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Do you use favourites

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It seems silly just allocating Favourites to a whole host of caches just because I can


I have 209 unallocated..... Is this norm ?


How many unallocated have you ?

Lots. Allocate them to good caches, and don't allocate them to poor or simply ordinary ones just to use them up! Don't worry about having lots left over, you don't have to use them, and one day you might find it useful to have some in reserve.


Rgds, Andy

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I allocate to any cache that I feel deserves one. Have 100 in reserve still though.


I find the system really useful and when I go somewhere new I always sort local caches by favourite points so that I know which are the 'must do' caches in an area.

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I have a whopping....1 Fav left. But then again I haven't been caching as long or as much as you good people. I do like to use them if there was something about the cache I liked. Be it the cache itself, the area it is located in, or even moment or memory when hunting for the cache. When the favorite system started I've even used a point for a cache that was archived. Just because it was the first cache my son and I found.

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I've allocated 21, leaving 115 in reserve.

I simply wait until I find a cache that was truly outstanding, or look through my "found" caches for any particularly memorable ones. Caches that miss out aren't necessarily bad, but I award a favourite only if I think that the cache was worth a special journey.

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We allocate them when we think a cache deserves it .... but still have 412 unused! :blink:


I can beat that; 431!


I can't, :rolleyes: only got 250 still to allocate, issued 229 so far.


There are probably caches we have found that deserve them and every now and then I spot a cache we have found and do allocate it a point. But I did work back through all our finds and got most of them.

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Favourites are the best thing since geocachinguk's rating system disappeared! B)


I've awarded quite a few, still have plenty in reserve, and use them (as I did with guk) to help choose which caches might be worth going for. I don't exclude un-favourited caches, but it's a good starting point. And the favourites-to-finds ratio is even more help - wish there was a way of searching on that...



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And the favourites-to-finds ratio is even more help - wish there was a way of searching on that...



Completely agree with you there. The percentage ratio really helps pick out those hidden gems. It would be fab to be able to search according to favourites-to-finds percentage.

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