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What PocketPC PDA Do You Use?


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I'm new to this sport and I'm wondering what PocketPC PDA folks are using out there when they geocache.


I use an old Casio Cassiopeia E-115 which runs PocketPC OS, for my day-to-day stuff. Now that I'm going to start geocaching (just waiting for the new GPS to come in), I'm looking at ways to incorporate my PDA into this as well. I've seen the software to download the coordinates to the PDA, so I just thought I'd take a little poll and find out what you folks use.


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Originally posted by Quetzalteco:

I use GPXView for GPX files on the PDA and GPXWatcher on the PC to organized them.


For mapping software, I use MS MapPoint with Pocket Streets on the PDA. There are other mapping software available, I just haven't tried it out yet.


Ditto on the software plus I use my own script for converting .loc and .gpx to Mappoint compatible cvs-files.


I use an Ipaq 3660 on the hardware side.

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I use an iPAQ 3870. I have, up to now, saved individual cache pages to a directory and then used them in the field.


I have been playing around with GPXView the last several days and have found a replacement for saving the individual pages.





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Dell Axim X5 400MHz here. I have Pocket Streets and Nat'l Geographic Pocket Topo for my maps. I also use GeoClipping to convert cache pages to text format.



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I use a Toshiba e335 and GPXview. Don't bother with Mobiepocket for $20.00 or better yet send the $20.00 in as shareware donation for GPXview.




Ah yes, more billybloatware.


Use Handspring visor with Palm OS

If I couldn't use GPXview and was stuck with mobiepocket I'd be jealous too.

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Originally posted by Rusty O Junk:

If I couldn't use GPXview and was stuck with mobiepocket I'd be jealous too.


I have a Handspring Edge, and don't use Mobipocket. There are other choices that work just as well.


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