, but I'm not rushing out the door to be the first finder.
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