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Fingerprint Geocoin


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Fingerprint Geocoin

Designer: geoquino

Size: 50mm (2 inches)

Thickness: 3mm

Trackable: yes

Unique Icon: yes

Finish: antique silver



I started to offer this coin at events I attended. Most of them were sold in the Czech Republic only. Now, still having a few more left, I am offering them here on the forum. They are "half-handmade" and each piece is unique. The coins were completely made in the Czech Republic and have never seen China (not many coins can say that :-).

Price: 10$ each including worldwide shipping

Payment: PayPal

Contact me either via my profile or PM. I also have several coins with some imperfections for 7$. I can send a detailed photo of the coins.

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That was much faster than I expected. I now have only coins with greater imperfections that would not be good for collections but definitiely good enough for circulation.

The pricing is as follows: 7 dollars including worldwide shipping and a pair of wonderful Alfons Mucha stamps on the bubble mailer. If you are interested, send me a PM or mail and I will send you a photo of the coin.

Payment via PayPal.


EDIT: Two of the above mentioned coins for 12 dollars including worldwide shipping and a pair of wonderful Alfons Mucha stamps on the buble mailer.

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