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COINTEST: Gotcha Name Day!

Riley the GeoDog
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Guess what guys? Today is my very own Gotcha Day!! April 19, 2008 Molly had a cointest for hers and I told Mom (LadyBee4T) that I wanted to have a cointest too. I begged and pleaded and looked at her with my saddest eyes and finally she said ok!


Since Molly already asked about Gotcha Days I am going to ask something just a little different. I want to know how you Gotcha Name! Some of you may remember how I got my name Riley. Mom had you guys help her pick it out! She ran a cointest “Name the New Rock N Roll GeoDog Cointest! Join in the fun and lets dig up some oldies but goodies!! “ You can read it here. My Naming Cointest


Here is my handsome self on my gotcha name day




Here is my handsome self now.





All you furry cachers out there tell me how you got your name—either your given name or your caching name. I LIKE birds (hee hee) after all I am a bird dog so they can play and rabbits can play because I like them too. Molly wouldn’t let cats play because she doesn’t like them. I myself don’t know much about them but I guess it’s ok if they play. For any human that isn’t lucky enough to have a pet they can tell me how they got their name so they can play too and not feel left out. BUT if you are one of those EVIL squirrels there is no way I will let you play. Those evil squirrels stand there and swish their tails and tease me and I don’t like any of them at all!




Rules, Rules. There always seem to be rules. I will use Molly’s rules.


--I want to hear how you got your name in your first post for this cointest. In all posts after that tell me a story about you and your human going caching or having fun.


--You humans without a pet tell me a caching story about an animal you saw or something that includes an animal!


--You pets have to tell your story from your point of view not your human’s just like in Molly’s cointest. If you need to know about that, check out the site Bad Dog Chronicles. No humans allowed there without being accompanied by a dog! I know the humans will have to give up some computer time to you so you can tell me all your stories. Tell your human that they need to give you computer time. I bet they will be interested to hear your side of it!


--Any animal can play and tell the story the way they know it except the squirrels. No siree no squirrels allowed at all!!


--You can tell a story twice during a calendar day. If you are really nice to me and maybe give me a belly rub or a treat you can tell three stories a day!


--Tell stories of stuff you have done. Good stuff, bad stuff and in between.


--Pictures are good because I like seeing all my buddies. You don’t have to post a picture though if you don’t want to.


--Cointest will run until Sunday April 24 at midnight my time EDT


--I wanted to choose the winner by the cheese method that Heineken and Logan used. Yummy!! But mom said I would eat it all too fast and she wouldn’t know the winner. She said she will use one of those thingys online that picks numbers for you. Darn it!! I was so hoping for some of that cheese she hogs for herself. If she can figure out how to do it she will post a picture of the screen shot of the thingy here showing the winning number. I told her that I won’t show her how to do it that she has to figure it out on her own.


--Prize for the winner is a 10-10-10 Michigan coin.


--I probably forgot something and will have to add it but I'm sure mom will tell me all about it because moms are that way.


Ok all you guys out there start writing!

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Mom is at work so I have some 'puter time so I will tell my story....(this is me when I first came to their house)




I usta live with a nice old lady that let me sit in her lap all day long, we didn't play outside much but I got to sit in her lap and get petted lots! She called me Sir and didn't take me in the woods or through mud puddles or anything dirty like that. Something bad happened one day, men came rushing into our house and took the lady away, they had a car that made terrible loud noises. I was really scared. A man and a different lady came and said "Come with us Sir" and away for a looooong car ride we went. They left me sitting in a crate in a new house, all alone! After a long time a lady with yellow hair came to where I was and let me out of the crate, she was real nice to me, petting me and she gave me some dinner. A man with hair on his face came to the house, he picked me up and hugged me, it looked like this might be a nice place to be!

I heard them talking later that night when I was in bed, they kept saying "Sir" but they didn't make it sound nice like the nice old lady did. In the morning when they opened my door they looked right at me and said "Dude!, Come!!" and that is what they have called me ever since....Dude! I like that name and I like the people I live with...we go camping and walking in the woods, I splash in mud puddles and we go for lots and lots of walks!


Now I look like this pretty often- (they let me get dirty when we go to find those things in the woods)




I am really happy being Dude!

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Little dog, big name.


My name is Huffman Hills Fuzzie Bear, and I am a bichon frise. But mostly I'm just Fuzzie. The breeder where I came from asked for the Huffman Hills part, it was on my special papers.

My mom took my name for her own, they call her fuzziebear3. That's not so bad, because even though I crossed the rainbow bridge already, I know that she thinks about me every day. She told me to go and play in the park, and that someday we will be together again forever. And the rainbow park is great, there are kids that play with me and pet me, there are tennis balls to retrieve, and sometimes squirrels to chase. And I can have treats whenever I want them.

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Hi! I'm Bamse Fikse, the teddy bear in my humans' profile picture. I would have posted a new pic of myself, but my humans just left the house for Easter holidays, and my hands are too fat to operate that tiny camera on my own... perhaps just as well, so my humans don't get any evidence of all my wrongdoings now that I'm home alone!


Anyway, I remember my gotcha name day very well! My mom was abroad when my dad brought me home as a surprise. My mom texted my dad, asking him to take care of something at the house. My dad responded with a picture of him and me, writing "me and teddy fix it". Mom was in a country that delayed phone messages by several days. When she got our reply, she had totally forgotten about her request, and thought that my dad had given me the name "Teddy fix it"! How silly of her! Anyway, I have gotten used to my name by now, and started liking it. What do you think, would you like it if you were a bear?


Thanks for hosting a cointest where all sorts of animals can join! Cats and dogs aren't allowed at our house, so I'm happy to meet new friends in here!

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Lucky me a cointest I can enter. I'm Lucky, a Basset Hound, and I'm lucky because I'm lucky. Lucky for me I saw my friend's password under the post it on the back of the picture of his wife. Lucky for me I found the candy in the bottom drawer of his desk. Lucky for me he stepped out so I could enter this contest, wait...is that a car...is he home...no, lucky for me it's the mailman; gotta go woof woof woof

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My daddy says my full name is Beartholomew J. Bryant but they call me Bear for short. I went caching with my mommy once but I was too impatient and kept getting interested in other things so we had to leave without finding it. When I was very small my mommy called me Spot Johnny, but she didn't like it so she changed it to Bear because I was "rotund" as they put it and I have a short tail like a bear and I bumble around bumping into things often. I have lots of nicknames though, do you have nicknames? Most time I'm called them more than my real name! This is a picture of me on moving day. I don't really help on moving day, I just follow people around carrying heavy things so they trip over me and then do it all over again :)

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My name is Max. I am Bear's brother. I don't really know how my mommy came up with my name because neither does she. If I had to guess though I'd say its because I have an 'M' on my forehead and she was 12 when she named me so...they try to come up with full names for me but I don't think any of them sound good. When I'm in trouble my mommy calls me maxipad. My humans seem to think its odd that I come when my name is called, but I keep telling them, if you didn't expect me to come when I was called then why did you call me?

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I didn't get a chance to post this during molly's gotcha day cointest.. so here's the full story..


In terms of my name (which is a new addition since my mom was so late in getting into the last cointest...) My birthday is 1-23-04. which my mom thought was cool..and since I'm aquarius my mom decided that my full name would be Canami's Age of Aquarius.. thus my name is "DAWN".. get it .. it's the Dawning of the age of aquarius! :lol:


The story of my gotcha day is below!

My mom Jill Loves cointests but I have to say this is MY favorite!!


She told me to come and post since it was posted by another sheltie!! (even if you are the wrong color! :P )


Jill and I do all sorts of fun things! We go all over the place and I get to run around and jump jumps and go through tunnels... I get to play a game where I jump over jumps and get a tennis ball.. I get to herd sheep.. and I get to do my favorite thing of all- make people smile who can't have their own doggies any more!


Jill started out in dogs with a very bad dog yellow lab named Jessie. I never met her but I hear about her all the time! She said that Jessie used to chew the noses off of all her sister's stuffed animals, dig holes in the back yard, jump on everyone, poop in the house, and run away all the time! I never got to do any of those things that sound like they are so fun, but Jill says that the reason we get to do all sorts of other fun things is because of this naughty dog!


Jessie got out one time and Jill's family drove around the neighborhood looking for her everywhere! Everyone was sad and crying. They thought she was gone forever. But then they got home and she was sitting on the back porch waiting for them!


Jill's mom said that she had to go! But Jill begged her to let her take her to a place called "obedience school" around the corner where they teach your people how to communicate with you. Her mom agreed and the owner of the school said that this 12 year old girl and 6 month old puppy could give a class a go. After the 8 weeks they were working like a team so she joined this thing called 4-h and was hooked on the dog world!


Jessie was a therapy dog too just like me! She got to go with Jill to work when she started working in a nursing home. Sadly before Jill was done with that thing she calls "college" Jessie passed away.


So Jill was on the hunt for a new therapy dog to make the people smile! Her family friend bred sheltie dogs like me so she asked if she could borrow one to take the special test to be a dog that makes people happpy like Jessie. This doggie was a very good therapy dog, but the lady decided she should have puppies and Jill was left again without a dog to make the people happy.


Well the lady had planned a trip to Disney world with her family when the puppies were 5 weeks old so Jill eagerly offered to take care of the puppies. One puppy was very outgoing, climbed on everything, was very bouncy and never stopped giving kisses and wagging her tail. Needless to say that puppy didn't go back home with the rest of them when the lady came back. ;)


I was that puppy! :lol: Now I get to make people smile and have fun, along with my 2 kids and that big annoying aussie dog that's gotten to go geocaching that mom says I have to be nice to! :angry:

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I hope that you let me help my favorite girl win this coin test from the rainbow bridge..


My girl Jill and her brother were trying to name me as soon as they brought me home.


Her brother wanted to name me Sonica (his thought was that was the female sonic the hedgehog!) and she wanted to name me Jessica.


They were given AKC papers to send in so they sent in my name! Jill won and Jessica was my name.


This thing called the "AKC" didn't like my name! (what is wrong with them!) There were too many yellow labs named Jessica.. so we had to pick a new name..


Since my girl (who was 12 at the time) was very inventive she put a bunch of letters in between my name and came up with the name "Jeshi Kahna" which was quickly accepted and I eventually (with the help of Jill and her sister Brie) became Jeshi Kahna AM/CAN CD CGC/TDI.


I had a great time being a therapy dog helping people still have a dog even though they couldn't.. and I helped my kids get through bad times in their parent's divorce by showing them that they were loved no matter what!.. and helped 4-h kids learn they could really do it!


Fans of me in 4-H bought me an honoary mat at a local obedience club and many people over the years have asked what Jeshi Kahna means since it sounds like a great indian name.. and since my kids do have indian heritage it would make sense.. my kids always laughed knowing it doesn't have any true meaning..


but if you ask my family Jeshi Kahna means "One who will never be forgotten!"




*edited to note that I was just bawling re-reading that realizing how much of an impact on my life this dog really had.. and how much Jeshi Kahna really does mean "one who will never be forgotten"**

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I don't have a recent photo.. but I have an interesting story about how I got my name.


I am a cat... though the rest of my family will tell you I'm a sheltie..


My mom was in college. She moved to an apartment where the doors were open to the courtyard like a motel.. My cat mom was a pretty black cat that was very social (just like my now mom) and went into every apartment to get pets, and food when she could.


Then the year my new mom moved and my cat mom started seriously looking for a new home.. because she had a problem... but no one wanted to take me her... she really needed help and everyone kept kicking her out not knowing that she was pregnant. she found a box outside of my soon to be new mom's apartment with a blanket in it and I was born!


My new mom took us in and it was hard for my mom being a feral cat.. we had moment where she just wanted to be outside... but eventually my new mom helped spay my mom, find homes for all my siblings, and found time to name me..


My name became FATE.. because I was born in a box on my mom's door step!

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So my name is Zach... and i'm a rottie...and Me and boy was pretty annoyed that squirells weren't allowed.


My boy Greg is not the one that plays with the girls and their dogs.. \


One day me and my boy came across a tiny pink thing in the drveway... I went to sniff t AND he stoppped me...it squeeked...and I licked it.. He picked it up and called his sisters...


the "sisters" figured out how to keep me healthy.. and I became a best friend to the dog that the breeder told us was too prey driven and should go to a "farm"... Everyone was shocked.. he cuddled and me... he cleaned me andslept with me..


My name became "Nutt's"


Sadly it was proven my mom did kick me out of the nest for A reseaon.. and had a seizure at a year and a half...


*This was a tongue in cheek post. :) Had to post the Squirrel story just because..lol)

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happy Gotcha day Riley!!! :)


Well... I am Gatoulis.... that it translated into... Male kitten in a sweet way in Greek language...

Even if you see my avatar or the photo in my profile... you will see a beautiful male kitten! :D


The funny is... that I am humman! No! not a kitten who believes that he is human (that was a pig who thought it was a dog... remember? :laughing: ) , I am really a human and my name is Nikos! Hey riley... ask mom.. she knows! :D


So... I so not count as a geopet! :laughing:


Now... how I got my name? Well... my girlfriend loves cats! I love them too but she adores them! she has many!!

so.. she loved to call me gatouli... ok, sometimes I am playful like one... but I am mostly a tiger! :lol: Well.. that's a feline too... a big cat right? :laughing:


While I was trying to find a name to use... this came in my mind... and here I am! I am GATOULIS! :D

I first wrote this in capital letters, without knowing that it was rude to write in that way!


anyway.... can I ask something? Can we write abou our pets as are them... even if they are not geopets?

and.... can we talk about pets that... are no longer with us?? :)

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Hello, do you have anything to eat? I always ask everyone that, just in case you have forgotten about some tasty cat snacks you might have on you.

Well, as you ask, my name is Binky. It used to be pumpkin because I'm black and I was found on the streets as a scrap of fur, teeth and claws when I was a few weeks old in October. I didn't like it on the streets, those big machines you humans have are horrible. They're noisy and smelly and worse, they squash and kill and maim anything that gets in front of them. They're so fast too, there's no getting out of their way.Tthey seemed to be all around me on the streets and I was all alone. Then someone took me to stay in a safe cage. It wasn't too bad, there was a warm bed and somewhere to poop that got cleaned out. There were lots of dogs barking and I liked that, they sounded angry a lot of the time, but I knew what they meant. Life was tough. Sometimes the people fed me, but only about 3 times a day, and I might have looked like a little bit of fluff to them, but I needed to grow and get tough and fend for myself. Hmm...food...sure you don't have any food on you? Or maybe some of that cat milk? I'll do anything for that.


Well I was in the cage for a couple of weeks when a family came to look at me. It happened from time to time. I would tell them all how my name wasn't pumpkin and ask them if they had anything to eat. This family didn't have any food and they let me run around in the corridor outside the cage which was pretty cool. they kept saying how cute and fluffy I was and then they let this other kitten into the corridor who looked like me but he was a few weeks older. That was fun, he acted all mean and hissed at me and I just charged and leapt at his head and hung on there. he shook me off and tried to grab me, but I was too fast for him, oh yeah, and I would have shown him about proper street fighting if they'd let me, but they put him back in his cage. I guess he was too much of a wuss. He was about 3 times as big as me, but I wasn't scared, oh no. I just needed to grow...needed to eat more. Needed more food. Got any nibbles on you? I like those dried chicken ones if you see any. Check your socks...hey, I could check your socks if you's like?


So anyway I was saying how I got to be called Binky. I didn't like the name Pumpkin. I'm not an orange cat, so why give me an orange name? I didn't ever respond to it in the cage and didn't plan to ever, even for treats. So there. So this family came back and I got into their black cat carrying bag (that was so cool, no one knew I was there if I kept quiet, and I could see out and see them. I'm too big for it now though.) They took me to the place where they live and I started to live there. I had loads more room, which was great, even though I was only in their bathroom to begin with.


They made a list of all the different names they each liked and they crossed out any one of them really didn't like at all. Then there were just a few names left. They tried out the names on me to see which ones i answered to. I think that;s what they were doing. sometimes I couldn't hear them too well, they were funny sounds to me, and sometimes the names were hissy so I ran away. I liked the name Binky, I can hear it from a long way off and I like the K sound in it. K for Kat, I like that. I think they chose it because it some character in some stupid books they read - Death's horse or some such. Except that he is white, but he's a cool character they said. they tried to teach me to read but I lost interest after c. a. t. although it would be good to tell what is in some of these bags they leave around - I shred them to see what is inside in case it's cat treats and sometimes it's just some old garbage waiting to go to the outside bin, or old stuff waiting to go in their killing machine to be taken away somewhere. Now and again I get ahold of a sock with a treat in it though - they just leave those around when they're out.


Anyway that is how I got my name. Excuse me, I have to go and check my food bowl now.

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Hi, there. My name is Chili. Here are 2 pics of me on my "Gotcha Day."




I was very scared that day, because I did not know what was happening to me. I was in heat, and was being kept in a cage with my brother. I dod not understand anything at all. I didn't know how to be around people, or how to be held. Everything was so scary. But my new family was very nice to me. They brought me into their house, and were very patient with me as I learned how to go outside to go potty, where to go for a drink, and what I was allowed to eat. They let me take my time in realizing that they were nice people, that it felt good to be held, and that the couch is actually rather confortable. They also gave me a name - I had never had one of those before, as my old owners just left me out in the yard and never washed me or cut my hair. My new family named me Chili, and I heard them telling people that I am their little Chili-dog. That always makes people smile, so I guess it is a cute name.


Here are a couple of more recent pics as well. I hope you like my story.



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Little dog, big name.


My name is Huffman Hills Fuzzie Bear, and I am a bichon frise. But mostly I'm just Fuzzie. The breeder where I came from asked for the Huffman Hills part, it was on my special papers.

My mom took my name for her own, they call her fuzziebear3. That's not so bad, because even though I crossed the rainbow bridge already, I know that she thinks about me every day. She told me to go and play in the park, and that someday we will be together again forever. And the rainbow park is great, there are kids that play with me and pet me, there are tennis balls to retrieve, and sometimes squirrels to chase. And I can have treats whenever I want them.


My brother Pepper is also at the Bridge. I know that he will show you the Gravy Lake if he hasn't already. I'm sure that he spends a lot of time there. Mom says she has many buddies at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for her but she told me that they will have a ton of fun there until she meets up with them again so I don't have to worry any that she will leave me. I believe her because Moms are always right! Don't tell her I said that though It's just between us doggies. ;)

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Hello! I am Elli! I am a female parakeet with green and yellow feathers! sorry... I asked my boss if he had any photos but.... :( well.... just let your imagination free and you will see me singing!!! hehehe!!


I used to live with a great companion.... Frixos! he was blue and white... and even if he was older than me... he looked... wow!! he was a parrot!! :lol: Unfortunatelly... one day he left me... and went to the rainbow bridge too...


he was not well.. probably his heart and he suddently fell down... he died in our bosses hands! I admit that I firstly thought that.. he was responsible... and I hated him...

even if he was kind I wanted to bit his fingers! Later I realized that he was very sad for Frixos! He loved him so much!!

So... I am back and love him again! :D We play sometimes... I am trying to bit him as a game... but many times when he comes closer to the cage... I am kissing his nose! hehehe! He is ok.... for human... he is cleaning the cage, he changes our water, our food, he brings us nice things to taste...


After some time he brought an other male parakeet so I will not feel lonely... wow... this guy is younger but he has the same colour with my Frixos!! huh!

Well we had a small fight with the new guy and I showed who is the boss inside the cage... now we are doing fine...

he still hasn't any name... strange.. I cought my boss and his parents calling him frixo sometimes... but while I was eating I heard boss saying that he will not name him like that... frixos was one and only...

he loves the new guy too.. and he is playing al ot with him! ok... the new one is qute cute and clever but... oh boy... he never stopped singing and talking!!! He is trying to imitate all birds he is trying to imitate some human music... who he things he is??? where are we?? in the next parakeet talent show?? huh!


I have a small plastic container to play and I am hiting it on the cage bars like what prisoners do... (yes, I watch movies too! hahaha)I am doing this to make him close his mouth for a while... but he takes it like I am helping him to find his tone! AAAAA!!!!! after that he wants... well.. I have a headacke mister!!! a real one!!!


Oh.. I talk too much too right? well.. I am parrot.. what you expect?? :laughing:


I heard that my boss is a geocacher! he is trying to find small containers that are hidden... well.. I am probably one too! I have some small containers to play and I a mhiding them in the hole of the nest we have... and then I put them out... isn't that similar to the game??


BTW.. I forgot to mention about our names... Frixos and Elli... they are ancient greek and they beloned to a brother and a sister! they have to do with the flying golden ram.... (Jason went to take the golden fleece from Colchis....remember?? it was the ram's fleece!)....

both frixos and elli were on the ram and flew away to escape from their step mother who wanted to kill them.... but elli fell and was drawned... in the place it is called (even today) Hellisponde. well... in our story as parakeets... frixos fell...and died...

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Da da du du du da da da da...


I am singing in the cage...

Just singing in the cage...

What a glorious feeling...

and I'm happy again....


I eat all my seeds..

Boss cares for my needs...

so I am singing,

just singing in the cage....


da dada du dudu dada da da...


Hello! my name is.... eemm... my name is.... Hey boss!!! what's my name??? Still without one?? Why??? or... my name is the "Hey you..."??? Is there a possibility that my name is one of the cool ones.. like T.J, D.J. J.Lo....??? So I am H. U???? nah... I do not think so...


Anyway... I am the anonymus male parakeet of Gatoulis! (huh! His name is Nikos... here they call him different... so he has 2 names and I have none!! <_< ) I am the new one in the cage... with blue and white feathers! elli the cute female I have as companion said that I look like the old parrot... but I am younger... well.. I am the new model baby!!! Well.. ok.. sometimes I see that she is sad and she thinks of the old parrot... I think he was called Frixos.. He was probably very special...

I even caught my boss calling me like that sometimes.. and I didn't know to who he was talking!!


Hey... I do not know if you heard about me but I am a great singer!!! I sing all the time!! Probably even when I am not allowed... and my boss tells me to stop... but maybe stop means to go louder... I am still trying to learn human language...


Elli probably likes me songs.. and many times she takes her small plastic bowl that has as a toy and she hits it on the bars of the cage... she is helping me with music and to find the right tone...


Hey... Elli... get off my food box!!! go to yours!!! Can't you see I am giving an interview here??

huh! women!!! she wants everything to belong to her!! She is eating from my box but she is not allowing me to eat from hers! AAAAAAaaahhhh!!!! I can not understand female parakeets!!! It is just impossible!!!




It's impossible...

Tell a parot not to sing

it's just impossible...

or to save the seeds you bring

it's just impossible..


emm... sorry... where was I?? Oh... My boss is funny! he is tryin gto immitate me... I think! well.. he is cool and I have a great time with him...

yesterday he was talking in his phone... probably with his girlfriend... he had a cloth on the cage so we can relax and sleep but I came down and went close to the bars to see what he was doing and hear him...

What? that's no polite?? then why he hears me singing all the time?? huh!


We managed to have the same time table with the humans too! Especially at night... when we hear tiny noices of spoons, knifes or plate.. we know that it is time to eat too! no matter if we were sleeping... we go for seeds! :D


Ok... enough for me... I will not talk more.. I will hurt my throat and I have to practise my songs...


da dada da du dudu dada dada... No no... it not right.... Da dada du dudu da dada da... yea... that's it... :laughing:

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Meow meow everyone! My name is Jasper. I am known as the sweetest lovable bravest handsome fellow around. My gotcha name day all started when my human dad (later on) was working in a town where I lived. He was staying at this hotel and one day he was at his truck doing something and I walked up to him and rubbed against his leg. He looked down and saw me. He fed me and petted me. I went to the motel everyday making friends...everyone feel in love with me and they said they wanted to take me home but never did. Then, one day this nice lady came to see her husband for a weekend. She met me and feel in love also and wanted to take me home but her husband said no that there were other humans that wanted to take me home. I heard her say, well next time she comes and if I was still around she was taking me home. She came back a few weeks later and she had her kids with her. I know how to sucker the humans in where they will fall in love with me, fed me and pet me...hehe. The kids liked me too and wanted to take me home but their dad said no. The little boy promised he will pick up pine cones in the yard if they could take me home but their dad still said no. The weekend was almost over and it was time for the nice lady and her kids to go back home. I heard her say to her kids, that the other people that wanted me didn't take me home and they had their chance so they went to walmart and bought me some food, a leash and collar (because it was a long trip to where they lived) and they bought me a pet carrier. They loaded me up and took me home with them. Her husband had a feeling that they took me home and he was ok with it. When we got to my new home I've found out that I had a cat sister named Cali and a dog sister named Lassie (she's a sheltie). We got along really well because my new human mom said I was so sweet and lovable. Sometimes she called me baby because I will let them hold me like a baby and they will rub my belly. I couldn't help it because that belly rub just put me to sleep everytime. One day, they took me to see these people that gave me shots and did something to me so I won't ramble and make babies...I did not like that at all but my mama said it was to keep me safe. Even though I couldn't make babies anymore my mama always called me "the stud" I guess because I got along with everyone. I lived a happy life with my new family. They showed me love everyday. Then one day, my human sister had her friend over and that girls boyfriend came by to see her. Him and his friend left in a truck. I was always so brave, tough and not scared of anything. I was outside with them and for some reason I just laid in the road. Those 2 boys were coming back by in the truck and I wouldn't move. My family was outside and saw everything. The boys never did stop or anything they just kept driving. I'm an angel now and I watch over my family. I hear my mama say that I was the best cat ever. I miss getting love from them everyday but I know one day I will see them again.


Oh, I forgot to mention how I got my name. Well, when my family was taking me home they were trying to think of a name for me. So, they look on the map in the cities and counties around where I was at. They finally saw "Jasper County" and thought about Jasper and everyone liked it. So, thats how I got my name. Jasper for Jasper County because it was close to where I use to live.

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Hi, my name is Lassie. I'm an angel too with Jasper watching over my family. I remember that day when Jasper became an angel. It was so sad that day. I became a angel last year because of kidney failure. I would have been 10 years old in December 2010. Anyway, my Gotcha Name Day was in 2001 when this nice lady, her 2 kids and their granny came to look at me. This other family had me because they bred shelties (it was just me and my brother left). They picked me because I had the white all the way around my neck. On the way to my new home they were trying to pick a name for me. Their granny suggested "Lassie" because I looked like Lassie but just a smaller version. My human brother and sister loved it and thats how I got my name. I loved my human family and my new home. We had a lot of good times together. My human mom got married again and we moved to my new human dad's home in 2002. Then, in 2004 was a sad time. My human brother and sister's granny got killed in a car wreck. So, we moved back in to her house. I always loved chasing birds, squirrels and barking at them. I even liked to chase my family when they left the house or the neighbors car when they go by. Everyone was scared that they might run over me but I always managed to stay out of the way. In 2009, we moved to North Carolina. I really didn't like it there because I didn't have a big yard to run freely in. I started getting sick though. Everything was going downhill. My human mom took me to the doctor but it was too late. One day, my mom noticed I wasn't myself. She spent some time with me and told me how much she loved me and she enjoyed all those years of us together and it was ok if I wanted to let go so I won't suffer anymore. I was really sick. I didn't feel like being where they could see me. I didn't want them to see me like that but she stayed with me until she had to go back inside. The next morning I managed to walk to the steps of the deck so they can see me and bury me somewhere pleasant. When I became an angel I saw my mom looking down on me with tears in her eyes. She petted me one last time. Then her, my dad and sister buried me on some hunting ground in the woods. They knew I liked to run around chasing birds and squirrels and they said I could do that there. In 2010, my family moved back to Georgia to our old house and I heard them say its weird moving back to GA and they had to leave me in NC where I lay to rest. But, deep down they know I am still with them watching over them.

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Hello! I'm not a geocat like my adopted brother, Binky (above) but can I tell the story of my gotcha name day anyway?


Here goes! At first I didn't have a name. I lived with my mother and brothers and sisters in a room on a farm. I didn't know it then, but I found out later that there was a sign up outside the farm that said "kittens for sale". There was a family who came to see us and the children had begged to go and see the kittens, just for a look. But of course as soon as they saw us they couldn't leave, they fell in love. They really liked the look of me and my brother, who looked just like me but he was an orange marmalade colour. They liked us because we went right up to them and told them all about us and listened to all of their questions and answered every one. I'm not sure they really understood half of what we said, it just seemed to make them laugh a lot which made my brother mad so he went and hid under a cupboard and wouldn't come out.

So that's how they got me. The person looking after us on the farm said she was getting our mum neutered and the family who got me gave a bit more so they could get that done. one of my sisters had a really bad leg and a problem with her eyes, I hope she got to go to see a vet too.

So there we were, going home. I got a great seat at the front on my new mum's lap, sitting in a cosy hat! I'm not allowed to ride in the car like that any more, I have to be in a cat carrier, but it was fun. Right there in the car they all decided I should be called Blue. They tried out a few other names like Smokey or Grey, but I liked Blue and I said so. I put my tail right up in the air like I do when I am sure about something and I told them nice and loud that I like the name Blue. It made them laugh. My voice used to be very squeaky back then and I sounded more like a baby bird than a cat, but I still told them what I thought. I knew it was important to get your people trained right early on, so I tried really hard to not mind them laughing at me and carried on telling them, so now they are pretty good. They throw my toys for me when I take them over to them, and they open the window for me to look out and watch Binky in the garden when it's hot, and they are all really good at stroking my back and scratching behind my ears and rubbing my tummy just the right way. Binky still needs to learn to be a gentleman but he is starting to greet me with a nose kiss and even greets all the family properly now and lets them pick him up, but he still won't sit with them or let them fuss him. Sometimes he will let me snuggle up with him and we have a doze together and then I remember my marmalade coloured brother and wonder how he is now. It's a good thing he isn't here with us, he and Binky would fight all day long and it would make my job impossible. I do miss my old family sometimes, but I love it here now, I wouldn't want to go back.

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Hello.... I am asproula! I am a lovely female cat! :)

Asproula comes from the word Aspro (white)! I was white mostly... so... :)


I will not talk too much... I do not have much time! I have crossed the bridge a long time ago... when Gatoulis was still going at school!


I saw the bad side of humas from my fist days of living! My mother gave us birth near a house but the human there took us and thow us in the garbadge.... I never saw my other brother and sisters... the only thing I remember was me being alone, hungry, dirty and so afraid... I was crying for some help when the young boy passed near the garbadge container... he heard me and took me with him!!! he and his mother were so kind! they clened my eyes that were about to close from the mucus of eyes, cleaned me (and saw that I was actually white) and gave me some milk! I kelt their warmth of their actions and calmed....

the warmth of their hands brought in my mind my mother.... these humans had an other cat living with them! we were actually in the unfinished house next to their home... so we had plenty of space! we couldn't enter in the house they were, but... it was so nice that they really cared about us! the other cat was a female and as she was older... except from friends...she became my new mother! She taught me so many things...


time passed and we soon started looking some good looking cats that were in the neighbourhood! they belonged to 2 old women who lived there! We tried to go down but we couldn't... it was too high... at the same time... workers started finishing the house we were living so we had to go down! of course we had our colar and we were still in the human family! we were coming upstairs to eat and sometimes to sleep too.. but we were free now to see the world too! :D


We both became mothers and we helped eachother....


the boy was coming down to see and play with us! We loved him! I loved him so much! He saved me!!

One day I found a strange piece of meat... even if I had food... curiosity and the smell made me eat it... the other cat tried to stop me but it was too late... soon after that... I felt pain in my stomach... i was feeling tired... I couldn't walk straight... I understood that something was wrong! I went to the house... the mother of the boy opened the door and fondled me and I did the same to her... it was my goodbye.... I left and she didn't understood that something was wrong... I didn't want to tell or show her anything... it was too late anyway...

I never came back... a few meters away I fell and slepped for ever... as a dream I saw my mother and my brothers and sisters!!! I went with them and We are all together now! I only feel sorry because I didn't say goodbye to the boy.... please tell him that!! thank you for listening me... I have to go now! mama is waiting to go and play with a ball!



GATOULIS speaks now...

**** The boy, me.... found the body of the cat when I return from school! I was so sad! at that week... many cats and dogs died like that! probably many stray animals too.. who were also coming to find some food! we never found out who did this... :( I miss you asproula!!

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Hello I am Renata! I am not a geopet... I crossed the bridge years before my daddy found this game...


I am a female black mostly, with white belly and the end of my feet, and with some yellow... I got my name from the girl who game me to Gatoulis! :D I was a baby and I needed a new home! Oh... I had a great time with them!!!

they used to have hamster mice too but they were my friends! I never hurt any!!! after some time, the boy (yes.. we are talking about the time gatoulis was a boy!) brought a tiny kitten with him! he named her asproula! she bacame my friend and daughter! :) The hamsters used to get out of their cage and sleep on us! Yes! we loved sleeping near the cages... we were a family all together... maybe the strangest family but we loved eachother!


after a long time we were allowed to go out too... we made new friends and we were staying outside... it was nice.. we were not far away... we were actually living in the yard of the house... but we needed more space and to become mothers!!

we made it! it was an amazing feeling and me and asproula were helping eachother! Unfortunatelly asproula was quite curious and one day she didn't heard me to eat only what our boss was bringing... and... I lost her! I was so sad... I adopted her kittens and raised them as my children!

time passed and I left this world as a very old cat! I have seen a lot, I felt a lot... I lived all of my lives hapily and now... on the other side of the bridge... I am young again and.. I am playing with asproula! Yes! I found her waiting me!!! She looks lovely!!! Hey... I found my hamster family too!! They all say Hello!!! There is not time to post... what what to post... and how many times?? huh! we are not talking about 1 or 2 hamsters!!!

they are all the time at their weel now... they do not have to store anything... they have all the things they need... but.. I admit this habbit still exist in them.... :lol:

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Hello! Happy Easter! well.. I heard humans say this and it is good! the day they say it... they are happy so are we... they eat a lot... and they are giving more food to us too...


Anyway... my name is Kiki and I am a female multi coloured cat!


I am not a geopet because I passed over many years ago... when Gatoulis was still a child!


My name kiki comes from Kiriaki... which means... Sunday in greek... I was found on a Sunday!


The human family found me outside of their house. I was a kitten, dirty and hungry... I do not know why I had chosen this door... maybe a greater power told me o stop there.. maybe my instict.. but I did well! they all loved me so much!!! I was a queen in their house! I really felt as a member of their family! I learned things from them and I could open doors so I can enter.... I even learned to pee in the boys old chamberpot! I remember mama was trying to find out who was peeing there and thought gatoulis was.... but then she caought me and laughed! :D Well.. I used to see the boy as a baby doing this... so...


All the family trusted me a lot! I was ok of course... I never touched food that didn't belong to me... I wasa lady!! :D


time passed nicely but the family desided to move from the old house.. they needed a newer one and a bigger one..I heard them that they were going to a rental one until they can take a loan to buy their own...


they found a house but the owner was not a pet lover... he didn't want me in even if he didn't know me at all! :(

The family was desperate.. they didn't know what to do! they loved the house but they didn't want to leave me behind.. I was a mamber of the family too... they desided to leave me for some days to a good neighbour if their old house and they were going to give a try with the owner to accept me... otherwise... they were thinking of moving again...

By that I would say goodbye to my other cat friends too...

I still remember both of the kids of the family crying....


Unfortunatelly even if the women she took me looked very nice... she was not! she was not feeding me she was forgeting my needs.. and one day I stole a fish from the table... that was it... she took me and throwed me in a park...with other stray cats! that was the first time I was in a place like that! I didn't know what to do... where my family was??


I was sad and ungry.... soon I crossed the bridge... because I didn't fit in there... the other cats were not very nice... and I was like an invator in their area.. I was starving and ate a piece of meat I found and.... it was probably a bad one..


after some time a friend passed the bridge too... he told me what had happen.... the family didn't know anything... the woman didn't even tell them anything... After a couple of days they finaly had the ok from the owner to bring me in their new home... but... it was too late for me...


they had a huge fight with the woman! they were searching for days to find me but... nothing happent... I was already here... My family never left me... they still loved me and I know that they still remember me!!!


*** Gatoulis****


***We do not know what exactle happen to our beloved Kiki... we never found her no mater if we searched a lot and for weeks! We went to the park too... but nothing... If the woman had phoned us... :( she was the cleverest cat we had ever seen! we still thinking her and we still love her... no mater if when we lost her... I was only 7 years old!

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Mom used the random number thingy here. Random number generator. I told her to put in numbers 1-28. The machine spit out #18 so SgtMikel send mom your address and she will get your coin out soon. At least as soon as she can since her car is sick right now-very sick. I said I wouldn't help her figure out how to post the page to show who won. She is still trying to figure it out but she did print it out so maybe she can get that online.


Thanks all for playing we loved your stories and pictures!


Woof Woof Riley

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Mom used the random number thingy here. Random number generator. I told her to put in numbers 1-28. The machine spit out #18 so SgtMikel send mom your address and she will get your coin out soon. At least as soon as she can since her car is sick right now-very sick. I said I wouldn't help her figure out how to post the page to show who won. She is still trying to figure it out but she did print it out so maybe she can get that online.


Thanks all for playing we loved your stories and pictures!


Woof Woof Riley


Ya-hooooo!!!! Thanx to Riley for picking my number!!! Email has been sent to Mommy. Thanx again for the cointest, and thanx to all for the stories and pics...they were really enjoyable!!

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Mom used the random number thingy here. Random number generator. I told her to put in numbers 1-28. The machine spit out #18 so SgtMikel send mom your address and she will get your coin out soon. At least as soon as she can since her car is sick right now-very sick. I said I wouldn't help her figure out how to post the page to show who won. She is still trying to figure it out but she did print it out so maybe she can get that online.


Thanks all for playing we loved your stories and pictures!


Woof Woof Riley


Ya-hooooo!!!! Thanx to Riley for picking my number!!! Email has been sent to Mommy. Thanx again for the cointest, and thanx to all for the stories and pics...they were really enjoyable!!

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congratulations SGTMikal :)




Me and Daddy's Boot


I was bought by my new Dad on Easter Saturday as a surprise present for my new Mum. I was an 8 weeks old boy - but mum and dad wonder about that as they think I am small for 8 weeks old.


Dad and Michael (my human brother!?) said Mum could choose my name - I think this was because I was going to be her master. When Mum couldn't decide, Dad and Michael started helping. They all decide my name would be Bear - because I look like something called a Panda Bear, what ever that is.


I have a new cat brother and a cat sister too - who both steer clear of me as they aren't sure who I am... or maybe it is because I stink.


My humans all say I am the cutest and they have fallen in love with me straight away! I think they are big softies... except when they want to eat or go to bed they keep locking me in the room where my food, little box and bed are. If I am bad and make a mess on the carpet or sofa they put me there in my little tray too (and I did that a lot!). :( But they still all love me. :)


Unfortunately I was found to have feline parvo and I was getting sick so on the Thursday after Easter Daddy had to take me back to the vet clinic where I came from. All my humans were very, very sad and they cried (a lot!!!) when I had to go away...



Me with Michael's legs


Unfortunately I got very sick later that day and the vet had to make me go to sleep... I felt funny, and I wanted to rest my wee head...


I can still see my humans as I look I look down on them. They are all very sad with out me there... Dad found it very hard to help me write this...



RIP little Bear

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Me too! So sorry about little bear, keewee. I was all choked up when I first read this and I couldn't reply. :sad::cry:


You did your best for him, and in his situation you were there when he really needed it, and it might have been different for him if someone else had got him and had not got the vet, not bothered enough to spend the time and notice what he needed. I'm glad he had you all to be there with him for that.

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Thanks so much guys! It really is a lovely community of caring people in here :)


I had to stop so many times while writing that to :cry:


Thanks again for the kind thoughts.


Personally I feel so bad about it as I had bought him as a gift for my wife and then that happened! :mellow:


The hard thing now is totally getting rid of the virus from the environment as it is a very hardy virus.

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