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  1. My name is Max. I am Bear's brother. I don't really know how my mommy came up with my name because neither does she. If I had to guess though I'd say its because I have an 'M' on my forehead and she was 12 when she named me so...they try to come up with full names for me but I don't think any of them sound good. When I'm in trouble my mommy calls me maxipad. My humans seem to think its odd that I come when my name is called, but I keep telling them, if you didn't expect me to come when I was called then why did you call me?
  2. My daddy says my full name is Beartholomew J. Bryant but they call me Bear for short. I went caching with my mommy once but I was too impatient and kept getting interested in other things so we had to leave without finding it. When I was very small my mommy called me Spot Johnny, but she didn't like it so she changed it to Bear because I was "rotund" as they put it and I have a short tail like a bear and I bumble around bumping into things often. I have lots of nicknames though, do you have nicknames? Most time I'm called them more than my real name! This is a picture of me on moving day. I don't really help on moving day, I just follow people around carrying heavy things so they trip over me and then do it all over again
  3. I currently live in Waco, TX. Which I lovingly refer to as Wacko. It's hard to come up with anything positive about this place but I'll try: 1. There is an excellent library book sale every November with thousands of books practically for free. 2. It is a diverse area. 3. There are quite a few unique independent businesses in town. Although luckily I am moving, not soon enough though.
  4. Hi my name is Morgan. My caching name is Zhirad. I just heard about this from a link from an article I was reading. I literally read about it at midnight last Thursday and had my partner out searching for a cache by 12:30. I have no coins and am very new, as in less than a week. I was wondering how most people acquire coins.
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