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  1. I absolutely HATE when I'm 2 miles into the woods on hiking trails and there is precious caching space wasted on micros. You could successfully hide a car in some of the places I hike, yet I repeatedly find my self searching for incredibly long periods of time for a film container. Put some thought into your cache and make it truly worthwhile for those who are willing to make the journey to it.
  2. So I'm ready to set up my latest cache tomorrow. I have decided to take all of your nice peoples' advice and not focus as heavily on the trackable aspect. I am going to be calling it "The Swag Hotel. I like to load my caches up with good stuff from the get go, mainly focusing on the kids. I've decided to only put 6 trackables in this guy to start; five cars and my one travel log. I've never come across one of those and I'm curious to see how it goes. This is what I will be filling the cache with tomorrow morning.
  3. That blows... that being said, it's kind of stupid to leave something like that just laying out in the open. This world is full of scum. Heck, I don't even leave change in my car.
  4. I thought about doing that, but I figured that if someone wants to keep it, they will, regardless of how tough that attachment is. I did fill the disconnect piece with molten solder and that seems to make them pretty secure, at least in regards to accidentally falling off. I have to make a Home Depot run tomorrow anyway, maybe I'll grab a bunch of those.
  5. Are those mailboxes really watertight? Or are they just designed to drain easily? In the 24 years I've in CT, I've never had a piece of mail get wet.
  6. Never face planted, but I came inches always from falling over a 40 foot waterfall a few weeks ago.
  7. No discouragement at all. That's why I ask these sort of things lol. I love trackables. They are the coolest part of this hobby, IMO. Out where I live, we are flooded with nothing but small and micro caches. There are literally hundreds of square miles of woods and hiking trails, yet for some reason no one hides anything bigger than a softball. There's nothing more frustrating than bush whacking through a 1/4 mile of woods to try and find a match stick container. I'm trying to change people's thinking a bit. I hope that by placing huge containers filled with tons of awesome swag and trackables, maybe some others will be encouraged to do the same.
  8. That's actually a really good point that hadn't crossed my mind. Makes perfect sense. Good call. I guess in that case the F25TF will get a cool trackable lol.
  9. Micro - bison tubes with a good o-ring, matchstick containers (coghlan), soda preform, nalgene bottles with a water tight seal Small - Lock & Locks (authentic with the embossed Lock & Lock logo); peanut butter jars, nalgene jars with a water tight seal, pelican boxes (but they're expensive) Regular - ammo can, authentic Lock & Lock Large - ammo can, pails with a screw-top lid with an o-ring seal Some more photos of durable water tight containers: *PICS* I'd like to add these to the list. I wish I saw them more often. To my knowledge, it is one of the few objects designed to spend a decade or more out in the elements. I have had the same one at my house for at least 13 years now. Not to mention they are cheap too... < $20 Here's one I made.
  10. I'm pretty fond of the first one I ever made. It has almost 1300 miles on it. I wanted to get it from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but instead it has gone all the way down the east coast lol. Before After
  11. I got started today on another large cache. I am using another mail box as I had great success with the one I made last summer. The first one I made got loaded with a custom trackable I made and 25 pieces of brand new swag (dollar store stuff. I am going to try a trackable only cache. I am sure it is destined to fail, but I'd like to try anyway. I went out today and bought 15 hot wheels cars and 10 girly things. I ordered 30 tracking tags which should be in by weeks end! I'm going to instruct cachers to only remove a trackable if they are putting one in its place. Has anyone done something similar and had it work out?
  12. Place a waver at the base of the tree that needs to be signed to free yourself of liability. hahaha
  13. Those words and that terrific picture is every CO's dream come true. Nicely done! Definitely. The comment was enough. But as soon as I loaded the pic, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear. I read so many logs about people's kids being disappointed because they find a big container with nothing in it but junk. I loaded the heck out of the thing with nothing but stuff for kids. I tried to get a good balance of guys and girls stuff. I was relieved I did that once I saw the pic of the little girl. There are things in there that I would definitely take as a 23 year old, but it was mainly for the youngsters. After having it approved I thought about it, and it probably wasn't a good idea to make it a multi-cache. It's a really simple two stage, but I can imagine a lot of people just disregard the thought of doing multi-caches from the get go. I have a few friends like that. They won't bother going after anything that requires solving a puzzle or more than one location.
  14. My latest cache cost me close to $100 in parts, supplies, and swag. So far it only has one find, but the comment and picture posted made it well worth it! Hopefully it gets more finds soon! "FTF 9/2/12 1139am. Second FTF of the day. This was a great multi. Came here today with the kids. The cords were good and the info provided was clear and led us to the cache. It's obvious that a lot of effort was put into this one. This was a great cache for the kids, they had a blast. Cache is well stocked and dry. We traded swag and grabbed the cool TB. Signed the log. I'm adding this one to my favorites. Thanks for putting this together and giving me something fun to do with my kids on a Sunday morning. Well done."
  15. I bring the following on a normal caching day (I often go alone): Backpack Multiple pens Swag Knife Pellet pistol Lots of water Whistle Camera Extra socks Gauze/tape
  16. A lot of that has to do with how you prep the object. Also, keep in mind, a keychain takes a constant beating. Everything on my key chain looks like it's a hundred years old. After chemically removing the anodized coating, scuffing the bare metal, and priming the pieces, I use an outdoor paint that a lot of artists use on outdoor murals as the base coat. I then I use an outdoor enamel for the detailing. The containers then get 3 or 4 layers of clear coat.
  17. Don't you have the option as a premium member to ignore cache listings?
  18. I think having larger tracking tags with more detail on them may be beneficial.
  19. Sorry about that folks. I'll be more careful about that from now on.
  20. Just submitted the cache for a review. Fingers crossed!!!
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