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Naming a geocache on an island...

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Hi all,

We are planning a to place a large geocache on an island that would only be accessible by a short kayak. We usually don't have trouble naming caches, because they tend to be pretty 'matter of fact' names - but we want something a bit more clever this time round. Our only other island cache got named 'Island, Lake, Island, Ocean', but we are truly out of ideas for this one and we want to see what others can think up.


The island itself is actually part of a fragmented reef at a place called 'Castlepoint' on the eastern coastline of New Zealand. You can see it in the image below - it's the closest piece of rock on the inward shaped 'arch' in roughly the top-left of the picture. It looks like it's connected to the rest of the arch but there's actually a ~15 metre gap where swells come in that's extremely dangerous, so the only method of access is by kayaking across the bay. Any ideas? Thanks. :)



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Something with the word Castle in it. :)


If it were my castle, I mean cache ;) I'd make up some fantasy about an important person being held hostage on an island called Castle Rock. How you had to battle monsterous waves during a night rescue mission. And how you had to solve a challenging puzzle to find the "key" to unlock the door. Of course, there would be a link on the cache page with some mission impossible music. But that's just me.


"Castle Rock Rescue?" :P

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