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  1. I ran a PQ. I downloaded it to my offline caching apps. I used it to create a new list. I deleted the PQ from my online PQ que. The new list shows up in my online account and in the Iphone app. However, the previous list is also there and I have no means to delete it. The only thing I can do is remove offline data.
  2. When I go the my premium account and look at my lists, i have one based on a PQ i ran today, and that is correct. However, when I go to the app on my phone, there are 2 lists. They have different names so I know which is which, but I cannot delete the unneeded list. The only thing I was able to do is remove offline data from the unwanted list. How do I delete a list from the phone app?
  3. I use open street maps on my GPSr. I am a periodic contributor to those maps, and I rarely update them on my GPSr.
  4. Before I exit the Geomobile to do a visual scan of the area. Where are people coming from? Where are they going to? Are there cameras in the area? And, most importantly I have an answer ready to the question " What are you doing?" I remember that this is a published cache and by definition, I presume to have permission by the land owner to be here. Merely remembering that gives me the confidence to do the usual business with confidence. I dont open the geomobile door until I am satisfied. People don't examine each individual in their visual sphere in detail. They scan looking for amanomolies. I don't stand out, I blend in.
  5. Everybody has their own viewpoint, this is mine: When a cache is published, the hider checks a box that confirms they have received "adequate permission" That means that I as a seeker have been extended permission to be on that property to search for the cache. Having said that, there is always the possibility of miscommunication between the land owner and the hider. Perhaps the person that gave permission was not the true land owner. Perhaps ownership has changed and the CO was not informed. Perhaps access permission has changed temporarily or permanently due to local events( trail washing out) When I get on GZ i get a Spidey sense as to whether I belong there or not. I do my skulking around visually before I unlatch the door to the geomobile. Once I open the door I'm out and back as efficiently as possible. You know, like I was invited to be there. I always have an ready answer to the question " what are you doing here" Having that answer ready means I virtually never need to use it. Of course the exception is LEOs, they always get the unvarnished truth. That's just how I roll.
  6. Yes, I noticed that as well. I usually use basecamp on my PC to select caching area, then use my GPS to navigate to the first GC in that area. Follow on caches are selected in the field. My trips are often planned along a road (say route bla bla bla from town x to y )
  7. I occasionally upload GPX to Open Street map to add new map features. It would be helpful to be able to save and rename a trace to sumething more useful, in the event I need to save multiple traces on the same trip. From the save track window I only have an option to save the current trace data, with no option to rename it to something more useful than Track 2021 04 17 125348.
  8. hmmm..... that's odd. I generate a GPX file from Ground speak, copy it to a directory on my PC, then either open it ( Mapsource) or import it ( GSAK, Basecamp)as the application requires. When a new GPX file comes over from Ground speak, I delete the geocaches in the applications and the GPX directory and redo the connections to the new file.
  9. update: I paused working on this issue until I noticed this morning that basecamp displays *some* of the geocaches using the GC code and *some* using the name. All are formatted in Basescamp to display symbol and name. The caches that show the GC code display all information in the old Mapsource format with limited information, whereas the one that shows the long name shows the newer basecamp format with the cache logs, ETC. Attached is a snip of 2 that happen to appear near each other on my Basecamp map, along with the view when I open each for further details. This is a recent GPX load, I did nothing special when loading into the database, I just used the default settings.
  10. chugging along now. Thanks, o4bam. GSAK continues to amaze me.
  11. I have a PQ that I run once a month. I would like to have that same cache list saved on my profile as a list so I can also access it with the phone app. Is there any way to do this? I have Mapsource, basecamp and GSAK. I also have the PQ as a GPX file
  12. Everybody has an opinion. Here's Mine. The need to either shoot a cork in a target OR climb a tree is IMHO an Additional Logging Requirement ( ALR) I understand and applaud your desire to create a unique and challenging cache. I also understand the frustration of finders at the end of a long hike being unable to log a cache because of an ALR they were not prepared for. I had a cache this week I had to DNF because I was unwilling to climb my 60 yr old bones up a tree. Fortunately, in the several hundred finds I have made over the years, it is the first one i have encountered.
  13. I went after a cache that had recently been logged with a NM followed by an owner maintenance log stating it was fine. I arrived at ground zero and found a pile of short sticks arranged into the shape of a teepee. I disassembled the teepee and was rewarded by a LNL beneath with a hole chewed through the bottom. I ebuilt the teepee, logged my find and sent a PM to the reviewer describing the situation. Its clear that the NM logger actually picked up the container to open it, whereas the CO doing maintenance merely looked at the teepee. I left it to the reviewer to sort out.
  14. I have my gecoching profile set to hide caches I have found on my GPSr. How does the unit record that I found a cache internally when I enter a found it log on it? Reason I'm asking: a week ago I found a couple caches. Entered "found it" logs in the field, went home and fetched them into GSAK. Entered the real log text and published to Groundspeak. Today I went out to find the remaining hides in the same area and those two had returned to the map as unfound. I try to keep my GPSr free from as much extraneous data files as possible, so I assume I inadvertentely deleted something. An allied question: the GPSr keeps a running total of the number of caches found since the unit was first purchased. Where is that data stored? if it's just a number I'm ok. However, I don't need the unit to keep all the detail of these found caches available If I want to explore previously found caches I will run a PQ.
  15. Downloaded the new South Atlantic tiles. Installed to basecamp and then to the GPSr. Problem solved. I'm downloading and installing the newer version of the remaining maps now. Thanks for your help. It's a bit curious that the trails showed up in basecamp but not in the GPSr. Any information on why this error occurred?
  16. The package download dates and version numbers are as follows: Midwest 2/10/2020 Mountain 2/10/2020 Northeast 2/10/2020 Pacific 2/10/2020 South Atlantic 2/10/2020 South Central 2/10/2020 they all say V31.7Z at the end of the data file but I believe that's the version of the compression file (7zip)
  17. I downloaded my maps by region from here: http://www.gmaptool.eu/en/content/usa-osm-topo-routable The area I am having challenges with is the area surrounding this cache: GC8ZQ2E I downloaded the maps in 2019 to the Oregon 700 GPSr, basecamp, and mapsource I have presently installed: US Midwest OSM Topo US Mountain OSM Topo US Northeast OSM Topo US Pacific OSM Topo US South Atlantic OSM Topo US South Central OSM Topo they are all installed on the external memory card When I first noticed this problem, I had Northeast and South Atlantic active. Since then I have turned off northeast and have only South Atlantic active. I also scrolled around to another way tagged in the same map tagged as PATH that is near cache GC6YEXY. That path displays correctly on my GPSr.
  18. I have cache i know to be next to a trail, because I already logged it. I zoomed all the way in, (20 feet) until the GPS beeped, centered that cache on the screen and then zoomed out in stages, counting to 10 at each stage to allow time for a redraw. Went out to 1.2 mile zoom level ( at which point the trails would be too small to be useful) No trails to be seen. The truly puzzling thing is, if I zoom to another area of the same map, to a way also tagged as path, it shows up correctly in both locations.
  19. I have a total of 6 mapsets on my handheld. In the map setup screen they are all de selected except one. (The other maps are for adjoining regions in the US) Zoom levels are set to auto. Detail level is set to most I went into OSM and verified the paths are in fact on the maps and that they're tagged as "paths" If anyone has US northeast OSM topo installed on their Garmin, PM me and I'll give you the coordinates.
  20. When I started caching I was all about the numbers and milestones. Fill the calendar. Push up my daily average. Then I got burned out and didn't cache for several years Now I'm back with a upgraded GPS and a more balanced approach. If it's not still fun go do something else.
  21. zoomed all the way in no trails shown on the handheld.
  22. I have the same maps installed on both Basecamp and my Oregon 700. Today I had an issue I cannot explain. In Basecamp the trails in a certain area show up, but when I go to the same are on my handheld the trails are missing. I checked and both have the same map segment active. The handheld is set to show detail most. I downloaded US OSM northeast Topo to both locations and I have made no recent changes to the installation of either.
  23. The purpose of adding a size to the cache description is to assist the seeker in understanding where to search. The search I do for something listed as a regular is far different from the search I do or a micro. If the seeker finds your peice of wood but does not open it to see the bison tube, have they found the cache? Its a micro IMHO.
  24. My personal record is 102 in one day. No 3 cache monty, no partners. I drove to each cache, signed the log and replaced it where i found it.
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