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Egyptian Key Geocoin - Your Ancient Key to the Cache


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Howdy, everyone --


I'm happy to announce that the Egyptian Key geocoin is now up for reservation until February 24th at Cache Addict. Here are some shots:




The coins feature an ankh, also known as the "key of life", entwined in a pair of lotus blossoms. The blade of the key is made up of a djed symbol, the hieroglyph for stability. The Middle Egyptian text tucked onto the back of the coin reads "imnt", or "hidden place". The coins are fully 3D with 2D lotus blossoms that make use of translucent imitation hard enamels.


There are five versions available for reservation at $10 apiece:


Classic - Antique Silver

Spring - Satin Gold

Summer - Antique Bronze

Autumn - Antique Copper

Midnight - Black Nickel & Nickel Two-Tone


Free gift for three coins ordered (and there's a picture of the gift at the reservation page).


Although the pictures are a little on the dim side, I'm still really happy with how these coins turned out. They are a hefty 3" long/tall and 1.75" wide and a cord could easily be passed through the ankh's loop to make an attractive pendant (which is exactly what I'm going to do).


Reserve yours today!

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Classic - Antique Silver

Spring - Satin Gold

Summer - Antique Bronze

Autumn - Antique Copper

Midnight - Black Nickel & Nickel Two-Tone


I reserved my set as well this morning (writing this at 18.20 CET). And when I read the topic/anouncement, I thought: "5 versions? I'm sure I ordered 6."

So I checked and found out there's also the Gold/Silver-version on the site. Maybe another one that was last minute decision? And what would be the name for that version?

If it is an Artist Edition that wasn't supposed to be on the site, did I earn a reward :rolleyes::ph34r:;)

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As it was a nice sunny day today, and as I'd gotten a nice, big box from Cache Addict (Christmas in April! Yaaay!), I thought I'd shoot some pics:



Antique Silver



"Spring" - Satin Gold



"Summer" - Antique Bronze



"Autumn" - Satin Copper



"Royal" - Gold and Silver Two-Tone



"Midnight" - Nickel and Black Nickel Two-Tone



Artist's Edition - Black Nickel


Yes, that is a towel. ; ) The coins are about 3" tall and a little over 1.5" wide and come in a little drawstring velveteen bag. All of the coin editions except for the AE and "Midnight" (sold out -- sorry folks) are available at the Cache Addict's site. Thanks for looking!

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For what it's worth, I've put another AE up for auction, this time to benefit two animal charities in South Carolina. Check out my post in the Oceanside Kitties coin thread for the link to the auction.


Thanks bunches for the kudos; I'm pleased that people are getting a kick out of the coins. I think they really turned out beautifully; Mike did a great job working with the mint to get them just right. : )

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