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I'm probably just being a bit tetchy here but does anyone else feel miffed when a "Found It Log" consists of so little it means nothing?


TFTC is a minimal but accepted report used by a great many finders, but I've recently had numerous reports by certain members whom simply place a single full stop in the log and utter no other phrase :mad:


Yes I accept when we place a cache we are at the mercy of human nature and the attitudes of people most of who we will never meet but I just find this minimal dismissal almost curt and I feel like telling them to leave my hides alone if they can't be bothered to join in!


OK rant over, the weather this week is due to be pretty good so so I hope to get out there with the rest of you good folks :D



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Perhaps you're making the mistake of regarding a cache log as some sort of "report" to the cache owner, with the side effect that it's visible to others.


Many cachers just want to tick off caches as "found" (or otherwise) and this listing site is a handy way of keeping track of your finds. On top of which, they may add a few notes to remind themselves of the cache; and if they're polite and realise that the cache owner might also read their log they may include a "TFTC" or similar.


So although it's nice when someone writes an interesting log, your attitude should be that it's a bonus that you're allowed to read it. I think that the only reason that cache logs are public is so other cachers can learn from the notes.


And remember that caches are often logged using hand-held devices that aren't great for lengthy and wordy sentences.


In the end, it's about people going out and finding locations, not sitting at home writing about it. So even though personally I'm careful to write individual logs with at least a couple of sentences about the cache experience I can fully understand those that find this a tedious exercise and just mark caches as "found". My most recent caching day took over two hours to log on the site, and I can see how that's an unattractive prospect to some.

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A couple of reasonable replies that I've taken on board here.


Maybe I have been fortunate in that the vast majority do write a few words and I do likewise when I find a cache, that said I can see the points put forward and No I won't be hounding any one that ticks them off in they're own way.


Had a bad day yesterday and a moan seemed logical at the time :anicute:


Thanks to responders and please everyone take on board these valid points and lets get out there in this glorious sunshine forecast for this week :rolleyes:



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I don't think I've ever done a mere "TFTC", although that beats the blank space which some people have reported receiving. Or a .


Unless a cache is totally unremarkable, and let's face it, there are a fair few out there, I tend to post a little bit about my adventure or what I saw around me, which helps me to identify and relive the experience when I look back over the logs.


As identified by the OP, it's also nice for the owner to get some kind of feedback, as well as future visitors. For instance, I've seen one or two caches where the posters can't give "anti-favourite" points, but make it clear that it is not a desirable one to find, etc.



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I think you may find (as someone has just raised smart phone apps) is that if people are out on a big cache run looking for several caches that they want to do a very quick log whilst on the move between caches.


I've tried to always put in some text when using the mobile but there are times you are limited on what you can say and what time you have to type / log it whilst on the move.


I'm sure where people have a story to tell about how they got to the cache etc then they will write a lot more.


I would suspect that the blank log entries are more from people who are number hunting rather than wanting to go to new areas for more than just the number.



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Even if not logging with a smartphone, if someone has been on a caching run and picked off dozens in a day, or a series, it may be that some of them just aren't all that memorable. I've found some caches where even a couple of hours later I struggled to remember anything specific about them. Maybe it's a downside of urban caching where most of them are film pots in areas that might once have had lots of interest but now are just another shopping centre car park or some such.

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Don't want to go down the road of saying this type is better than that or those ones are boring and in hindsight I guess I have been very fortunate in that the vast majority of finders have written kind words about my hides in the past!


Most of my caches are meant to be novelty and enjoyable once located, I'm so happy to hear of people having a chuckle whilst out hunting I guess that's why I think a single full stop is just a lack of appreciation in some cases.


Lets not get carried away with who's right & who's wrong as we all have our own method and I don't want to initiate a bitching match :rolleyes:



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I'm probably just being a bit tetchy here but does anyone else feel miffed when a "Found It Log" consists of so little it means nothing?

No, I'm not miffed at all. I do appreciate more meaningful logs, though.


Its always nice for your inbox to be full of logs to read rather than lots of emails just containing a full stop. I understand mobile phones do offline/field notes so the log can be written later, so are we always right to blame smartphone users as I am sure they make use of this facility?


But then, you could just be on the receiving end of loads of copy/paste logs instead .............. :ph34r:

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In the end, it's about people going out and finding locations, not sitting at home writing about it.


I think you'll find that for many cachers, logging and writing about their experiences, is every bit as important as the actual act!


I'm on this side of the fence, I like to let people know "Nicely" what I thought of they're hide and the route or fun & games I had getting to it.


I guess I look at the bigger picture not just number collecting, but then this is a game and I appreciate everyones different.

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I guess I look at the bigger picture not just number collecting, but then this is a game and I appreciate everyones different.

That's my point though. It's not necessarily "number collecting" to tick off caches, it's just that a large part of the game is going out and finding caches. To many people that's more important than writing about it. And it always seems a bit unfortunate if a cache owner assumes that logs on his cache are for him primarily; I've always taken it that if you log a cache then it's your log and you can write it as you see fit.

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The way I see it is may be a combination of a number of things, as some have said maybe logging from a smart phone. Maybe their English isn’t very good and they find things difficult to put into words. Maybe (and I don’t think this applies in this case) they didn’t think much about your caches. Maybe they found a lot of caches during the day a writing an individual report on each cache would take a long time and they were going out for a well deserved pint, who knows?


But at the very least take it as a confirmation that your cache is still there.

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I'm on the side of ensuring my logs are a reflection of my experiences when looking for/finding a cache whether it be one of a series or a puzzle or anything in between. According to the geocaching homepage this is what was intended when logging on line and I enjoy doing it. I really enjoy writing up my experiences and adventures and will often 'watchlist' various caches so I can enjoy other cachers experiences as well.

It really disappoints me to see 'TFTC' on an interesting offset multi with puzzle element, beautiful scenery and an interesting hide. Something just doesn't feel right when a finder then posts TFTC. It almost seems rude.


All to their own, however I hope this thread encourages cachers to give some real thought about recording their experiences. It is quite cathartic to look back at some of your logs/adventures in the future. I have also had a number of CO's e-mail me and thank me for the logging stories.


Sometimes we should use the logs for constructive/polite feedback or criticism regarding the cache. If people think that TFTC is a way of showing they did not like the placement/quality then I don't think this does any good whatsoever. Be specific, so subsequent finders and prospective future 'hiders' understand that this may not have been a particularly good place.


Logging is an art form and to me the experiences are often more beautiful than the cache.

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OK well I did not expect this thread to go on this long but there have been a variety of worthy points raised and I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond.


Not wanting to take this discussion too much further I would just add that most if not all the caches I have placed have been created with the utmost care and on the whole are enjoyed by the majority of finders due to they're quirkiness or back drop of the setting.


I often respond to a polite log report and thank the finder whilst hoping they had a good time.


I guess I embrace the community spirit and respond favourably when I enjoy another CO's efforts, thus showing my appreciation of their work.


Thanks to everyone that has replied and I hope all those people that have read these entries will see all sides of the argument :D

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I must admit, I do like to read a decent log and I have never posted, 'TFTC' on a cache, no matter how mundane or uninteresting. My logs have decreased in size over the years but I do always try to write (at least) a different sentence for each cache. Something else which rarely happens these days (partly due to an improvement in technology, making locations more accurate) is a PAF. I really enjoy being phoned for help and when we find a particularly difficult cache, I always make several mental notes of the location, just in case I should get asked for help by a fellow cacher in the future. Writing a decent log helps me remember which cache it actually is and consequently, enables me to be an effective PAF. As cache setters, we often receive 'short' logs but they are usually on our caches which could be deemed unremarkable (there aren't many :laughing: ).

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We've had logs saying . or :)

Th other day we got one saying a bit odd but the cache did actually return and post a proper log


The strangest ones we've received were on a series of five cache and they just said 11+1 or 11+2 etc. No idea why.


All our caches are pmo as well which stops a lot of the crud but obviously not all of it :huh:





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I'm still fairly new, but already I'm struggling to write much about many logs. When I started out I'd write a paragraph or two in most of my logs, but now...well most caches are pretty generic and it's hard to get enthusiastic about yet another cache at the base of a tree.


So these days I generally try to get a sentence or two out....unless it's a rare, interesting cache that a lot of work has gone into,then it's easier to write more :) . I'm pretty sure I've never posted just a TFTC, I wouldn't like that on one of my caches so I wouldn't put it on someone else's. :)


Someone mentioned cut&paste logs. I do this sometimes when I do a trail or a day out. I write a paragraph or two about the day in general and then add a bit more on the bottom specific to the cache itself. Is this frowned upon?


As for blaming smartphone users, I agree a lot may be lazy and do it that way from their smartphone, but I don't. I can't be doing with trying to type on that silly little keyboard, I keep a notepad and makes notes during the day and log and type them up when I get home that evening. This can take up to an hour or more logging in the evening, which I don't mind, but I can understand why a lot of people don't want to spend that long logging.

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As a cache owner, I do like to read more than a few words in the online log. I have 25 roadside caches that lead to a 26th cache. I don't expect much writing on the 25, though some people do...which is good, I find that they write more on the 26th (which is a puzzle, by the way).


Only this morning, I had the same log on 2 of the 25, and the 26th.....obviously a copy and paste. I just close the email and go to the next one. No skin off my nose, as they say!


I don't use a smartphone, I use a dedicated GPSr and enjoy writing the logs in the evening, over a coffee, (there's nowt on the telly anyway :laughing: )as I have the time to think of what to say. I don't do much finding at the moment, so remembering each cache is pretty easy. Rarely put more than a few words in the cache logbook, though.

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I like to think that quality caching means more than just high quality caches. To a considerable degree quality relates to the amount of effort put in. I like to see cache hiders put a bit of effort into hiding and maintaining their caches, and I like to see finders make the effort to search carefully, to not damage the environment, to trade fairly, to keep the cache clean and tidy, to replace it carefully, and finally to put a little effort into the log.


Rgds, Andy

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there is only one thing you need to note "There are no rules" you can put as much or nothing as each of us like too..


thanks Dee, J??? {content removed by mod}




Umm Quite an unusual reply, at least most other responders made sense and spoke civill English!


Don't think I will be taking any further part in this Forum in future!

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